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Episode 116 ~Will Connects The Dots~

Money and then the woman, but I’m not saying she’s a golddigger, though I’m not above buying my way into Heaven with how I’m working these days, only I would be better off looking for a change of heart. Will Connects The Dots hopefully

Episode 079 ~Will To Be Selfish~

Possession, love can make us do some incredible things, right or horrible, “Stuff And Thangs” as Rick Grimes would put it and indeed it brings us back to life in some ways at least *cough* Life Itself. Will To Be Selfish

Episode 072 ~One Willing Word Maybe~

When somebody laughs at me I want to punch them in the face (yeah that’s kindness) when a pretty girl flirts, is it wrong to think about wanting to kiss her, and when someone says they love me well… One Willing Word

Episode 065 ~Will Wait For You~

Last week I talked about time, and now it’s moving at a snail’s pace, when something you’ve grown to love or even someone makes it clear for one reason or another that, well I don’t know, I feel like I’m on the verge of losing. Will Wait For You

Episode 058 ~The Time Traveler’s Will~

If only I were in such a rush for love as I am to panic about everything, today it was my computer and then my four-legged son just waiting around for his daddy to be happy, but he wants a mom too. “The Time Traveler’s Will.”

Episode 051 ~To Will And Deal~

The wheels of steel but I’m no DJ with all this music I’m still keeping an ear out for you and no one else, you can ask the people I work with but are you having a bad day too. To Will And Deal only I don’t know how to make you feel better.

Episode 044 ~Coalition Of The Willing~

I sure men fight over you still, and then you met me, and suddenly I’m a Trojan… did I say that… laughter is the best medicine, and then again I’m not hurt, heartbroken, ain’t happy, I’m feeling glad. Coalition Of The Willing

Episode 037 ~Picture If You Will~

A picture of my dog, one NSFW, another picture my kid, motivation, Pinterest, four legs of fury, and then my wife, my wife, love, paws meet tiny hands, me and this girl who loves me, one day my phone will be stranger. “Picture If You Will.”

Episode 030 ~Will Cupid Manufacture Weapons~

Love is worth the fight, and while I love my dog “like pancakes” it would be nice to have someone other than my “Fangs For Hire,” or my love for gaming to a certain degree, Cupid knows what he’s doing I assume. Will Cupid Manufacture Weapons, torture

Episode 023 ~Warmth, Who Is It~

From blanket to babe, then again neither one of them comes when called, and you can get heated blankets, I wonder if any woman had the hots for me to be sure but as the song goes, I don’t ask for much these days. Warmth, Who Is It

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