Gospel 352 ~Good And B Days~

I’ve never been one for holidays. I hate my birthday, I’m sure I forgot my “father’s” this week and the last holiday Braxton, and I could have had… Hell, I didn’t even buy him another plushy. “Good And B Days,” good on Juneteenth, but where’s B again

Friday, June 18, 2021

Gospel 352 ~Good And B Days~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and there’s plenty I want to do. Bring Braxton back, buy an island, make a holiday.

I should say something about Juneteenth. Could I get the COVID vaccine today to celebrate freedom or Saturday, hmm? Um, yep, I woke up late again today but then again, so did Texas. Am I cracking jokes, Lady Sophia? Is today awfully good, awesomely bad? Any day B had food in his mouth was good for him; Thanksgiving, Christmas, B-Day. Let’s start with Thanksgiving, which to him was his Christmas. My Ma always sends something over, which would mean plenty of sharing. Now, aren’t I terrible because I did to Braxton what SOME did to the Native Americans? One good meal, a disease, and a trail of tears ever since. Have I offended you yet? To think history was once my favorite subject Lady Sophia.

Like having Christmas Brunch with my Olds, of course, that was when B III and I still lived with them. When we “moved out,” most holidays became a distant memory. Can I use not giving Braxton something else to pee on as an excuse? I didn’t get him a gift. Sophia, how many times have I told that story of our last Christmas? We spent it here, no Santa, no sleigh, a relatively Silent Night. It wouldn’t be if we were ever invited to brunch again, or do I have that wrong? We would be deaf by the end as he barked up a storm. What I wouldn’t give to hear that bark again. It’s July, but I’ll feel about Christmas as Sheldon Cooper does.

Or how about Leonard on his birthday? You know how I feel about my “Emergence Day.” Braxton and I never made a big deal out of my Emergence or his Birth. I don’t even remember celebrating it. Not until it was only Braxton and me, leading to a problem. Okay, so I’m a broken record, but we never knew the exact day. Well, our lonesome vet appointments began in February. I know on the fifteenth that’s half-price chocolate day and a cleaning nightmare. I didn’t have a lover on Valentine’s, so the thirteenth was practical, his birthday. Braxton has refused to eat twice in his life. So Braxton overate on his birthday once. Then on the last days before his death. Good And B Days.

138 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Gospel 227 ~To Braxton’s Sweet Sixteen~

Happy Birthday!!! Braxton Barks Bradford. I would do more for your birthday than I would my own and if I had only known… We’d share a steak on mine. I’ve been thinking about what we were going to do today? Some Dad, right? To Braxton’s Sweet Sixteen.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Gospel 227 ~To Braxton’s Sweet Sixteen~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but can that bring Braxton back to me. Give me one more day, year; I’m greedy.

But never on my birthday and like Father like Son. Up until the end, he treated every day as a holiday. On his last day, I’m sure I’m a broken record. I remember when they first took him from me. “Daddy, can we go home?” In his eyes Dad and Son, our lives were together. Then came my second BFF. The only human Triple B could stand outside of my bloodline. I don’t recall how old he was, but she made him a cake. I believe this was when he discovered his favorite toy. Hell, the first time I saw Braxton defeated by MORE food. Well, it put me to shame. I’d get him a ton of fries, and we would chronicle another year together.

Speaking of shame, February 13. I’m sure there is a dispute to the actual day, according to my Olds. I’ve spent forever trying to forget my birthday. Would anyone bother remembering his ever? Braxton is the closest to love I’ll get, so yep, before Valentine’s Day. If I had my way, I mean, this is what I saw. Braxton, growing a little beard under his chin. His tiny tan hairs are starting to turn grey. I imagined Braxton sneaking back to me after lying with siblings. (Future human children)? He’d protect them and my missus. Not now, but years upon years later, I would hold him as I did. The kids would cry over him. MY wife would find me bawling alone at some point.

Now he would have been 16 today. As far as I’m concerned, he is until I stop, whatever it is I think I’m doing. Would I have taken another “Commemorative photograph…” and bought one large fry for him? I didn’t even buy him a Christmas present; we had the time. That’s all I have now, time. 16 years reduced to maybe 250 in pictures. My pendant has his name, telling me to be a better man. His pillow still under the table with his toy on top. Lady Luna, Braxton gave his all to me, so how best to honor the life he lived… I’ll have it, but love’s not a prize but a gift he gave me. Happy Birthday, Braxton. To Braxton’s Sweet Sixteen.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 227 ~B III Will Shatter~

Again another butchery but I am going to see a horror movie, and the only thing I ever baked was a cookie, and my little boy can’t have that; Happy Birthday B III, finally got your birthday picture. “B III Will Shatter.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Episode 227 ~B III Will Shatter~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars; well women and children first, and I do mean saving lives. Because despite my reading and let’s save fascination with the female form I am not so corrupt or forgetful. So Happy Birthday to my son, my little boy B III.

With that noted, I’ve been fucking up (language please) but ask the man in the mirror. I brought up reading, and something that truly terrifies me. These people that leave their babies in the car and now have to know to put something “important” in the backseat. I confessed to “Indiana Gone,” I thought I left B III outside once. Of course, he was safe and sound inside but the fact I’m rushing into the backyard yelling for him. He’s my child, I love him more than pancakes, and there hasn’t been a moment he needed something I haven’t provided. Today though, I went to take our birthday picture, and my phone was screwy, and what the holy hell is wrong with me. I was ready to drive anywhere to repair it today. I bought a new case; I nearly had a heart attack taking off the former screen protectors.

Which leads me to sin number two, I wouldn’t have noticed. I take care of Triple B, I have dropped my phone, once in years, and we’ll get to women. What about me; I swear between being late for work, my teeth, and everything else I was on edge. This morning it felt like everything was tearing at the seams. I went through my whole motivational playlist trying to keep going. Asleep on my feet and if I was awake it was because I was mad as Hell. Now my mind’s brokenness isn’t anything new but watching my body fall apart, and I don’t care at all. Why, because I’m worried about my damn phone? Wanting a PS4, of course, B III earned fries, the movie I have yet to see, Happy Death Day 2U.

So now we have women that I continue to make the same mistakes perpetually. Yesterday I had hoped but whatever, and then, of course, there’s the restarting of my writing — fact vs. fiction and how it makes me feel. For example, “Lolita” was the most boring thing ever and I owe yet another review. My heart broke for Whitney Wright “Prom Night.” I read this “statement” from “Courtwithconfidence.” It’s sickening what she experienced but here’s the sin. A novel, a porno, a real-life horror story… I was hot and bothered. So that’s why I ask forgiveness today; I don’t care to save myself, that was my thought at the day job. I study people, but the thing about my son, he’s strong. I’m looking for a girl I suppose who has such innocence and yet such a fire inside her. Only here I am falling apart over a phone camera. If somehow I treated myself, everyone, and life to the concept B III Will Shatter.

I Will Have No Fear

Oh Is Death Day Today?

I could only wish someone hated me enough to come looking for me to kill me, let alone cared enough to actually remember the day but honestly I try my best to hide that day from everyone to be sure. “Oh Is Death Day Today”, is not something I’ll hide

Maybe I should quit complaining about my “birthday”, honestly, that word creeps me out more than this movie, not scary, painful, but not scary and I don’t mean painful as in it’s bad. It’s actually quite good, decent, more a parody of a slasher flick than anything else though it takes itself quite seriously honestly.

I never played “Clue” as a child but “Happy Death Day” seems to be akin to that I believe and it was fun trying to guess whodunit because clearly, it’s not who it is or maybe I’m just sort of dense. The cast isn’t really known to me but they all took the roles exceptionally well and personally I always take to a love story, think Groundhog Day meets 50 First Dates. I also appreciate that they didn’t shy away from the blatantly obvious, but I won’t spoil that, a conversion between Tree and Carter.

I don’t expect this movie will be winning any awards, but I’d go see it again but Bill Murray can take it easy, I wouldn’t call “Happy Death Day” a classic anytime soon. Fandango gods having been appeased let’s get started, how did I really feel about this movie… I was honestly hoping there was more to it, I laughed, cringed here or there, and when it all came together I just went “what”? Some actors ask what’s their motivation for a particular scene and the directions must have been, remember any slasher flick with a pretty girl, what would your character do in that situation, and action.

If it does differentiate from Groundhog Day, it’s the fact that Tree technically was set to a timeframe, you probably saw in the trailer the doctor “Gregory Butler” played by Charles Aitken telling Tree that she should already be dead. It won’t take anyone long to realize how long she has to find the killer. As for the killer, my guess was wrong, I was somewhat expecting a person out of the blue but when you notice a certain aspect it’s “oh” so amazingly simple.

Not that I would call, “Tree Gelbman” played by Jessica Rothe simple, more a stereotypical, college girl, gets drunk and parties, sleeps with random guys, sticks to a particular crowd but doesn’t take crap from anybody. Of course to erase all of this they have to throw a bit of emotional depth into the mix, her romantic entanglements, the strained relationship between her and the dad, and of course and I know I keep stressing this but the Groundhog Day, I need to be a better person ideology of course.

For the most part, her character is the only one that received any real development, though giving her the love interest of “Carter Davis” meant that they cleared up how he met Tree in the first place. He became her “Rita” more Groundhog Day, the only one who she confided in about her predicament which already lets you know where this is going. As far as the character v. character development, nothing changes, though they attempt to throw you off the trail again and again.

You have the usual trope of characters from the popular sorority club president, to the dumb frat guy antics and roommates, to the yeah this guy isn’t the killer we’re looking for exactly. Now the real killer, that must have been hard, just saying how they probably shot all the scenes with Tree the same day I would have probably been laughing my head off. Plus, the backstory couldn’t help but be rushed so as not to tip off the audience of the motivation but the killer is a bit of a twist indeed.

The reasoning though again is cliché, which made the final conflict just sort of unbelievable, Tree was mad as Hell, I was pretty mad but, yeah let’s just end the killer like this and pretend Tree would have been thinking clearly. Of course the last scene, well I just sat in the theater after the credits expecting something more or even a cameo by Billy Murry or Tom Cruise, shooting for the stars am I right?

I’m essentially torn between three or four stars but I will give it four just on the grounds that birthdays suck, the movie is a solid three just so you know, and yes I’m about to get to some spoilers so you might want to turn away at this point. Maybe because I’m friends with a nanny, I feel I should mention this movie isn’t exactly bad kids, PG-13 no bad language other than bitch, no real nudity… I’m trying to figure out why she was naked, just because, some implied sex, but nothing was shown, maybe a little bit of blood but on a door, and a few minutes of violence, nothing too graphic.

The best part for me was the last death, given the fact that six were murders, one accident, one suicide and then the last one puts everything together and reveals the killer’s identity after she lived the perfect day too. On that day I also liked how she admitted her feelings for Carter, after death seven she died for him as he died for her, and she needed to reset the day and revealed: “I’m going to have his babies”. Ignoring the reasoning of the killer, the culprit eye-opening after Tree’s list and attempting to decipher who would try and kill her, you will say no way, along with the killing montage.

I like scary movies but this just wasn’t scary, though if you have no insurance and you hear how the doctor talks about Tree’s injuries, yeah ouch. I’m a fan of Blumhouse movies and I was somewhat worried “Get Out” might be a comedy but that was an original bit of horror, again Happy Death Day wasn’t a parody but more a facsimile of what a horror movie is. I just wish the characters perhaps were flushed out more, and when they showed emotion weren’t exactly over the exaggerating everything.

Three for the movie, four just on the personal level and maybe I’ll take a girl to see it sometime; speaking of girls I look forward to seeing more of Jessica Rothe. Happy Death Day, I’m glad I remembered because it is a “more than adequate” film but not legendary, Oh Is Death Day Today?

Mellow Sunshine

Why bother being the only one, why bother trying to reach the tip top, I think this was during a moment that decent and adequate, being fine actually trumped trying to be happy, or I was really into “Paranoia Agent”. Mellow Sunshine…

Why so negative
Looked at as a sin

Twelve wanting to be twelve
The difference between Heaven and Hell
Is PM to AM
It’s not fair
Middle to the start of the new
Which do you choose?
Morning is declined
For the mellow sunshine

God’s happy cry
For the Devil beating his wife
How I want to be happy
But the Devil can’t have me
Tears during the day
You I must obey
Not alright or fine
In the mellow sunshine

A world with more birthdays
You can take mine away
All twenty-seven
Just want to get to Heaven
Or the second-circle of Hell
Can’t you tell?
I don’t deny
With the mellow sunshine

Life begins
Love, lust, and sin
Maybe when life ends
From cell, to cell, to Hell
Oh well
Life’s a bitch and then you die
Not on a beach but mellow sunshine

And so many stars can’t be the one
My daddy taught me
Another somebody
Under a black sky
Why can’t I die?
Still alive
This mellow sunshine

Negativity I like
Because the mellow sunshine
Isn’t as bright
As you would like

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.