Chronicle 050 ~So A B-Story’s Place~

If I could tell you where I belong, it would be on a bestseller list, back in my bed, or lying on the couch as Braxton took a nap from guarding me. I want to believe he’s in a better place, but we were a package deal. “So A B-Story’s Place”

Friday, August 20, 2021

Chronicle 050 ~So A B-Story’s Place~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but do I really need to read another billionaire’s life story? I don’t read my own.

That’s a damn insult with me spending 201 Days writing about B. Blogging every day. I’ve written two 50,000 page books. One for my ongoing “Cherry” series and B’s story. I read A Dog’s Purpose after Braxton’s death but couldn’t continue with more lost furries. Braxton will always have a place here, but I’ve been stuck on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Hmm, maybe that’s why I’m into time travel. I’ve stopped doing it myself when it comes to my writing. That’s me being lazy. Besides that, I’m between being all-in on The Tomorrow War on Amazon. And finishing The Great De-evolution. Now there’s The Theta Patient and The Theta Timeline by Chris Dietzel. Trying to make history better. No, Lady Sophia, I’m not a Republican.

Like M Anime, though, I can’t say I’m a fan of the other side either. I talked about ranting to Braxton yesterday. I swear it’s the same story every single day. Some rich white guy or Republican escaping justice. There are only so many times you can see that story.

Meanwhile, if I want to see more stories of the horrors of the world, “Soulmates.” Next to seeing Braxton in his own bed, dying on that hospital table, geez. When I turn off the lights, I keep thinking I will bump into Reyansh or Anaisha’s dead bodies. A horrific crime. Ain’t like they didn’t warn the viewers. No fine print. In the aftermath, they wrote, “while you were watching this film, a girl was raped.”

If we were to talk about all my views on sex that I’ve written and when they’ll come out… “A good question – for another time.” I’d rather talk about Onlyfans expelling “explicit sexual content” come October. I’m not much to look at Lady Sophia but damn, a bit much. While I’m busy quoting “The Force Awakens,” how about “Serenity.” “I’m not going to live there. There’s no place for me there.” What I mean by that is who I am. I always feel like I’m in the way. At most, I’m some filler story for someone. At least, a few wasted words, a joke, not to be remembered at all. Considering the Day Job, I hope so. But my son? So A B-Story’s Place

201 Days Without B III

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Lesson 105 ~Only Human After All~

Everything breathes and I know each breath as the song goes but no I don’t, I keep breathing and it seems each one breath just gets harder as the days go by, but I’m a man and not a monster, usually. Only Human After All

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Lesson 105 ~Only Human After All~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear but I did miss the hell out of you this past week and I wish I could remember most of it; should I go back to the old way, seeing as how I have yet to give the others any real form or substance? I could say that about myself, because isn’t it weird, you remember life but not how to live, and while you don’t remember how you survived, when you need to, you do it, without any hesitation.

If we’re talking about today, I made my bed, I can’t remember who said this but always start by making your bed, or walking Braxton depending on the day, yard work, the chores as usual. Can’t say I have much to be proud of this week other than I made money and I’m still here and that is what matters isn’t it, even if that is all there is. Have I been living the rules… I must admit I’ve retreated back to form either because of people’s idiocy and of course my own exhaustion really.

You ever stop to think, maybe that’s why the caveman never spoke or let’s say took the time to establish a language, considering every breath was so precious. It makes sense in the realm of monsters as well since zombies don’t breathe, neither do vampires, what about a few staples of monster movie “folklore” and other monsters are only beasts, so do they see breath the same way that we do, you know what I mean. Humans are the only ones that might think about it, like time, an animal breathes never knowing what breath might be their last, then again I know that animals treasure memories, while I forget.

This is what makes us worse Lady Lu, humans I mean, we anesthetize with anything and everything just to get by, I can tell you the last movie I watched, the last book I read, the last dumb decision that made me feel good but everything else is just dull or fear. Isn’t that why I’m keeping a journal and I don’t want to come back and read it, I only look to surviving tomorrow.

So what have I learned today, that I’m guilty and would be a worthy victim for John Kramer/The Jigsaw Killer, again with the pop culture Luna, Only Human After All?