Gospel 129 ~Will’s Done Getting Over~

First, let me say AHEM “WAY TO GO JOE AND KAMALA!!!” Okay, while America now has the people in place readying themselves to fight what’s coming, what about me? Joe won the presidency, but I couldn’t get 5000 words down? Will’s Done Getting Over.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Gospel 129 ~Will’s Done Getting Over~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s only the second biggest lie I’ve told today. If you’re looking for a third AHEM, “I’m going to write 4600 words today for NaNoWriMo.” I did accomplish a feat Lady Lu, around 3800, and you know I want 5000. I wish I could give you my best General Hummel impression (The Rock, 1996). “Well here and now, the lies stop!” Oh My Lady, have you heard the news. Joe Biden won the Election defeating President Trump. What will the comedians write about… we’ll see?

Now speaking of writing and forgive me if this is a bit rushed. You know I want to hear what the next old white guy in charge has to say. No, I’m not forgetting Kamala Harris will be the first woman, Black, Asian, Indian Vice President. How many other things? Now, didn’t I say at some point that I was sick of so many people talking? Here I am hearing a collective sigh of relief, the breath of life, celebration. And everything in between. Of course, the Trump supporters are in an uproar, and I’m sure M. Anime’s expecting war. Right now, all I truly want to do is cuddle with My Dæmon. Now, where is he, you ask? We’re having a disagreement about his medication, and so he’s locked in his room being stubborn. Like father like son, so he’s learned from the best, which is my compliment now.

Okay, if I have to give myself something else, I’m still keeping up with my reading. I’m no longer sticking to a time, says the man that wakes up at 4:00 AM but doesn’t start until 5:00 AM. I read 15% more today, and I’m a little ahead if you think back to K Webster. Yes, her latest book is still haunting me, though I did go a few hours without thinking of it at all. Some books are marriages; others are affairs or even relationships. Her book was a one-night stand that was exciting and creeped me out at the same time, never again. Okay, what about my third in the Cherry series and here we go with me feeling bad about myself. It truly is a horrible story, and I doubt I’ll get back into it tonight. Could I use the Election win as an excuse, you think?

Ha, Will’s Done Getting Over.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 063 ~Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate~

I’m against the NRA, but for background checks; military spending is crazy, but I wouldn’t mind building an armory; not one for Jesus, yet the dead will walk the Earth one day. Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate but waiting to see what we love the most.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Log 063 ~Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate~

One-Hundredth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and that’s good because I need plenty of weapons. It’s in the life goals list to build an armory. Indiana Gone would tell you I’m a true believer in the coming zombie apocalypse. Do you think I’ll have time to “define” all my rules before then? Hell Madam Justice what about counting up all my blessings? Seeing as how I’m on Writing Reason 343 I’ll need a new list soon. If I counted up everything I hate, I would never stop. What about everything that tempts me. Today’s spanky is quite small, Jessica Nigri and Katelyn Nacon, blonde, brunette.

Now some might ask me why I mention black women rarely, if at all. It’s the white women who are creeped out the fastest and block me fast, I have seen. I love my mom, and my sister is alright. One day I’ll go all into it, but in truth, black women exhaust me Madam Justice. All women can tire a man, but first, there are those that I chase. Some get me high but require a week or so of rehab. Some to be sure will look for a fight. Finally, the last of them make me run. Tell me which is worse hate or indifference? At the moment, ironically, I hate indifference. Take for example, the NO FAP Challenge. Fighting against my nature sucks but ignoring it daily. You wonder why I am so exhausted. How do “THEY” say hurry up and wait.

Sounds like an erotica novel, waiting for Brandt and Harper to fall in love. Speaking of love, isn’t that me and writing. Writing, Women, and Wealth; I wrote a whole thing yesterday trying to get women naked with wealth. For those of you keeping score $1,029.70 and that’s not counting the bank. Doesn’t sound like one million? A couple thousand more there, and a few thousand more on my RD investment. One of the reasons I’m not afraid of poverty or plan to make money on tits. Sorry to sound crass but being horny can be a bitch (LANGUAGE). Let me talk about something I hate. There’s Failure, Anxiety, Terror, Hate, Error, Revulsion. Again if you’re keeping track that spells FATHER, talk about ideas. Also, you have to excuse me for watching a bit of Divergent this morning Madam Justice.

You either embrace or ignore, Winning Isn’t Fighting Our Hate.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 106 ~For My Opportunity Anything Goes~

Today was an opportunity for a decent day, every day is born with the same hope, but you must be willing to fight for it both metaphorically and literally as other people take their chances and make their choices. “For My Opportunity Anything Goes.”

Monday, October 15, 2018

Episode 106 ~For My Opportunity Anything Goes~

Fifty-Forth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, I heard somewhere that you don’t wait for the opportunity to knock, you drag it inside kicking and screaming… everything is violent. I’m still caught up in last week. You see when I fight it’s not to teach a lesson, it’s not only the need to defend myself but when I reach that level I’m not even thinking about winning, I have but one function for the victory… kill.

“Tell me why you kept on kicking him. You had already won.”

“Knocking him down won the first fight. I wanted to win all the next ones, too. So they’d leave me alone.” Ender’s Game

One of my favorite motivational speakers says there are only three words that you need; “WHATEVER IT TAKES” this is what makes a person unstoppable, limitless, you do this because there is no other way. I was speaking to Cherry, and she said, writing shouldn’t be a chore, and I won’t lie to you, it can be damn hard sometimes but so can breathing, sleeping, hell being me, Superman (It’s Not Easy), so compared to all that, writing is natural. Everyday something can come of this though I can’t say I’m thinking positively in that aspect, you do remember why I got back into blogging, keeping anything close to a journal, find a girl that pisses you off, or that you like a lot, both ended the same way, honestly.

I have a question though; if writing is my Plan A, why am I still working retail, I even told my coworkers today, if I’m still at it in fifteen years, go ahead and shoot me but to think at one point I did see that job as an opportunity… the pursuit of happiness it is not. There was an opportunity today for a more permanent position at work, but seriously I couldn’t run a crew of three black guys, I like being in charge, but a whip might send the wrong message, and I’ve said it before, if I were white, hand me a polo shirt, and a Tiki Torch. Money though opens up plenty of opportunities which is why I’m always so concerned about it nowadays because without it… so why is right here and now so important, every day I take this time to get it all out, regardless of what comes of it, such ill will.

In every moment lies opportunity and I learned a long time ago, you don’t have to play by everyone else’s rules, I’ve been thinking about this at work *ahem* I’m not here to be your fucking entertainment, I’m not here to be your damn friend, I won’t be taking your shit anymore. I am here to make money, this is my opportunity to do something so that I can have a better life far away from you assholes and if that means fighting for my right to exist, can you hear me now, if anything For My Opportunity Anything Goes.

I Will Have No Fear