Gospel 139 ~Will Wants To Lie~

The more things change, the more they stay the same, let’s see, tired at 2AM. Not being the hero but rather humiliated all-day. A sleepy puppy, check. Where is his mom again? Hopefully watching another Walking Dead spinoff. Will Wants To Lie

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Gospel 139 ~Will Wants To Lie~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so that means I’m a damn good liar now. Only I’m not the “Lord of War.” With the businesses I’m running, I’m never going to lie to you about that. Only I want to lie like some kid saying I’m not sleepy, but it’s after midnight. You won’t ever have to worry about lipstick on my collar unless you put it there. I’ve been in the study writing. I want to lie and say things are going well. But besides lying to NaNoWriMo about reaching my quota… I did after midnight. It wasn’t a good day.

I want to lie and say it was, though. I don’t like making people feel down on themselves. Yet with what I did then and now, it happens. Inigo Montoya puts it best with “Humiliations Galore.” That’s what happened all of today, and it sucks. Exhaustion comes fastest when you’re trying to forget everything. And I want to lie rather than tell you the story. At this rate, it’s even too late now. I want to lie and say I’m not to blame for everything, but when has that gone well for a man ever? Yeah, I messed up, ha.

Speaking of messing up and naps, when the kids lie down to sleep, I want to read them stories. You never know, maybe when they grow up, they won’t need to play Detroit: Become Human or Far Cry 5 in their heads. They lie happily.

I know that’s a curious way to put things, but I want to lie like my Dæmon. He cuddles up to my side, and there is no place else he rather be. Ok, I know this STUPID to compare you to my fur-baby but do you feel that way. Just lie here, forgetting the world. I want to lie like those men that know what to say to their wives. At the same time, I want you to be so “passionate” that I end up sleeping on the couch. There is are so much stuff that I haven’t experienced. However, having someone lie to me because they love me. Aren’t we always watching The Walking Dead series? To be more specific, The Walking Dead World Beyond. I don’t want to lie like Meat Loaf with Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

What time is it again, Love? Will Wants To Lie.

I Will Have No Fear

2 thoughts on “Gospel 139 ~Will Wants To Lie~”

  1. Dear Mr billionaire…. There’s another life for you and me as they say “break on through to the other side”
    There’s two kids in a big house, and life to live.
    What’s say you and me wake up there tomorrow?

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