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Episode 324 ~How To Speak Will~

I could say anything right, though how many times have I told B III to shut-up and I love him more than anything, hell I love him like pancakes but what about if someone else wants to do the talking hmm? How To Speak To Will.

Episode 317 ~Bad Hair Day Will~

I’m the boy in the hood, straight out of suburbs variety, and in this life, I’ve had hands, headbands, a plethora of hoodies though now I only want a crown, a halo for my angel, and a roof over B III’s head. Bad Hair Day Will, no time.

Episode 310 ~Will’s Mr. Big Stuff~

“A big dog, a boss hog, what I want is the question,” and the song answers that too “I Want It All,” what did you expect me to do the song Mr. Big Stuff, I’m not that old, but I’ll find aging in luxury with a beautiful wife. Will’s Mr. Big Stuff

Episode 303 ~Will There Be Time~

What time is it, I want to jump up for love the way I jumped for the day job this morning, reminded me of being a kid again and having no idea what day it was only believing I was late for school but late for love? “Will There Be Time”

Episode 296 ~Will Rest Soon Enough~

Still dreaming about counting gold and not sunlight, I suppose I’ll see enough of it when the work day’s through, and no I don’t mean the day job; to have a woman dragging me to bed, who’s not my mother, who knew. Will Rest Soon Enough

Episode 289 ~Think WILL Take It~

For the love of money, can’t say these days I’m putting out into the UNIVERSE thoughts of pretty girls, unless their bankers, publishers, or heiress, what’s Pairs Hilton doing these days. Think WILL Take It; Tony Montana said money, power, the woman.

Episode 282 ~Willing To Be Heard~

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, somebody loves me; positive vibes, for the future, “The Law of Attraction” and whatnot, tell the universe what you want, and I shall have it, even when we’re in the midnight hour. “Willing To Be Heard.”

Episode 134 ~It’s Okay If They Don’t…~

Why do people even care, is my face not enough, my anxiety, how I move or talk, and today I’m getting all these personal questions, and I would say I don’t want to talk about me because Hell the don’t get me. “It’s Okay If They Don’t.”

Episode 127 ~They Don’t Understand Your Shit~

Nobody has to understand you to be successful; hell people can know everything you say is a lie, and you can still be president, but I’m only a writer, with his real fantasies and fictional stories but will they know? They Don’t Understand Your Shit.

Episode 001 ~Whose Right To Censor You~

The first post of the next 365 Days, has anybody said NO yet, well probably my mind between work and having something to say that hopefully won’t get me kicked out, banned, or arrested, where is the line? Whose Right To Censor You

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