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Log 052 ~You’ll Go Blonde Will~

She’s not only a hair color you know, and women change their hair so often, no wonder I have no idea what women are thinking at any given time, but I know I like brunettes not that I have anything against other colors. You’ll Go Blonde Will

Log 045 ~Will’s Having Some Balls~

A “great man” once talked of having balls and his word; I have two years and a few books worth of words but balls; I should try holding on to cash at some point as the song goes if it doesn’t make dollars it makes no cents. “Will’s Having Some Balls”

Log 038 ~Will Has Stress Balls~

Where is my fidget cube when I need it and other than the shower my kid gives me no private time and unfortunately I can carry my phone into the bathroom, and last night I got a good night’s sleep for one reason? Will Has Stress Balls.

Log 036 ~Let’s Look Up Will~

Now you know everything, and like Jon Snow, I know nothing, well usually but who I am and what I do, well most would run away but you’re here and in love, don’t they say that conquers all, including my fear. “Let’s Look Up Will” or not

Log 031 ~Will Takes A Drive~

Vroom, vroom, I’ve slept in my car before, but as far as “sleeping” with someone else well, I have a pretty good driving record considering some things and only ever got pulled over twice and for a black man that’s dangerous. Will Takes A Drive.

Log 024 ~Will Come The Silence~

I’m the strong silent type, well minus the strong I suppose, but I always get that I’m a great listener but whoever listens to me and there are so many things you can do in bed other than that thing. “Will Come The Silence” sometimes, but what’s next

Log 017 ~Winning Willie By Daylight~

It’s sad that I still remember the Sailor Moon theme song, I watched a teen react into an adult, a quite beautiful adult, that Snow White can’t be hot, well she can but not for my poetry I guess. “Winning Willie By Daylight.”

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~

The freaks come out at night as the song goes, so tonight I decided to stay in, though in the back of my mind there is a former brain surgeon taking advantage of a robot he built, though I’m more for “natural.” “Man Made Monsters Will”

Log 003 ~Bang The Will Slowly~

I can’t stop, and I do mean writing my novel ha, fortunately, I got 4,600 words down before all the fireworks, and I left off with a sex scene in a bombed out city so thank you July 4th fireworks. “Bang The Will Slowly.”

Episode 361 ~Will Of The Moment~

The first days I realized a girl could make me feel anything but fear and now as an “adult” *snickers* hell what kind of man “should” will I be and anybody that says “be yourself” deserves a spanking. Will Of The Moment

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