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Log 047 ~Will And Another Day~

It’s not perfect, and never happy; I lost track of what’s normal a long time ago, but at least I’m not sitting in bed having this conversation, I got out of my room, sitting at the dining room dreaming of better. “Will And Another Day”

Log 040 ~Will And The Labyrinth~

My life isn’t as interesting as Labyrinth and no way as sexy as “The V Game Series;” it’s only me against the wall continually smashing my head against it, and I’ll break before my Facebook Wall but then again? “Will And The Labyrinth”

Log 033 ~Will Makes Life Harder~

The only thing harder than writing is, okay, I won’t go there but that and what I have devoted my life to both come out pleasurable in the end; today though let’s see if I have a problem that can trump the two, seriously? Will Makes Life Harder

Log 026 ~Worrying Winds Of Will~

What’s the point of waking up to worry, to breathe so others can use such valuable air only to make you regret your last one and why not count my blessing of being near an AC? “Worrying Winds Of Will”

Log 019 ~Additives Of The Will~

Today, which is Sunday, I finished writing one more novel, I was in the zone with this 50,100, but the words weren’t the only thing I was addicted to; it could be worse, smoking or drinking perhaps? Additives Of The Will

Log 012 ~Can Only Learn Will~

Last week around this time I spoke about motivation, but today it’s been all about wasting time despite all the writing that I got done, and I can’t say I’m too proud of it, but I can always edit; am I serious? Can Only Learn Will

Log 005 ~That’s The Willing Spirit~

As the song goes, something so strong, driving me on, but I’m not the Best of the Best, as one of my motivations goes, I’m driven or perhaps possessed by the spirit of porno, talk about a god I could get behind. “That’s The Willing Spirit.”

Episode 363 ~A New Leaf Will~

In two more days it will have been two years since I started this blog and why did I begin again; the things we do for love; Nah the things I do because of Girls, Girls, Girls as the song goes — a New Leaf Will, not that I can turn one over

Episode 356 ~Will’s PG Programming Guide~

Time to get to work, not knocking anyone but those words at 4:00 AM suck when you know you’re not getting paid a whole lot, so it makes sense even “adult entertainment” has proper hours. Will’s PG Programming Guide.

Episode 325 ~Will You Come Early~

Three months to go again last year I gave myself the time to make a million dollars and how was I going to do that, write a book, hell I have several but also 99 Problems, and that’s not an excuse but where did the time go? “Will You Come Early”

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