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Episode 231 ~The Last Smile Will~

Some people make plans of how they’ll change the world, I have to find ways to shrink, don’t smile, keep your hands busy so they don’t become fists, new playlists to keep me centered. The Last Smile because how did one so many years ago turn out

Episode 224 ~Don’t B Scared Will~

Besides being scared for my son, I’m terrified of my sins, and several superfluous bouts of reading I swear, the day job made me hate football even more so, and Humbert, Humbert, reminds me why I failed French. Don’t B Scared Will

Episode 217 ~Will Hunts Big Game~

Does fishing count as hunting and how about when you feel like more the prey than the one hunter, and with these “fangs” of mine I would never be caught smiling though there is so much that I want. “Will Hunts Big Game.”

Episode 210 ~Telling Will Mustard Seed~

It’s telling that my faith in myself is a mustard seed and as for 99.9 of humanity, well what’s smaller than that; a virus, anyway I wish I was as wealthy as whoever owns mustard, and if Johnny Appleseed could do it. “Telling Will Mustard Seed.”

Episode 203 ~The Willingness To Shine~

The Power of Will, Iron Will, if anything I’m dense enough, hardheaded, my heart like a stone and how I wish I could lift my feet but I shuffle around like a zombie but a vampire and wouldn’t need the light. “The Willingness To Shine.”

Episode 196 ~Love Is Like Will~

Love in the context of myself is often a dirty word and there a few in this to give you fair warning, there’s also the want of green, and I’m not endorsing PCH, though I still search there but what about for the Man In The Mirror. “Love Is Like Will”

Episode 194 ~How Will Goes Unwritten~

Am I writing good or bad, truth or fiction; I would be rather pleased if I were writing anything at all and the one that I’m doing it all for, could never read one word of it, though he understands, or so I hope, it’s for him. How Will Goes Unwritten?

Episode 189 ~Your Will On Paper~

What was that about keeping no good vibes last week? If anything I am feeling chipper and I’m hoping to keep it that way or so it’s written right, and I do that every single day without fail. Your Will On Paper

Episode 182 ~The “Sent” Of Will~

I send good vibes to some, I keep none for myself, at least I hope they were right, beautiful, anything but my usual spiel much like today’s conversation and there will be plenty more. The Sent Of Will, ha

Episode 175 ~Bells, Pails, Will Tell~

All I want for Christmas… that’s like a list of the women I want to (um okay) if anything I want my wallet to be as full as my fridge, my son, and what’s up with, the cleaning supplies and gift bags and no one’s named charity. Bells, Pails, Will Tell

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