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Log 051 ~Will And The T-800~

It’s not often I go into overtime and I could come up with over a dozen reasons for the dream I had last night, hell even more, as the song goes What’s My Age Again, but I don’t want to think about it. Will And The T-800

Log 050 ~Will’s Hot In Here~

All these people complaining about the heat, my idea of hot was walking through Hell only to reach the light at the end of the tunnel if that makes any sense, but didn’t they say the road to heaven is paved in hell? Will’s Hot In Here.

Log 049 ~The Greatest Teacher Failure Is~

Master Yoda was wise, but the Jedi were wrong and didn’t I sell all my Star Wars games at somewhat, “Indian Gone” would gasp. Hey, I like money and what do I do with it anyway. “The Greatest Teacher Failure Is”

Log 048 ~Being The Will Man~

How can I expect to fly, when I hate driving, hell I like hiking, but regular walking is a chore, and the most used piece of flooring in this place is between my bed and my drawer where I keep my phone; “Being The Will Man” still reinventing him


A girl like Rainey Summer Day deserves more than a five and what I paid for this title, I’ll say it is worth every single penny and then some; Lily White sure knows how to bring on the heat and the taboo. I Got Five On It

Log 047 ~Will And Another Day~

It’s not perfect, and never happy; I lost track of what’s normal a long time ago, but at least I’m not sitting in bed having this conversation, I got out of my room, sitting at the dining room dreaming of better. “Will And Another Day”

Log 045 ~Will’s Having Some Balls~

A “great man” once talked of having balls and his word; I have two years and a few books worth of words but balls; I should try holding on to cash at some point as the song goes if it doesn’t make dollars it makes no cents. “Will’s Having Some Balls”

Log 044 ~The Shape Of Will~

Last week I spoke a bit of looking down, and it seems like I’m still doing that, whether it be my phone, naughty books, or my wallet; hip to be square or more like a rectangle, not the worse of all shapes though. The Shape Of Will

Log 043 ~Will To Be Ordinary~

I’m anything but ordinary which is terrible; I know you’re much more than average which is a real blessing, like “Beauty and the Beast,” both different but somebody wanted Belle, and I don’t want you to see me like this? Will To Be Ordinary

Log 042 ~Live Like There’s No Tomorrow~

Am I going back to that, the world is going to end in “five minutes” mentality; if died today I would be embarrassed at everything, well other than reading another Tillie Cole novel but anyway. “Live Like There’s No Tomorrow”

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