Episode 299 ~Hey Rich, I’m Will~

One of these days, this will be the story of how I became a rich man, in two days I’ll have a story of a bookstore made brothel, and tonight there are so many pretty girls to text. Hey Rich, I’m Will.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Episode 299 ~Hey Rich, I’m Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now, or I would be if I ever published my first story “Some Assembly Required.” Now that includes the title; my current project doesn’t even have a name yet. Still, I’m on word 45,200, and this has spawned thirteen stories. Only let’s talk about three I’m living.

Well, more to the idea I want to live. For example, as I was telling “Indiana Gone” today, the dream is I don’t ever want to leave my Grand Estate. But, I’ll have family vacations. I’ll have businesses to run, an erotic appetite. Now, wait did I say a family? Everything I did today from picking up Chinese food. Banking, and visiting three different stores. One for dog food, to peanuts, to Walmart, I want to do online. Now like I was thinking about people finding 600 Million for Notre Dame. Why are the poor always called upon to help the poor? I’m rich, and I’ll help when the check comes through. Even last night I went to see Avengers: Endgame. One of the first things I’ll want to do is build an in-house movie theater. I’ll buy one of those machines so I can stream movies the moment they are out to the public.

As far as the public, I’m not a blabbermouth. Still, like Sheldon Cooper when you know something like Avengers: Endgame. You want to start talking plenty. Only no worries My Lady I know better, but for the record the movie was awesome. You know I’m not one to write about superheroes, and my villains are all perverted in one sense or another. So yet again I need my movie studio built. It will be like The Director by Lily White. I want to be charitable as I have seen some extraordinary movies coming out and I do want to take part in that. Haven’t I told you before I want to add beauty in the world if I can someday?

More like when I can. If I work hard tomorrow and I’m grateful there will be tomorrow, I will be looking at The End of my book. Camp NaNoWriMo will be mine once again I know it. What about those thirteen other stories like The Key of Janus, The Path Of Gaia, Prometheus? Always more stuff about the Greeks and even Christian ideology when I have the money. I’ll soon say Hey Rich, I’m Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 230 ~Will Puddin, Published, Genius~

Put your money where your mouth is, excellent advice considering my situation, and ten bucks; a salve for an itch I can’t scratch o maybe like a cat that’s what paper is for and even now a voice is yelling, stop that. Will Puddin, Published, Genius

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Episode 230 ~Will Puddin, Published, Genius~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, they keep staring me in the face. Her boobs, that boing in my pants, and books that remain unpublished and why. I’m not the good guy, the god-fearing man or a genius… aren’t I supposed to be positive after yesterday’s rant?

“All I wanted was to see her naked!” ―
Girl All The Bad Guys Want


Luna I have, don’t you know, not as much as I would like. I’m never going to let that go right; quite presidential, you start messing with people’s money, and it’s over. Court Carmody sigh compared to the MILF. The things men will do for boobs, because we are boobs and that ladies in gentlemen is the English language. Of course, that’s not as bad as my Math. Though $10.00 beats, um well; let it go, Elsa, am I right? So besides sex, money is on my mind, and again with the motivations. Don’t follow the money, but the purpose and I sit here having an inception moment. Remember all the people I blamed yesterday, and I told “Indiana Gone” today who I would most like to be? Larry Flynn, Hugh Hefner, Ron Jeremy, Dennis Hof, and another guy I’m better off not naming, again.

Okay, you get it a fat rich white guy that gets to have plenty of sex. These are men who have cash from young women getting nude being on camera, and working in cat-houses. That’s why I’m brainstorming or being lazy, your call. Anyway as I was having a conversation with Indiana Gone, I told her my dream. I have to get published, starting producing books like I’m S. Wolf, Skye Warren, and Larry Flynn combined. Until I can afford photographers, property, then head west. Everything Dennis Hof had, I want that lifestyle. No not the show but movies no doubt, a “love hotel” like they have in Japan, and with all this, I still want the love of family.

I’m not stupid, I’m staying positive, but I’m not a genius, I am a guy with a penis. Hell if I last the day, the first week of No Fap once again and I even finished Lolita. I was telling “Cherry” today who fashions herself a Lolita… she’s twenty-one, and I’ve never seen her boobs. Anyway, I was telling her that word here can lead to trouble. Since my whole bad teeth “realization” why is it that even my fingers are shutting up these days. Things I shouldn’t say like last night. I’m still thinking about my taste in women. They are either innocent virgins or women with bad sexual histories. Ironically I have seen all four of those women naked. Two I didn’t pay for but again how do I turn this into profit. I’ve offered both MILFS a deal, one though has her reasons and the other? I’m not shelling out that type of cash again. Because at least for now, or I would like to be, I’m only Will Puddin, Published, Genius.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 223 ~Stand At Attention Will~

Honestly, I did not think I was going here today, more like little head instead of the big head, but what about a furry one, I should go to “PetSmart” more on Sundays no doubt, but I have my son, and I stand by him. Stand At Attention Will.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Episode 223 ~Stand At Attention Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, become the Secretary of Defense; believe it or not, there was a time in my life Lady Lu that I said those words out loud, I also wanted to be a war correspondent and as you recall I did a brief stint in the Navy. The words are Military Bearing; do you know why I tend to make all these “personalities” female save for one; I don’t think in my life there has been one man in my environment that I have honestly respected, on a personal level I will say.

Today I was at PetSmart picking up B III’s meds, and they had an adoption thing, and I saw the cutest little dog; this furbaby was a few inches taller than my son. Oh to let dear Trible B have a few years taken back on him, return to puppy form I’d give him a sibling. My father never taught me about how to be a man, he threatened to kill me before going into the military, I thought maybe they would educate me, but I left, one uncle cheated on his wife, another married in and murdered my mom’s sister. Never met my great grandfather’s, paternal granddad wasn’t there, maternal grandfather got divorced, another uncle shot and can’t stand, one more not indeed an uncle, don’t know him, or my older half-brother, “father” beat my mother too you know.

Okay so back to B III and as I stood there, a bag full of over a hundred pills, over three months that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again and I saw this other dog that needs a home, a family and if my little one wasn’t so old, ornery, and obstinate… Anyway so I’m driving, and I’m listening to my motivations, talking about not letting the past control you and I think of how I am and my son and our future, and there it is his obituary coming to mind. Everything I want to say to him, that it has been my honor and privilege to be his father, that if I have a chance in Hell of getting to Heaven, it will be but a word from him, and that I’m sorry I failed him. No mother, no two-legged siblings to protect, I didn’t give him the home that he ever deserved.

I’ve said before I owe Will Smith my life and as far as my “father” a man must look after his family but it was my little boy, who is a greater man than I could have possibly hoped to raise, who taught me about love, life, even lungs as I watch him breathe and I can. I love him like pancakes I always say because I couldn’t love him more if I poured the “Bisquick” and we have walked together, fought, lived and if there is any man I honestly do respect and would follow it’s my son, pathetic huh but not father, flag, or female has gotten so much; Stand At Attention Will.

I Will Have No Fear

The Legacy Of Literary Succession

It’s hard living up to other people’s expectations or responsibilities and harder still to send them crashing all down and if I may say so it’s daunting explaining some but is this not my fate and legacy *sigh*. The Legacy Of Literary Succession

Number one, top five, nope, I’ll admit when I first SAW this book, I didn’t think much of it, the first rule when it comes to books, never judge a book by its cover, or I have a thing about feet, whatever I walked on by honestly. I read “About The Book” and it still didn’t hook me but since I’ve joined a Dark Erotica reading group I haven’t missed a book and even though I told them this doesn’t float my boat and find my remote… yeah, I was wrong about “Legacy of Succession” by Anna Edwards, it’s incredible.

The first thing and kind of spooky on a personal level is the fact that while I thought this book up and down, I literally wrote something somewhat close to this, young women, playing a game, death or slavery to the losers, all in the name of a man’s love, a common theme perhaps. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, The Honorable Victoria Hamilton has a chance at, well you can’t say riches she’s always known privilege, and you can’t utter freedom either because she’s perpetually under some man’s thumb, so pretty much the game is all there is. Of course, the prize is the soon to be Duke of Oakfield, Nicholas who is the sad little rich boy as much as she’s the tragic little wealthy girl, except he’s had plenty of sex and Victoria is a virgin.

Legacy of Succession isn’t so much a sex-filled romp as it is a throwback to the days when women were property, and their fathers did whatever they wished to do to them for, money, power, and to strengthen alliances but in our age. I’ve never cared to understand much on feminism but yes what’s happening to these women is wrong, and the current Duke of Oakfield is all well, and good about this little secret society of fathers selling their daughters into bondage Nicholas has other ideas. A bit and “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” with the sad girl beginning to fall in love with the first man she ever sees, the three L’s Lust, Love, and Life, now how can she and Nicholas get away with that, well you have to read the book to find out.

Don’t expect any great drifting from the usual formula but there are quite a few twists, and as they say these days, OMG moments throughout; near the end, you will be on the edge of your seat to see how it all unravels. The book teases quite a bit and tries to ratchet up the dirty language to disguise the fact that other than oral satisfaction, you won’t be seeing any sex until later in the title, but it happens.

Could I fall in love with a girl like Victoria, did I fall in love, I liked her I can’t deny that but she was a bit clueless, daddy’s little girl but all but one of the daughters didn’t have daddy issues early on. As for Nicholas, sorry to say nothing especially remarkable, you’ve seen one bad boy with a good heart, you’ve seen them all, but indeed that is one of the twists in the title. His motive for doing what he does throughout.

In case you didn’t know Victoria has only known isolation for her entire life, her father either thinking she can’t control herself, she’s incredibly beautiful or that men are all like him, looking to tear her apart at a moment’s notice. So Victoria’s initial foolish actions can be forgiven, we are still in that scenario of if I was the only boy in the world and you were the only girl, and in walks, Nicholas and all bets are off. She has a fiery never say die attitude, and you never lose faith in her. However, it’s the fact that it all appears too easy for her to give herself up to Nicholas like wow.

Nicholas is the typical party boy, but as he’s turning thirty, he has to grow up and be the man or rather the monster his father wants him to be, and that means terrorizing young women until the soon to be new Duke decides on one that he would like to marry. If it was the wealth and the privilege guiding him that would be one thing but that’s one of the big twists with this story, there is a man he’s trying to please but SPOILER ALERT, it’s his brother William, everything he does to help his brother. That if anything is new, but then we throw Victoria into the mix and thus is his confliction, loyalty to his brother over love for his girl, sounds like my dog and me when a girl is here I’m just saying.

Nicholas’s father is the main antagonist, and with all the fathers in this, the worst happens to torture a son, not a daughter, and he has so many tricks up his sleeve right to the end, nearly as tenacious as his son himself. Two of the other daughters Amelia and Elizabeth, I felt for one more than the other, and they were both more prepared for their future than Victoria, and Elizabeth’s interactions with Nicholas yet one more snake. I find myself relating more to William and how he was suffering from what his father was doing, but yet again I say this in so many reviews, it’s always the quiet ones right, does nobody respect silence, oh their quiet must be the most dangerous.

That’s not a dig at the author only books in general, but as for Legacy of Succession, it is a solid four stars and one title that I’m glad I didn’t sleep on because once I started reading it; looks like my reading group was right. You might want to stop right here if you’re looking to read this as let’s say, dear Victoria who has absolutely no idea at first what her life is going to become when she becomes a victim or you a fan of Legacy of Succession, I know you will.

As to why I’m giving it four stars again I will admit that the story trope of being quiet equating to madness always rubs me the wrong way, yes more of a personal grievance but one concept I find annoying as all Hell. While many stories deal with the idea of a chosen one that somehow upends the system and makes everything better, walking in on it after years and years of waiting as if no one over many years could have possibly led by the same principles and tried to fight back? The endgame is hastily hashed out, but that happens to the best writers and though this is the only book I’ve read from Anna Edwards; I would place her among some of the greats, to be honest.

Some of my favorite parts would have to be where Victoria and Nicholas first make love and don’t get your hopes up it only happens twice, and by that point, I was pretty heavily in the book, and this title is pushing me towards buying the next. The scene where Victoria endures torture with the
“Scold’s Bridle” and paraded around the members of the Society, except the downright cruelty there was something to be said about the BDSM context to it. Getting to know the society as a whole though they played little more than a background role was profound and I’m not surprised that such groups exist because they do, I believe no doubt.

If you’re looking for something that points out specific politics and not only in England where this book takes place, are willing to set feminism to the side for a bit of fun and are into famous works of art and beautiful women, well here you go, this novel entirely. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to find some less valuable artistry to copy as inspiration and hope that my writing might be worth something to hold something of The Legacy Of Literary Succession.

Psychopath’s “Pray” For Better Books

Sometimes death is not the end, and then you read something like this and wonder how someone could get something like murder wrong in the end, but it was more than that, still gave it three stars. “Psychopath’s “Pray” For Better Books”

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, and it is a shame I thought so highly of this book, it’s a shame like that psychology class I took in high school my preparations were inadequate, and it’s a shame that against my better judgment, three stars. Noted I might not be a smart man, that class I took pretty much proved that, and with all the psychobabble I’ve heard I’m not qualified to talk about it, but Psychopath’s Prey by V. F. Mason come on.

Not a title I sought out, “Dark Erotica” reading group book of the month and this V. F, Mason’s work has shown me that maybe it is okay to skip one because honestly, I wish I had with Psychopath’s Prey. To be fair with all its flaws, I was ready to suggest it to a friend of mine and then what happened… Chapter Twenty-Five occurred, and those four stars drifted quickly to two and then maybe I thought I am unreasonable. When these things happen I always want to blame myself first, but when the rest of the story went on afterward I thought I was stupid, maybe I still am, maybe someone should explain it to me one day.

Okay, long story short; Ella, tragic past wants to feel better about it or go all avenging angel, and for a moment I was rooting for her until yeah for someone with her background maybe she is in the wrong line of work. The serial killer who I’ll name later is practically the same, horrific past and in the same line of work as Ella, hoping that such tragedies don’t occur with anyone else, other than parenting issues, I couldn’t get into either one of them. This story is one of those crime shows with some sex thrown in and considering I liked Chloe and Simone more than I loved Ella already I knew this was bad news all around.

Still, four stars because even though it was extremely predictable right up until the end, and that was a surprise and not a sexy one but an incredibly stupid one, why do I keep wanting to defend this book wondering if there is something I didn’t understand. Girl, FBI, Boy, Same, love and reasoning, I knew it would have a happily ever after but then one screwed up chapter gone.

There will be spoilers from here on out, an official warning but if you’re leaving three stars if you like predictability, the bad boy and good girl finding love and if you like family drama bloody, then it’s a decent read. Now Ella and Kierian, that’s right I said it, Kierian, I knew right away, and I was wishing and hoping it wasn’t Preston which is one of the things I’m taking so personally honestly.

I haven’t read “I See You” by Ker Dukey and D.H. Sidebottom in the longest time and I’ve read both of them individually because I won’t be rereading V. F. Mason hopefully, seeing as how Kierian is directly relatable to I See You. There was a twist here and there but not one of them enhanced the story more like, well okay then, I kept turning pages only because I wanted the whole motive. If Ella had become Kierian you would have another title “Whispers In The Dark” by LeTeisha Newton, I don’t blame V. F. Mason for having ideas along those lines but in the execution of said ideas…

Other characters were merely there to populate the world, and you can’t fault a guy for having thoughts about Chloe, Simone, and Ella, I got more of a kick out of my imagination than the goings on of the story. Ella and Kierian had some hot sex scenes, and the bloody scenes were gory enough but again tamed so that this could work on TV any night of the week. Preston, Preston, that is where I got lost, how I became infuriated, and the moment stars began being deducted, honestly what was the author thinking with that climax because I don’t understand in the slightest.

I’m a bit of a writer myself, and I know what it’s like to rush to an end and wanting a twist, but that wasn’t anything but noise to distract us from the ending we knew was coming anyway. I’ve been going back in the book looking for any clue and why even bother building Kierian up at all making him a criminal and then let’s have Preston to hate because of course Ella loves Kierian, and he needs to look less the monster now.

I’m not this book’s target demographic of course, get any straight guy to read these works, and you’ll question what all women are thinking, but I only suspect the author and myself, two stars if I stay mad, three stars by the work itself. There was plenty to like about the book if you’re looking for something that you’ve seen before, the characters are one in the same, and you might want to feel like the smartest person in the room for a little while.

As I said the sex is decent, the imagined sex is better; you can understand Ella and Kierian’s feelings though they are spelled out for you, and the intro to the characters is pretty impressive. Not that you know how or why but a happy ending is a happy ending and however you slice it, get it, Kierian is making the world a better place; I’d be all for such an avenger. There is a trace amount of mystery, that .1% but it’s enough to make you think isn’t this ironic rather than moronic for a few seconds and then okay where was the surprise?

I despise Chapter Twenty-Five for taking me out of the story and making me the idiot, math books make me feel stupid but this was a first in the erotic genre, and perhaps I’m not. I hate the fact that Preston is a killer, that it’s the quiet ones you have to watch, this is personal what the hell is wrong with being quiet it doesn’t make you a psychopath, this is the worst stereotype other than myself being black. We get everything on Ella and Kierian but yeah where is Preston’s story a few sentences and it doesn’t matter he’s gone quite quickly boom.

Did I relate to Preston, I don’t know enough about him to say, but he shouldn’t have even been a character for such a farce of an ending as this book is given, right out of the blue. For somebody that liked explaining nearly everything why am I left with this feeling of utter confusion and anger, but are is supposed to have you experience something and if that is something of Psychopath’s Prey well, Psychopath’s “Pray” For Better Books.

The Prophet’s Proprietary Perfect Profits A Book Review

How I wished for a five-star sequel, and here we are, and already I can’t wait until I get my first look at the promised land or “The Church” but “The Prophet” was able to move the mountain the last inch, so? The Prophet’s Proprietary Perfect Profits

Was it God, the “Father of Fire,” “The Morningstar,” hell one of the things I love about writers is the ability for us to play God and with “The Prophet” let me say in Celia Arron I trust no question. I am sure however that many of you do have queries and if the first one is this book worth a read, well my review of The Maiden (The Cloister Trilogy #1) was four stars, this one gets that final fifth star and well deserved.

If you want to see what I thought there “Hey There Delilah, My Maiden” was that review, as for this tale we are brought back almost immediately where The Maiden left off in a state of “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” Delilah is in trouble from all sides, The Prophet, the son, the senator, or would it be better to say the father, the son, and the holy ghost, either way, she finds herself trapped in Hell once again. The Prophet’s whose anger and madness knows no bounds, Adam who makes her body burn with unholy desire or the shame and rage that awakens through Evan Roberts who wants her for his own.

I brought this up before how religion will use beautiful women, and whether it’s their heat, the dark desires that burn inside because trust me if you read this title you’re not exactly innocent, or the knowledge of what The Prophet does, to quote a more reasonable madman, there will be blood. Besides The Prophet and Evan Roberts and the “hero” Adam other characters have been expanded such as Grace, Adam and Noah’s mother and Noah himself as the crimes against the maidens grow ever more heinous but who Delilah is investigating is brought to light. The sex is still somewhat subdued but with everything else that is going on and the explosive ending two sides of the same coin.

Some people might be turned off but this title revved me up, if the book were any more on fire I would be worried it might go all “Fahrenheit 451” in my hands, no this title is nothing like that only the emotions that will burn inside you from everything. Anyway, that is enough of me blowing smoke but remember there’s an inferno waiting once we pass the first darkness which is Delilah’s destructive indoctrination.

Spoiler warning ahead if you haven’t read the first book; ready, okay, we start with dear Delilah being locked away for her escape attempt from Heavenly Ministries and a while at least she is a shadow of her former womanhood. Adam Monroe is, of course, letting more of his sweet guy persona show while maintaining the brooding boy motif that makes all the woman go knocky in the knees as he lays even more of a claim on his maiden.

While The Maiden focused more on the sexual training of the girls and there is plenty of sex in this we see more of the violent side of Heavenly and the madness that has created The Prophet and his victims. To take the body is one thing, someone’s life is another but to declare war on the soul; I was somewhat taken aback at the shift it Delilah’s personality; it’s when I saw everyone else that I felt indeed a bit hopeless. Not that the characters aren’t good but how Adam is coming off with his new plans and I remember someone once saying that if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your ideas, the problem is as the song goes “there are too many prophets here” honestly.

Adam remains mostly the same, a love-struck fool, with violent tendencies albeit he has grown bolder but the things a man will do for love or obsession, to see that The Prophet could show such restraint when it comes to Delilah. If the characters aren’t chasing love it’s power which brings in some surprising twists and turns; there was one, in particular, that might have sucked me in and then threw me out of the story so much that I thought my Kindle was screwing up again. That part of the story comes back around eventually, but I was so confused for a bit, though it made my heart jump; there are other parts of the story that brought out a leap or rise to other parts of my anatomy.

Other that Delilah and Adam, Evan for as twisted as he is, I believe is quite compelling and if the location of the story hits too close to home for me, the politician I think we all know someone like that, *cough* president *cough*. One character meets a violent end; again if you got into the first book you weren’t holding out much hope for him or her anyway, but with the death, we are witnesses to one mind-blowing revelation; still, Delilah has no clue.

Is that the reason I gave “The Prophet” five stars, it might sound better than paying attention to Evan, the bloody nature of this story, the sex between Adam and Delilah or should I say Emily, big spoiler but I would have given anything to be Adam at that moment. Yes, there will be more spoilers from here on and things I didn’t like, but that can’t take away the five stars this book truly deserves, it is quite incredible.

For example, that moment Adam and Noah run into the FBI, my heart dropped and then the moment was just glossed over and eventually comes back around to one of them wearing a wire, what all transpired at that meeting? I would have liked to see more “Zombiefied” Delilah/Emily and especially would have enjoyed watching her beg before The Prophet after her torture or something between her and Sarah, but that’s only my wishful thinking. Delilah/Emily does a full 180 or 360 from hating The Prophet, loving him, hating again it happened a bit too fast for my taste honestly like her grueling torture could be reversed in seconds though I am grateful it happened.

My favorite part of the entire story was when Adam chose to save Delilah/Emily the only way he could, though he had already taken her virginity he needed everyone to see it done this time and that was the hottest action. Evan attempting to court Delilah/Emily and the other things he did to her, a terrible man but compared to The Prophet he’s a saint, don’t get me wrong he is all sorts of evil. There’s a toss-up between The Prophet killing and then finding out who murdered Delilah/Emily’s friend which I will leave because it is profoundly shocking but what is Adam to do; if he lives of course.

I give it five stars because it was a little bit sexy and a little bit bloody, throw in some revelations, and you can’t wait, but I am, so much stuff on my reading list but not if, when you get “The Cloister Trilogy” make sure you read them all because I intend to. Will they have to add another star for the third book “The Church,” the chapel and the cathedral are a bit too out there for my liking, what am I saying, The Prophet’s Proprietary Perfect Profits.

Lesson 354 ~Cleaning Out My Cages~

Freedom from everything but living, fear itself is my cage, and nobody is going to sign some paper to get me out, and that is one more reason I am a writer, though who listens to the crazies and the stupid… America. “Cleaning Out My Cages.”

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lesson 354 ~Cleaning Out My Cages~

Forgive Me Echo,
Can You Love Me Again, now I know I shouldn’t be comparing myself to anybody, but I feel like a better man compared to the would-be president, hell I never put my dog in a cage but the groomers might have at some point, and that’s for less than fifteen minutes. Then again since he is a Chihuahua, though I’m reasonably sure he was born here, he was taken from his furry family and became my nephew and eventually my son; I don’t know my human nephews, but that’s a long story.

So besides not giving a rat’s ass about most human family and my dog’s upbringing what do I need forgiveness for today, on the one hand, there are things that should know freedom from cages, closets, coffers what have you and things that should be locked up. I did let my dog out today, going potty on the floor does not fly in this household, and he was mad I didn’t walk him early in the morning, too busy trying to put food on our table. That’s how I spend my life, and anything else is for the most part sleep, what do I know about freedom, considering my fascination with the “white room” concept.

By that I do mean my writing, hell most of these thoughts should never see the light of day, what would the bitch think (who cares), what would my mother think and “Indiana Gone” doesn’t mostly. Now a “penis portrait…” yeah that’s something crass though I know one woman that asked me and another sent me her nude pic, well they both did, I’m on day 102 of No Fap. If I weren’t konked out hours ago I would say I have a ton of pent of energy, rage mostly, so no sex or violence, I was nearly ready to open up the coffers and buy surprise, surprise, “Detroit: Become Human” but I still don’t have a PS4 and haven’t I wasted enough money Echo.

As terrified as I am about my Al Bundy shift, still no word on getting out of it I guess I need a release somewhere, but as I tell everyone, everything I want is impossible, immoral, illegal or insane. So forgiveness Inspector Echo, forgive me for putting up the gate and locking my son in his room, for not knowing what to do with my freedom, for making my mom cry (if she knew me), for not keeping it in my pants but I haven’t done anything stupid, edged some.

How about for wanting to waste money and for being scared though I am “trying” to keep my fears locked away; does popping myself with a rubber band regularly count as self-harm; one more way of Cleaning Out My Cages.

I Will Have No Fear

Hey There Delilah, My Maiden

Would the motto of Heavenly Ministries be, to abandon all hope ye who enter here, well if that hope is five stars but what’s wrong with four; question what is wrong with religious people liking pretty girls; just me then? Hey There Delilah, My Maiden

The things you can get away with in the name of God; someone once said “Dom unto others as you would have God Dom unto you” and that someone ended up in jail for a little less than what this book entails overall. “The Maiden” by Celia Aaron is another title ripped straight from the headlines or at least it should be, we’ve got the stupidity of the “Prosperity Gospel,” the evil of the Catholic Church, and they made a mini-series about David Koresh’s cult.

With an understanding of this I rather watch The Maiden, if they ever thought to make it a movie because it’s a remarkable book, I was hooked and so is my erotica reading group, I would have read the sequels myself if they weren’t already reading them. This title hit home for me quite literally from the location to the type of church I knew as a child, to the family dynamic such as “perfect obedience.” There is a stark contrast between what is known as BDSM and what the general public believes, and using the church’s teachings to show that is awesome, the lives of the maidens and the families within Heavenly Ministries community.

Long story short we have this young woman, renamed Delilah who joins the cloister maidens of Heavenly Ministries, a bit of a convent; two words “Virgin Territory” a movie worth watching. Since when did convent become synonymous with the word brothel, and they have one. Delilah’s life is now the property of The Prophet. More importantly is the rights of his son Adam Monroe, another father-son duo *sigh* though the family is more nuclear, minus having a dog. The twist is what she hopes to find out from this church/cult; now those are synonyms being how I know the church to be; anyway another good girl, bad boy with kind intentions type of tale honestly.

Let me put it out there how churches will use beautiful women to entice people but it’s a thin line as with The Prophet, the people know one side, but he hides the other from them; sex as long as nobody talks about it. You should also be aware that as I said there is BDSM, but anyone that knows about abuse may do well to skip this though I think in both aspects “The Maiden” is rather tame somewhat.

Maybe I just read darker material though already being on the second book “The Prophet” that the darkness is cranking up, but of course that will be for another review I’ll try to stay on this one. As far as Delilah and Adam Monroe are concerned, I guess I do tend to lump all these characters together from different titles, the only thing that changes are motivations, and so there has to be something especially jarring, and with this, there wasn’t that in the Maiden.

Delilah other than her looks is the somewhat righteous girl looking to find justice which means infiltrating The Cloister as a Maiden, a group of twelve holy women who are to be placed by The Prophet’s direction to the rich, the powerful, and others The Prophet can use. Delilah without a doubt has a fiery personality which needs some breaking if she is to serve and that task falls to her protector, Adam. How does one find the truth in a web of lies because it becomes quite clear that is all that exists as the maidens begin their training and here’s a hint yes they will be on their knees, but it will be a lot less praying, shocker?

Adam is a man that I can relate to, hates his dad, doesn’t believe anything about the church that he belongs to, finds holy women hot as hell but moreover a woman that wants to tell him no but knows better. Now he can’t be the perfectly righteous man, these stories are never about that, but his feelings for Delilah drive him to defy his father and lead to some actions that could mean the death of them both. He also loves his mother; I swear if you give some guy washboard abs, a dark history, some unforgivable crime and make him declare allegiance to a girl, and you have 95% of the genre easily.

Other characters such as The Prophet himself as a hypocrite or Noah Monroe who is desperate for some semblance of a family and Grace the Head Spinner who I would take to be like Aunt Lydia from The Handmaid’s Tale only younger. We also have a slight bit of politics and heroics from everyone including other maidens and spinners and the network that keeps such an organization intact and running smoothly.

So why four stars and not five, other than my usual ranting, raving, carrying on about the general state of this genre the sex was kept somewhat to a minimum, only a pair of maidens I believe losing their virginity. I should add a spoiler alert but if you want to know if you should read this; if you don’t get offended by those who take God in vain or want a break from seeing what churches honestly do and would instead imagine it, or if you like dark erotica, then please have at it.

As I’ve already said there is a lack of sex, here I was expecting an orgy, but the maidens must know virtue to a certain extent for any prospective buyers, so don’t set your hopes so high but the tease is worth it. The Prophet is a typical bad guy, on the one hand, he spouts all the religious doctrine to rule but he is like any other leader wanting the money and the power that comes from his position, but we’re supposed to be figuring Adam out anyway. Delilah with her quest doesn’t quite have a plan besides her work learning about the compound, seeking who she needs to know and payback but how will this bring all of Heavenly down on them?

Some of my favorite parts are near the end, that’s not a bad thing, but they keep you on the edge of everything else, and you have one more chance to turn away; ready, READY, okay when Adam and Delilah have sex so she won’t lose her virginity to The Prophet. There is also the escape attempt of the maidens from the compound that I couldn’t put down; I was as hooked as Adam was keeping Delilah from her freedom. Other than the sex there was the touching moment between Adam and Noah; I did say no dogs, but Noah has a lizard and a cat not that The Prophet wouldn’t kill them too, showing that Noah has a heart like Adam and if animals die, so help me God.

To think this isn’t my first read from Celia Aaron, I’ve also read “Dark Protector” another four out of five stars like this, always on the edge of glory and what will I give “The Prophet” which is the second book in “The Cloister Trilogy.” Until then my mother would be happy to know I’m back in the church but probably not this one but with such pretty girls and a man here or there I can relate to truthfully Hey There Delilah, My Maiden.

I’m Happy; I’m Feeling Vlad

Money isn’t the key to happiness only it might help, or so I’m assuming and add in bad boys and pretty daughters and the promise of war, and you got quite a story on your hands, so how do I feel about this one? “I’m Happy; I’m Feeling Vlad”

Maybe that would worry me if I was talking about Vlad the Impaler although when it comes to Vlad by Ker Dukey and K. Webster, well I would choose sex over violence any day but honestly, why can’t we have them both. Vlad (The V Games #1) has that and even more; enough that I have to wonder how anybody finds out so much about the Russian mob and I’m sure I asked this in a review before but what is it about women and criminals. I mean bad boys for sure but a man has to try and kill you once or twice to get on the radar, Buffy The Vampire Slayer that much.

Speaking of Buffy we have the big sister and little sister dynamic and no spoilers yet, but you know what’s going to happen from the moment you start reading, all that’s left is the how and why but if you understand the genre? As for anything else you need to know, the authors are kind enough to start with a who’s who of characters, some cannon fodder but I found myself bookmarking that page as one character after another emerged. Also, Vlad’s love story isn’t the only love story, but what’s love got to do with most of it anyway, but again there’s plenty of sex and criminal activity, but most of it is glossed over to a certain degree.

Much like The V Games themselves, and for me that’s a high selling point to read the next one only because they make the games sound so exciting but all the characters lives are games amongst themselves. For everybody being inside their heads, I found myself after a day of reading thinking about how such and such a role would have to be taken care of to make a happy ending. Almost every individual had to let some things slide, except for one as you need a sequel though why she didn’t get top billing. Well, I guess you have to stick with V so if you liked V For Vendetta and a bunch of knives but other than being brought to you by the letter V that’s the only similarity between them, being honest.

So yes I was happy with the story overall, and I get that the authors are setting up a series, but maybe some things should have been left to the imagination mainly the V Games until they were ready to be revealed. Allow me to follow suit with a few of our characters and don’t worry there will still be plenty to go around trust me on that, and soon they will grow on you pretty quickly when the mind games begin, there’s a lot.

For the moment we begin with the typical bad boy that’s super-rich Vlad Vasiliev “Vile. Vicious. Villainous.” as if that doesn’t scream we’re the bad guys which makes us the best guys in the scenario. As in most of these tales besides the money and divine qualities that make women go all knocky in the knees, I relate to him; it never works if the guy isn’t wealthy or isn’t a prisoner somehow, e.g., Stay by Emily Goodwin, just saying.

We then have the two sisters Diana and Irina “Shadow” Volkov the beautiful older sister and the shadow who is a bit of a nerd that, of course, is head over heels in love with the main protagonist without a doubt. Can’t say I ever had a problem with my half-brother but having a younger sister myself she could get away with murder which is another idea explored in this book and even more in the sequel if I had to guess. Not giving it away as the synopsis tells you that Vlad prefers the younger to the older now all you have to figure out is how they make that happen other than all the sex; that’s a joke.

There is a wide array of other characters from Vlad’s family living up to the villainous stature though we don’t get much of Vika and the book does an excellent job of making you feel that good riddance when it comes to her. The father of the Volkov sisters uses his daughters like pawns as though this is the middle ages and his daughters can only help, and then there is Vas which brings up that sons are preferable to daughters. There are other families and various servants or alliances to be had, and maybe this explains why I don’t watch Game Of Thrones or a ton of soap operas.

You do feel a part of this world though as you are given more information than most of the characters and is another way to entice you to want to take part in this world; buying the next book. So I’ll give this round to the authors as I’m all in yet if something were to happen to Irina or Vlad but again to me it’s all about the V Games and while I’d prefer to see it from a male perspective, what’s Diana’s plan.

I plan to give this story four stars; am I honestly such a hard sell or maybe I have become jaded when I see the same tropes, and that’s not these authors’ fault at all but the book isn’t perfect but what is? Maybe you should stop right here if you don’t want any spoilers, four stars overall but there are some five-star moments here that can get you hot and bothered in impressive ways, well at least I was.

Mostly it Vlad and Irina as it should be, whenever they got together it was in a word explosive and the love that they feel for one another though I have yet to meet any woman like Irina which is only another reason I love her. There are scenes when they are collecting women or training women I wish that were flushed out more but having that sort of control over the such and such business. Dare I say there should be more sex, while we are somewhat in a bind with Vlad and Irina with the plethora of characters I suppose the authors are waiting for more books, but knowing about Diana or Darya how about Danill’s side business.

If I haven’t stressed this enough my biggest gripe is The V Games; it’s a fight to the death, there are women involved how does it all get done, reminds me of The Dollhouse by Stacia Stone, a promising premise but glossed over. I don’t think I’m quite as forgiving as the characters in this book, one of Irina’s weaker qualities. How she’s all about saving her sister and Vlad as evil, then she’s out of her dress and is like “whatever” training the women and excepting Vlad’s word like it’s the gospel. The depth of the families was good but in a way a bit tedious as to how many characters played little to no role and could be explained in a sentence or two without the line-up though I’m a stickler for knowing every person with my work.

Looking forward to the next one in the series how Diana plans on making her comeback which might be something to see, as I can’t think of any stories like that off the top of my head. For now, I’ll dream about being in the V Games until I have reasons to beware such a plan indeed because Vlad and Irina aren’t playing right, so I’m Happy, I’m Feeling Vlad.

Lesson 304 ~Can’t Buy Me, Love~

Maybe I shouldn’t work so hard after all I have all I need. Only you’re a gift and why do I continue to try to wrap you up, I’m not “Cyrano de Bergerac,” not anymore. What about a library, I can love books and you. “Can’t Buy Me, Love”

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lesson 304 ~Can’t Buy Me, Love~

Dear Future Wife,
I Am Not Fine Today; I’m a traditionalist, I’m classic, flowers and candy, oaths of love and sometimes I regret there are no dragons to fight… not a Game of Thrones fan but we can sit here and watch The Walking Dead or Into The Badlands. How much is it I wonder to get into Walker Stalker or to buy costumes, I mean real outfits and not what’s already in the closet.

Now allow me to sound cliché when you ask me what I want, and I answer “All I Want Is You, ask me what I need and “All You Need Is Love” but you want to know really, you roll your eyes at me which brings out my Christian Grey. No not his budget which never mattered to you, but what do women want, and I would say everything, and in one way this fits us perfectly. You may not want it or need it and my dear I already have it in you but can you knock me for trying, blame the knights of old, those princes in the fairytales, or blame Tony Montana.

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” ― Tony Montana, Scarface (1983)

Every day I ask how I got so lucky that I met a woman that appreciates terrific cinema, and classic ideas, not conservative as we have so much love to give and maybe that’s why I feel this need to have more. “Baby, I’m Yours,” and you’re mine but am I so hungry, so selfish for you that I need to hoard every one of your smiles. Every idea, your eyes in the mirror, because it gives me a reason to smile, another beat of my heart when it’s not skipping, every breath in this body. A guy could save the world just for the honor, the pleasure of being right here with you, and still, I would give you the stars if they weren’t in your eyes. The moon if you weren’t so high above me, and the planets, well I already have Venus my goddess of love Aphrodite.

Would you stop me from building you a library, from turning our home into a garden, how about having a house at all, a castle, a vault, somewhere to keep “my favorite, favorite thing” your heart? I must be on my way to Hell with how I want to long for you, my greed for you, wanting to lie here with you and never leave. How I’m so proud to call you mine, how envious that I want the world to know you and then no, not to mention a ton of other sins and maybe that’s why I don’t get religion, speaking of blasphemy…

Why would I await treasure in Heaven, I found you angel, and that’s enough, no one else, not even God itself gets me, you love are priceless and timeless to me, Can’t Buy Me, Love.

I Will Have No Fear