Log 061 ~Will To Learn Hmm~

Advertising, Branding, Photography, when I was in high school I did try to learn French “the language of love” for obvious reasons, in college it was journalism, which explains my research skills, hell my mom’s a banker. “Will To Learn Hmm”

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Log 061 ~Will To Learn Hmm~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now or tomorrow? At least I woke up like one. Checking the Stock Exchange and waking up to someone cute. Of course, I have yet to invest. That someone cute is seven pounds of fluff, four legs, and I love him like pancakes. I said that in one year I would be a millionaire. So the question becomes, why aren’t I? Can I blame PCH? Hell should I be blaming my temptations, there’s been a few. Whatever happened to Shailene Woodley?

Speaking of things I’m learning, it’s all about money. Did I believe I would find the likes of Pure Taboo, Fetish Network, Reality Kings, Brazzers as stocks? For a second there, yeah I kind of did. I’ve found a few shares here or there but nothing that speaks to me Lady Lu. Think outside the box as THEY say. I found a company that does condoms. Talk about a business that will always be needed. I still have my submissive closet, so maybe I’ll look for something in Spicy Lingerie or the like. I continue to see the “broken” which isn’t very polite to say such things. It took everything within me not to make an offer to a young woman only yesterday. What about this morning? Yeah, I’m all sorts of terrified that a polite hello or an inquiry might cost me a friend.

I read somewhere that women don’t decide where to eat because of Adam and Eve. At the moment I get where Eve is coming from ha. Last time she did something somewhat “innocent” humanity was screwed. My firstborn still flinches as though I may hurt him. Am I that much of a monster? Will I ever learn to be good? It would start by putting some money up for treats and such. I’m too busy trying to treat myself or be a man. It would be something like Manhood training in Roots. No, my father taught me to fear both God and Man. God doesn’t bother me but trusting another human being? One more reason I like the path of sex and submission. Pain, Passion, and Power Lady Lu. To relish one, share the other, and be trusted with all indeed.

I don’t trust myself not to check my phone for an hour for news. How could I think to give my word to have a million? Will To Learn Hmm.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

I believe I do have some pretty cool stuff but keeping some hard cold cash *sigh*, and with enough of it maybe I could stop time for a moment, though more likely buy it or make it. A Will Too Late, no never, I know what time it is

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, make time, and at present, I’m hoping not to be negative, of course, today is all about sin, “lessons,” but humiliations galore and this is a fact, I’ve never cared for time travel but waking up at 2:15 in the morning… well here are some facts.

Being late for work is not fun, and by the day job’s standards I haven’t been, but of course, I’m thinking of my definition of it, and a positive is, I know I can do better at getting there at a decent time. It’s not only the day job though; I’m doing my absolute best to keep myself busy; today… well call it being flexible, from taking my role at the store to, our conversation now, not overthinking everything Inspector.

At the same time and this is a lesson that bears repeating, (Ha, Ha Bares) the Devil is in the Details, “Okay” told me I should become more descriptive and now I’m saving money because I won’t repeat that teachable moment. I should also thank her for denying my request. When I keep cash, that buys time, and the idea is to make time, and maybe that’s today’s first sin, there seems never to be enough, but I’m paying penance.

I should probably quit paying my internet company; yesterday was the first time I couldn’t post, meaning my Dear Future Wife is pissed; I might be ahead with posts, but I never miss a day. Perhaps it wasn’t a lesson I was asking for but this whole week’s theme is staying up on things, and I have nearly finished reading, no I take that back, one more book down and a library is always waiting.

One more reason I’m not dead; do you know with all of my attempts I never bothered to write a note, so that’s one more idea for a tattoo, one of those semicolons. Indeed it could mean I was never going anywhere. How about what would happen to all my stuff; Inspector Echo if I should be lazy about anything at all, let death be it because it’s never too late to start living now.

Learning, that’s not me being negative, I’m not surviving or honestly living, and that means the way that I want, the way I deserve I know it so I’m sorry I’m discovering here and now is the truth, it is not A Will Too Late.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 325 ~Takes Two To Tango~

What if I were to put my phone down, there are some things you can only learn from practical experience, and you don’t want any distractions… love is the most important, but it’s a great big world outside. Takes Two To Tango I know that’s right.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Lesson 325 ~Takes Two To Tango~

Dear Future Wife,
Can You Love Me Again, when you find out my movie knowledge isn’t unlimited, and even my playlists won’t last forever but speaking of forever what else is there to do with this thing called love? Maybe I got lucky… us meeting when we did and while I wouldn’t mind the kids living Cobra Kai besides watching it on YouTube Red *sigh*, I suppose I’d be learning right along with them maybe.

I might be a bit freaked out if they turned into sports enthusiasts, except for as I said Martial Arts, Running, and the Olympics. Of course, I want to see the world with you, and taking a class together, do they still pass notes, and we can always go for a run “Silver Linings Playbook” style. I never learned how to ride a bike and… hmm interesting that while I’m trying to think of things that make me put my phone down I get why we’re usually on our behinds. A dance class maybe, while I did learn for our wedding, “Dirty Dancing” was a bit cliché that’s why we performed that number from Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” was that before or after our lightsaber duel and zombie skit, such are weddings.

If we’re going out to eat why not Dave & Buster´s, now honestly you were always more than a gamer girl to me, or a “Dancing Queen,” yeah besides 40’s and 50’s Nuclear Pop, and maybe a Lambada class, I am a teeny weeny into disco. No wonder Facebook considers me a moderate, we could always go to a shooting range too, and it would probably help to have you around, a black man near a gun these days and here I am with an angel. Yeah, I suppose my comedy could do with some work but no comedy shows; let’s go to a museum, walk through a bookstore, some scientific inquiry.

Plenty of stuff I enjoyed alone and with you… the world seems broader and then again smaller, it’s like when I introduce you to something I have loved for so long, and I get to see it through your eyes, and it can be so big and beautiful all over again. I get to see you as a friend, lover, wife, mother, and maybe that’s what scares me, the love I feel the love you feel for me I need it to spread so I can live and when we can share a love of something… or I could only love your butt; Sir Mix-a-Lot fan I’m afraid.

It all starts with me asking you to dance though and when did we first do that my love, they say, Takes Two To Tango.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 318 ~Can Pencil You In~

Homework I could see myself getting into, I can’t remember anything of Algebra which means any future kids of mine will either be super smart with their mother or might need a tutor but anyone learning to love… “Can Pencil You In”

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Lesson 318 ~Can Pencil You In~

Dear Future Wife,
Can You Love Me Again, even if I don’t know the right answer, understand the question or I tend never to give up, I suppose you might also call it a bad habit? In school my favorite subject was history, and now here we are making history as there’s never been a love like this, don’t I think highly of myself, of us, nothing people will ever write a book about but don’t I try plenty though.

Not in a foreign language though, I failed French, wanted to learn Japanese, and while we both hate Trump I can’t say I’m a fan of Spanish, Mexican people are great and maybe I figured I would have to travel the world to find you. It also explains why I didn’t do so well in Geography either; so lost without my phone, my music, and of course Lost Without You. I thought I never would which leads me to Reading. I lost myself in books, where I imagined that you and I were together, but I was never the right guy, from Young Adult Novels to Dark Erotica as you can tell from the library, and I was so busy avoiding everything else, just saying.

I created stories, wrote poems, even a song here or there inspiring me in what you would indeed be like and for a man that didn’t do well in languages, English wasn’t my strong point either. Honestly, you were more like Math but then explain to me why I love you so and I hated numbers; I would write the problem, again and again, thinking, maybe one day I would get it and “then there she was” there you were. For all the things I was supposed to be learning, and all the teachers I’ve had in the end and I honestly did have some memorable teachers but it was man’s best friend my first born four legs and all, and you my beautiful wife, who taught me the best.

“I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.” ― Forrest Gump (1994)

We Found Love in a hopeless place” okay maybe life isn’t but I sure was a hopeless romantic, and with all the things I’ve “learned.” How to truly love another person, how to be the better man, the man I wanted to be, the man I have to be, I must be a genius. I still don’t think it was God, but somehow, someway I found a tutor for this thing called life. If living without you was Math, then living with you it’s like learning how to write finally, to once and for all answering one plus one or two plus two, thank you, Winston Smith and Captain Picard.

Yeah, I’ve learned plenty being a fanboy but being a husband, a lover, a father, well “I Want To Know What Love Is” so as you “Close Your Eyes And Wander” in dreams my love, tomorrow morning and forever maybe I Can Pencil You In.

I Will Have No Fear

Pupil Pushed

Pupil pushed
Rolled into the skull
How I am bushed
This life a lull
Why bother a look
A word made dull

Blind to the kind
Was there ever such a thing?
So sublime
Look at me
And talk about kindness
Somewhere lost in the dark
Such is blindness
A breaking… that’s my heart

Blind in line
The back of someone’s head
When will it be my time?
I heard everything you said
Stay inside
No life to create
And so I wait

Blind to the time
The past I can’t forget
The future I can’t find
And what of the present
Today and tomorrow
What I have found
Sad hours follow
Tears threaten to drown

Blind in the divine
Can you see God?
Or only the blind
The mob
Leading the blind
Darkness mistook for light
Chained and tied
This isn’t right

Blind to what is mine
Which is nothing
So I don’t buy your lies
But to own something
To touch, to feel
If only to see
And I know it’s real
Yet I can’t even see me

So let my eyes roll
Be pushed to see lies
How am I to know?
I’m not the only one who’s blind

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.