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Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

I believe I do have some pretty cool stuff but keeping some hard cold cash *sigh*, and with enough of it maybe I could stop time for a moment, though more likely buy it or make it. A Will Too Late, no never, I know what time it is

Lesson 325 ~Takes Two To Tango~

What if I were to put my phone down, there are some things you can only learn from practical experience, and you don’t want any distractions… love is the most important, but it’s a great big world outside. Takes Two To Tango I know that’s right.

Lesson 318 ~Can Pencil You In~

Homework I could see myself getting into, I can’t remember anything of Algebra which means any future kids of mine will either be super smart with their mother or might need a tutor but anyone learning to love… “Can Pencil You In”

Pupil Pushed

Pupil pushed Rolled into the skull How I am bushed This life a lull Why bother a look A word made dull Blind to the kind Was there ever such a thing? So sublime Look at me And talk about… Continue Reading →

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