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Log 008 ~Will Has Heart BUM~

As far as I know Link and Princess Zelda never got married, of course, Luke found out Princess Leia was his sister and where was Nakia for T’Challa in the Avengers films, is it easier being a hero than a husband, Thy Art Courageous? Will Has Heart BUM

Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

My business is here, the first week down of the new blog year but I should be thinking about the word count for my novel amongst other things, publishing one of my poetry books at some point. Your Business Always Comes First.

Log 006 ~Time To Grow-Up Will~

Last week I talked about running around, but that was the wrong word, I should be rising, and I thought maybe I am still a boy, but I get beat down so much it’s like I can’t even write about being human — time To Grow Up

Log 005 ~That’s The Willing Spirit~

As the song goes, something so strong, driving me on, but I’m not the Best of the Best, as one of my motivations goes, I’m driven or perhaps possessed by the spirit of porno, talk about a god I could get behind. “That’s The Willing Spirit.”

Log 004 ~Give Me 5000 Will~

How long have I been up in one way or another and by the time I finish this it will be a new day, so why am I still writing, as the song goes the love of the art or my motivations on Discipline, how about I have nowhere else to go. Give Me 5000 Will.

Log 003 ~Bang The Will Slowly~

I can’t stop, and I do mean writing my novel ha, fortunately, I got 4,600 words down before all the fireworks, and I left off with a sex scene in a bombed out city so thank you July 4th fireworks. “Bang The Will Slowly.”

Log 002 ~Other Than Writing Will~

Always more worries and chief amongst them this month will be writing, Camp NaNoWriMo having started up again and I’m already five thousand words in but what about everything else. Other Than Writing Will.

Log 001 ~A Will Date Night~

First off Happy Anniversary to me, two years of blog posts, every single day and starting Camp NaNoWriMo, so if you ask me why I don’t have a girl, as the song goes Everyday, I’m Hustling and even if I had one. “A Will Date Night”

Episode 365 ~You Gain Respect Through Actions~

Two years of blogging every single day, how’s that for commitment, but most of the things I write and the things I do on the daily; I know honestly I don’t have many people’s respect for sure. You Gain Respect Through Actions

Episode 364 ~Will To Count On~

From running around the city, to feel like I’m back in school and all, with the backpacks and a ton of shoes and all the math involved and one, is a lonely number, but two sure knows how to torture and a million geez. Will To Count On.

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