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Episode 235 ~Three-Way To Love Will~

Can’t wait until I never have to drive again, and in “Office Space” the movie, dude said you could have a three-way for a million but probably less, though if you’re a guy like me; if I could have Christian Grey’s stacks. Three-Way To Love Will.

Episode 228 ~Up In Arms Will~

At this rate, my arms should probably be behind my back, but I’ve not one for my bondage as you may have guessed and other people, hell I always talk about a girl with fire, a lioness and yet to cage her? Up In Arms Will

Episode 221 ~Can Be Border Will~

Anywhere but here, indeed what do I do here but sleep and dream of something better and if I’m awake the little head isn’t helping either, always on edge and trust me that’s not glory, no somebody else is marrying “J Law” *sigh*. “Can Be Border Will”

Episode 214 ~Will A Tight Lip~

Shut-Up, sit down, scratch, or more like punch the keys, get to grinding but I instead stay between the sheets, the bar searching, or the billfold, pretending I’m doing something, thinking of all I should honestly be doing. Will A Tight Lip

Episode 207 ~C The Word Will~

Control, Command, Can Do attitude, the makings of a dominant am I right, though at the moment I’m a scared boy who wants a chocolate bar, some cookies, or plenty of milk… see, now how dirty was that? C The Word Will

Episode 200 ~A Willingly Lost Innocence~

The words are still not coming easily but what can I say about myself keeping my brand of self-control but I’m not young anymore and if I had a million dollars, would I be a sugar daddy, a porno director, with a “P.Y.T.?” “A Willingly Lost Innocence”

Episode 193 ~The Air Of Will~

Well, the sexy words won’t honestly come today, there is an air of worry and considering “The Art of the Pimp” Mr. Hof says never worry and when once you were working with angels spanking each other amongst other things but no. “The Air Of Will”

Episode 186 ~Will Turns To Ink~

All the ink I’ve spilled, there is not a doubt in my mind that I am meant to be a writer and worrying about B III keeps me on point most days and with the money, I have split between them, and here I want to be Reality Kings. Will Turns To Ink.

Episode 179 ~Willies Under The Tree~

I wouldn’t make Santa out to be a pimp or a dominant, only the owner of a big corporation so that he doesn’t have to worry about money, with one woman he’s been with forever and some little ones that aren’t his but he cares… “Willies Under The Tree.”

Episode 165 ~Will’s Reality Of Brazzers~

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I’m sure they say something terrible about comparing yourself to others, and then I don’t want to be compared to criminals, but adult actresses beat out women in a lot *sigh*. “Will’s Reality Of Brazzers”

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