Gospel 176 ~Will’s Christmas List IV~

What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and lose his soul? I’m not a man of faith, but my mom taught me some. While she’s not alone in the world, I’m hoping to be a better man than Dad. Will’s Christmas List IV means I’ll need a good girl

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Gospel 176 ~Will’s Christmas List IV~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I have it all, the BOOKS, written and bought with all the BUCKS. If I were going to spend the holidays in bed, would it be in a BROTHEL? That’s where Dennis Hof spent his, but no. This Christmas, I want a BABE. Well, “She doesn’t look a thing like Jesus,” ha-ha. A baby girl, a baby doll. Yesterday I asked was I looking for love? It would be a Christmas Miracle or Hell if I had her here now; I could take care of everything else for me and mine for sure.

A woman that would let me read as I please. What, I could be reading a Playboy or something, but my current reading has been:

Christmas Reading

  1. The Christmas Pickup by Abby Knox
  2. Mason’s Winter by C.M. Steele
  3. Baby It’s Cold Outside by Dani Wyatt
  4. The Christmas Wife by Elizabeth Kelly

At the same time, yeah, I want to produce those “girly magazines,” but I’m damn sure my angel (shudders) won’t be a “Centerfold.” I want a woman all to myself, and I only know two virgins. Don’t ask because today should be HAPPY, Christmas Eve.

Not sounding very sexy so far, but if we got into everything I’m into… So I pay women to strip and masturbate. I’ve got three artists I’m bankrolling and have paid others for this or that. You know how I want to make my money in the end, right? Writing every perverted, depraved, sick thought in my mind. I would at least have an excuse if I was fucking some girl on Christmas Eve and into Christmas Day. It worked for Bear, Mason, Vix, and while Deacon hasn’t fucked the heroine yet… Was I going to say I ain’t asking for much? I mean, seriously.

It’s not writing dirty books, having more money than God, or owing a brothel. Again I need a woman whose heart is big enough to accept all of me. Yeah, with a pretty mouth, a small slit, and nothing against anal. Also, she’s going to be the mother of my children one day. Tell me such a woman exists that I could bang her brains out, and right about now, she would be cooking breakfast?

More books, bucks, and broads for brothels but only one babe. Will’s Christmas List IV.

I Will Have More Fear

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