Gospel 190 ~Mounting Vague Assumptions Will~

Well, I saw some “adult situations.” But Trump ain’t much of a man. Am I? A new year and let’s just say that the Capitol got all sorts of F’s for failure and something else. At least Biden got certified, but my future. Mounting Vague Assumptions Will

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Gospel 190 ~Mounting Vague Assumptions Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but still, I wouldn’t be getting fucked as much as the Capitol, right? I would have said something, but I spoke damn early. That’s how I am right now. Oh, the tiniest thing will get me off. Or the biggest (boobs), even the tightest, hmm.

Mounting up upon a New Year or not? Take, for example, the books I’ve been reading. I finished “The Island,” which had nothing but a kiss. Chris Dietzel’s “A Different Alchemy” won’t be a tremendous orgy. Amazon recommended “Breasteses” this morning as if worried ha. Mound in my sweatpants and everything, but I wanted to talk to you. Okay, I’m lying. If the internet was working correctly, I would be stealing Love Wolf Vids from Xvideos. The next big thing with my monster. Creatures and girls. Is that my new fetish? I mean, um, tentacles. Mouthful of wrong, Dirty Diana? I’m looking at demons and things from horror stories. I should get back to reading about Succubi. If it’s not that, I’ve been into blondes lately. Kenna James in Peeping Tom, Madison Minx in Kiss This. Forgetting Milf Dos, Cherry…

Vagrants in my Spank Bank. Of course, as the song goes, “pretty, pretty girls.” Wasn’t I crowing yesterday about finding that blonde from Pinterest? I still got no luck finding the rest of her collection. Not the time for love, but someday, a girl will give me a clean slate. “Vagabonds believe the very best,” don’t we, to sing a song. Focus on the words coming out of my lips, not the lips I want to sink my cock into. As I said, Pinterest sees it, and with all these fights around us, SIGH. Um, I said what to M. Anime last night in wanting? “Vagina” pussy, my as well scream it out as if I were Peggy Hill. One anime character I don’t want to fuck. Hell, that will keep me grounded for a few minutes more. Yes, and the thought of feet. I’ll never get that fetish ever.

Asshole, some people will call me, but I’ve heard worse. Do you want to know a secret, Dirty Diana? Never been in one, well, not my dick anyway. This month, something to shoot for if I’m keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions these days. Already spending my stimulus surviving. Sex… MOUnting VAGue ASSumptions Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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