Gospel 191 ~The Island Will What…~

If only my own thoughts were as thorough as my book reviews. Oh wait, what time did I get up this morning? Yeah, my Dæmon has a vet appointment. Plus, I’ve been reading and watching my country go to Hell. The Island Will What

Friday, January 8, 2021

Gospel 191 ~The Island Will What…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and once again, I’m going to buy the best bed ever. Yep seeing as how I work from it all the time, and Hell, I know I shouldn’t. My island… speaking of which I owe a book review, so I’ll try.

THEY say no man is an island. From many a story of any man or an island, it rarely works out well. And whatever you do, don’t put said man and a pretty girl on said island. You won’t find a love story in Gary Paulsen’s work of The Island. Okay, maybe a tiny one. Yep between Our protagonist Wil, and Susan but that’s left somewhat up in the air. I find the author to find love in nature and learning. A young man… SIGH teenager all by his lonesome explains why this remains a favorite of mine even now.

Wil Neuton, a “typical” teen at 15, moves out to the boonies with his family and finds an island. No real complexity, and at the same time, one of those you have to see it or read it to believe it. It’s one of those moments of self-discovery every teen goes through, minus the good fortune of avoiding outside influences. Wil has the middle of nowhere to figure things out, but things can’t ever be thus. It wouldn’t be much of a story, cut to farm girl Susan, scared parents, a bully. There’s no outrunning life, but this book helps.

Now It’s rare for me, at least, to read a book that I relate to in such ways. Hell, I lived parts of this story. Most of it, I had no choice… “school” sucks, I know. Again everyone goes through this period at some point. Then yeah, “pretty, pretty, girls.”

The novel is full-on believable. Not the, oh, I’m suddenly a guru portion but the idea of coming into one’s own. The fact that thinking in new ways can terrify people, especially those closest to you. The whole somewhat romance being pushed to the side. If anything, I only didn’t like the tale sort of being left up in the air. I guess I got spoiled by the author’s “Hatchet” series, which I still haven’t read the last one. I’m 36. Where does the time go? The moon and stars, the basement, ha. But Five Stars, The Island Will What…

I Will Have No Fear

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