Gospel 183 ~Bang And A W…~

Some people want life to be a musical or rock opera, maybe a rom-com. Personally, I want mine to be a video game or a porno. It’s been “Cyberpunk 2077” but not on the PS5, if you know what I mean. Bang And A W… hopefully next year

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gospel 183 ~Bang And A W…~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and a fucking dominant. Yeah, I mean that as both nature and action. Now I like being in control. That’s why I learn all I can. Also, much like Ariela Ramera in “Dirty Latina Maids” (a personal fave), “I Love To Fuck.” Um, this year… As I confessed yesterday, I haven’t had sex at all this year. I’m feeling like Jamie from Claire Thompson’s “No Safeword.” There hasn’t been anything sexy, and yet everyone got fucked. Damn, I’ve had my cock in my hand much too often. New Year’s Resolutions?

Of those, I made last year “Log 188 ~Bold, Willing, And Able~” which was 13 total. I accomplished three, giving me a year’s score of 27.9% out of 120%. Oh, if that ain’t an F. Christian Grey said that he fucks hard. What can I say? Today deserves better, Diana. Only should I give you my Fuck-It List in one way or another. Dear Dirty Diana, if I told you every sexual act I wanted to commit, we might never leave. It would be worse if I told you everything I don’t want to do in life. Look at my Pinterest boards, oh yeah, locked. Much like Dennis Hof, I wouldn’t stop until I was in the ground, but at least today, I’ll give you the rundown. Um, at least three of my Resolutions were all about my dick. That’s surprising. Seeing how I still like the song Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town), they’ll be Thirteen goals.

  1. I AM Visiting The Moonlite Bunny Ranch
  2. I AM Taking A Tour Of Several Brothels
  3. I AM Producing An Adult Film For Sale
  4. I AM In A Relationship or Sleeping With A Girl At Least Once A Month
  5. I AM Having Sex In A Public Space
  6. I AM Having Sex With Sisters, Separate And Together
  7. I AM Participating In An Orgy
  8. I AM Adding A Movie On An Adult Site
  9. I AM Purchasing A Sex Doll
  10. I AM Selling An Erotic Novel
  11. I AM Having Sex While Busy, (Blow Job Under The Table, Driving, Sex In A Closet)
  12. I AM Trying One Of My Soft Limits
  13. ???

Yet today, as the year ends, I’m trying to keep it in my pants… But no Bang And A W…

I Will Have No Fear

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