Gospel 184 ~A Few Words Will~

Happy New Year, but I’m still me, tend to ramble on too often, follow many writing rules nobody does, and confuse as all Hell. Of course, you know my views on the word Happy, but I am trying; it’s only one word. A Few Words Will.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Gospel 184 ~A Few Words Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, should become “I AM Happy right now.” Brevity is the soul of wit and all that. Still, I have to write four hundred words. Okay (takes a deep breath) Happy New Year, Lady Sophia. As the song goes, “Just Got Paid,” I’m working on downloads, and I found my favorite book in Kindle form. How’s that for gratitude starting today, right?

Now you’re saying I’m not sounding like myself. A talk with Lady Lu will clear that up. Let’s say that I’m trying something new and leave it at that. Of course, speaking, AHEM, it gets easier, I know it. No, um, I got to be me, and I literally need some air, but I tried. Lady Sophia, do you remember that movie, “The Pagemaster?” The way Macaulay Culkin had the three books? They were characters, Adventure, Fantasy, and Horror. I’ve seen this done in various ways and even in my writing, um, Gospel 170 Will Rings The Belle. So for a brief second there, I was thinking about giving in to one emotion, which was “Happy.” Yeah, no, Now I wasn’t joking about replacing the Billionaire shtick. That’s if I remember to. If I do have a billion, and by the end of my blogging year, I should get busy.

Speaking of which ha, my New Year’s Resolutions. Yesterday I brought up Log 188 Bold, Willing, And Able. Number eleven on that list was “I AM Speaking Positivity Into My Life.” I got a bit carried away, new year trying to ONLY be positive… Newspeak. Honestly, My Lady, I was beginning to feel like Alaria when Ian wanted to change her. Or when Veil told Sunny that we are slaves to our nature, something to that effect. While I was caught up not reading the novel I purchased, I saw this quote from my downloads.

“A man chooses, a slave obeys.” Andrew Ryan – Bioshock

Well, this morning, I chose to put myself to the hazard of reading twenty-five books this year. No wonder I decided to go with something safe. The thing is, “safe” is only one more word. Should I have gone “crazy” and fired my gun like all the other people yesterday?

The word I focused on last night after finishing my final book of the year was happy. You know that word, and I don’t get along. But one little word, yep, A Few Words Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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