Log 103 ~Will’s Super Toy Run~

What’s the game plan, but even now I only want to sleep; what is it about sex and horror as the song goes that wakes me up and at the same time exhausted me unless you have unlimited access aka money. Will’s Super Toy Run, or not?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Log 103 ~Will’s Super Toy Run~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so you figure I’d be happier. After getting the car fixed Thursday, I had that brief inkling of being a successful adult. I said sometime this week that money turns me on. Of course, beautiful women as well. Is there anything sexier than good men that can handle their business? The only time I bother to look at myself in the mirror. Hell Lady Lu, I would trade my face for the wallet of dude that does Naughty Midwest Girls. How about whoever does hentai games like Hentai Key, Virgin Roster, and one I can’t thunder.

The only thing that should be loud today is my fingers hitting keys. Don’t I wish, but there will be crinkling dollars and dropped coins. I’m headed into the home stretch trying to be a good man and a terrific friend. Doesn’t that mean stop wanting to offer MILF Dos money and stop looking for models for now? Nope another found me only yesterday, but I’m not putting up another ad on Craigslist for a while. It was like entering a contest; “There’s a thousand pretty women waitin’ out there,” as Elvis sang. I’m not that old Lady Luna. I am old enough to remember Nickelodeon’s Super Toy Run. Was that once a year maybe but Supermarket Sweep was on the daily. Honestly, though, what do I need today to get where I’m going soon?

  1. Red Dress Shirt, Black Pants, A Pair Of Shoes
  2. Portable Battery
  3. Supplies For My Firstborn
  4. Groceries For The Week or Weak
  5. Something I Might Want To Get Laid In hmm
  6. Wedding Gift For Friend
  7. Holder For My Smartphone

You know how I am with my list, but this one I can’t ignore? I should have said that an hour or so ago all the alarms I ignored. Sunday to Friday, making money, and wouldn’t my book be a fix-it button. Right now, I’m like Hey Arnold in that episode, “The List.” How badly do I want to show off my age today? There was a time the Toy Run would be the best day ever, or when I thought $200.00 would make me a king. Again when I’m not admiring model agents, guys who have young women shoot porn, or brothel owners, I’m only a man. I wish I could buy a bunch of stuff to play with; someone, Will’s Super Toy Run.

I Will Have No Fear

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