Beyond Ruin… Not This Series

“They only love us when we’re perfect.”
― Beyond Ruin

This one was far from but that’s not the writers fault, that’s merely me being a heterosexual guy, with somewhat traditional values, wait did I really just say that. Let me say something else, that this story was a tremendous addition to the series despite what the title may imply.

Now what I didn’t like, I should say didn’t like right, it wasn’t that I was driven into a hate filled rage or anything just stuff I personally would have rather skipped; first and foremost, would be the Mad and Dylan hookups. As I said before I’m a straight guy that reads erotic novels, so I’ve read enough to sort of expect these things, but yeah I’ll stick to the M/F but I heard someone say once, as long as there’s a naked chick in the room it’s not gay… couldn’t give me that huh Kit. Secondly when I say traditional I’m all for an orgy but there is a level of intimacy, of love that I think should be shared with two people, that’s why this and Beyond Jealously, weren’t my favorites in the series but all the sex was awesome, besides the Mad and Dylan mashups of course.

As for the story as a whole, I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time but I knew what to expect and I’m already jonesing for the next book in the series, a benefit of being away. Another benefit of the Beyond Series, you know exactly what’s going to happen, Kit Rocha, tells us in the first few pages you’re only looking for the motivations. I usually don’t like books that are so predictable but that is part of the Beyond Series charm and dare I say the entire genre maybe, and yes I’m looking at you billionaires.

This one was a shot rather than a cup of tea but trust me there’s not enough alcohol in the world to open me up about doing some of this stuff but I’ve always wondered, do women get turned on by the idea of two men? Now opening up about this book, that’s something I’m more than willing to talk about and I’ll try not to spoil much but of course you’ve been warned okay.

“The thing that would hold them together in tough times and bring them back when they’d fought with one another. It would shelter them, give them strength, show the world what they meant to each other. Love.”
― Beyond Ruin

First we of course have the usual set up of lovers, Dylan, Mad, Scarlet, Jade/Jyoti and the set up for the next book Hawk and Jeni which I found downright cute. Maybe that’s not the right word for dystopian romance but what else would I say about other parts of this book, I’m weirded out, awesome, pretty hot and sexy.

You love her
But she loves him
And he loves somebody else
You just can’t win
And so it goes
‘Til the day you die
This thing they call love
It’s gonna make you cry
J. Geils Band, Love Stinks

Maybe it’s a bit too much to ask to be everything to somebody, I heard somewhere that, your heart and soul can belong to one person and your genitalia can travel and the O’Kanes know plenty about this. There’s also that touch of romance, as I said I’m a sucker for that one and only sweetness and when you’re not losing yourself to the sex, the way Lex hangs onto Dallas or how Hawk feels about Jeni and those moments between just Dylan and Jade or Mad and Scarlet, or Jade, Scarlet, and Mad, were incredible. Yes, that’s one of my favorite things, that just because this novel focuses on the main four-way, doesn’t mean that everyone else just disappears.

Well if you’re not counting death, just saying if anyone was attached to Colby and Scott… didn’t think so, which is probably another downside, trust me I know about the qualms about killing off characters but the series has lasted so long that if something were to happen to any of the O’Kanes… Speaking of which we’re at war now, which everyone knew was coming but at least it wasn’t stretched out like The Walking Dead right. There were a few surprises in Beyond Ruin but what thing that will never change, is at some level it will always be the man’s fault of course.

I can give away the ending because it’s always happy at least as far as the lovers are concerned, everyone loves a happy ending, though I’ve read an author here or there that actually had the guts for a tear jerker. Is that what’s coming next, I hope not but as for this book, there’s love, there’s war and as this is currently marketed to women… I’ve seen the Facebook page, there is female empowerment.

“Before he took Jeni to bed, he had to learn everything he could about what she wanted and needed. Because when he took Jeni to bed, he had to be ready to convince her to stay there.” ― Beyond Ruin

This is probably what I like most about these books, I would figure, women see themselves as the heroines or even the victims but honestly this shows me the type of man I want to be, maybe Roosh V would be impressed, confident, dominating, alpha. Who would I recommend this book to, well I have bought copies for two quite different friends both women so…

My favorite parts, other than when the four became pairs of two, would actually have to be the meetings among the sector leaders, I think other than Beyond Control and whenever Lili got to town this one showed even more of how the leaders have control, maybe I just like the idea of power. This is also why I couldn’t relate to any of the female heroines this time, maybe Cerys has a point, because my favorites are Noelle, Emma, and Lili; does that make me a bad person because I’m into submission and Emma is an artist of course. I was surprised with Jade/Jyoti, if one character stood out in particular, but my favorite scene with her was when she and Dylan were alone or when she took power actually which was pretty great.

As for my friends, one hasn’t read it but she’s all into BDSM so she would probably get off on the powerful women seeing she’s more of a top than a bottom. Female empowerment to be had, the one who has read it probably didn’t get past the first few chapters, these books are more for people who not only own their sexuality but embrace it and celebrate it, for it being dystopia and a bit violent at times this series is all about love, life, and did I mention all the sex. Is there such a thing as too much sex, I mean you know what you’re getting into when you pick something like this up right, but still you need to be ready.

“This is what it means to be an O’Kane. No fantasy off-limits if it gets everyone off.”
― Beyond Ruin

So because I did in a way I’ll give it four stars, I don’t think I have to explain anymore what’s keeping me from pushing that fifth star but there are plenty of people I don’t want to watch have sex or read about but I’m all for it honestly. There is plenty of educational opportunities and quotes for anyone willing to give this a read, O’Kane for life indeed.

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