Oh! Bully, Bully, Me… Butt

Oh! Bully, Bully, Me… Butt

“You’re late, you little perv,” Coach sneers at the little man beneath his stern gaze.

That would be me: same shit, different year. High school had not been so kind. Neither was thirty-nine. And especially not Coach. He wasn’t my coach here. My personal trainer filled out a lot better.

Not the pudgy 265-pound bald man standing before me in nothing but a white towel. But I wasn’t in a position to talk. All 125 pounds of skinny me pressed against the wall. Shivering, trying to keep my glasses on my face and the black towel around my waist. It be your own people, but let’s avoid the “urban” stereotype. We are Both black men in a shower room at the local gym. We both had our reasons for being here. Lose weight and gain weight. Bully and nerd. Women…

How’d you get so lucky to land a girl like Alissa anyway? I’m sure a lot of guys want to know how you pulled it off. Right Will?” Coach scoffed.

“No!” I manage to blurt.

It wasn’t that all those guys he was talking about hadn’t seen her naked already. Being with her was another reason I joined the gym.

Not that it mattered to Alissa. Nobody focused on the guy, i.e., me, in her dirty adult videos. But between the two of us, we were raking in the cash. If only that’s all we were doing. I should have quit while I was ahead.

“Business has been slow, Coach. Give me a few more days, please,” I begged him.

“Why not just ask your girl for the cash? You got plenty, nerd,” Coach hinted.

Coach used my name when it came to my actual business. One more reason I hid my face in my fiancée’s videos. If only I had the body to be an adult entertainer. And I was sure people wouldn’t care. But they would, and that would be the end of me. Unfortunately, Coach had the “uncut” versions of several videos. Like in high school, he probably shook down another nerd to hack us and see.

“You know I can’t touch that money. It’s between me and Alissa. She’ll notice it missing and then…” I press.

“Then nothing cash or ass. Alissa will feel something for once instead of your tiny cock. Unless you…” Coach pauses.

“Don’t ruin us!” I blurt.

“I’ll ruin her.” Coach grunts.

Alissa isn’t just relaxing. Nope, not with her high heels on, with the straps around her ankles. Her red crop top exposed her midriff, and her red and white booty shorts completed the look. Not that her clothes wouldn’t be on the floor soon. Her green eyes fall to me.

“What’s that smell,” she quips, revealing her face with her red and black bop haircut.

People loved the faces she made as she was being railed by me. Hell! I was almost The 40-Year-Old Virgin before meeting her. Thirty-Nine to her Twenty-Six. But being around the sweetleaf was the least of my problems. How do I tell her what I did? The forty-four-year-old man. That is sitting in our living room. There was a reason it was cash or ass. Being a high school coach, he had plenty of access to the grass he smoked.

“Do you love me, Alissa? I mean, really,” I begin.

She shows off the shiny engagement ring. The reason I couldn’t pay off Coach. Getting my ass kicked in high school was no problem. But how would I explain the pounding I would be given by Coach? Well, if he didn’t give Alissa a type of pounding. Pussy and ass.

“Yes, I’d give everything for you… Daddy,” Alissa teases me.

“Funny you should say that,” Coach says, walking into our bedroom but not quite uninvited.

Alissa jumps up, reaching for the nightstand and our “peacekeeper.” But I stop her there.

“Oh, is this your husband? Excuse me, your fiancé, a nerd who calls himself a man, you slut!” Coach informs.

He plays a video of the two of us and a lengthy list of investors and intimate people. I’m screwed if these people know me. The real me. The high school nerd who is still a dork and businessman, too.

“Undress and get on your knees right now,” Coach demands.

Alissa looks at me but begins to undress. For the first time, it’s not her that gets my attention. Coach’s purple and yellow shirt is thrown away, revealing his gut. His Dockers hitting the floor.

“Real man’s dick,” Coach grumbles.

Grabbling Alissa’s hair, he drags her to his thick, meaty shaft and thrusts into her mouth. Beginning hard and rough.

You like watching me fuck your girl, don’t you? Take off and let her see. She likes it,” Coach mutters.

My own clothes find their way to the floor, too.

“Ahh! I moan, wishing I could say something to defend my girl. Not so lucky.

My hands fall to my own dark cock as my fiancée gags on Coach’s member. I don’t become a Karen, mad that some black guy is with a pretty white girl. No, sadly, I submit.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” Coach yells, ripping himself from Alissa’s cherry lips. And unloading ropes of cum along her face, tits, and hair. His cock slattering his jizz all over her.

She coughs violently as my own creamy load lands in front of her. Coach begins laughing at us both. He shows the video of both of us on his phone. More blackmail material to use?

“Don’t worry, just more beat-off material if you’re girl can satisfy me. I’ve dreamed about her tight pussy. It must be to find your needle dick, nerd. Or she’s an incredible actress.” Coach guesses smugly.

“More, give me more, please, Alissa motions to Coach’s cock.

“Get on the bed, loser, while I fuck your whore right here,” Coach commands us.

Alissa bends over as Coach slams into her snatch from behind. I can’t help myself fisting her hair and pleasuring myself with her perfect mouth.

The two of us cum together, but this time, we fill Alissa with our seed. She falls to the floor for Coach to grip her hair and stand her up. White skin covered in snow-white cum. Her high heels slipped.

“Now, now, you little cum dumpster.” Coach begins, “There’s one hole I know you’ve never used for that dork of yours,” he rubs Alissa’s ass.

“No!” Alissa cries out adamantly as she loses her footing.

“It’s either this or I might have to come back for more. Isn’t that what you asked for?” Coach questions.

Alissa was playing him but her anal virginity… A surprise for our wedding night, perhaps.

“I’ll even let you fuck the loser. This will make you even more famous,” Coach says. The cameras in the bedroom are all switched on.

Our faces were blurry, but not Alissa’s, as she was thrown on top of me. As she clung to me on the bed, my cock inside her Coach climbed behind. Between cum and spit, he slid between her ass cheeks. I could feel Alissa’s moans and her tears as she was fucked between us both.

“Slut!” Coach moaned cumming in her ass as I watched.

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