Becoming Alpha 5 Ay-Yi-Yi NOT

My apologies to Alpha 5, for being a character from “Power Rangers” I find him so much more Alpha than anything you’ll find in this book. If this is the 4th Edition really I can’t even imagine the first three *shudders* and maybe I just don’t want to but I’m reviewing this so let’s go.

The advice in “BECOMING Alpha to The Core” isn’t anything that you can’t hear from the everyday man and at times seems to fly in the face of a lot of much better books I’ve read. Not that there isn’t the tiniest bit of merit here and there the only problem is there is nothing new about this and it actually reinforces a lot of Hollywood stereotypes. I often read about how these women’s magazines continue to promote how women aren’t good enough and need to look this way and do this or that to attract a man, after reading this book, ladies I feel you really.

This has got to be a cash grab of some sort, though in full transparency I received a free copy for an honest review which is great because if I had to pay for this in all my dealings with Amazon this is the second time I’d want my money back. To reiterate and oh yeah I’m going to be doing a lot of that just like the author does, you don’t need to purchase this as some secret to getting women… confidence and money, that’s about it. At times Rick Johnson sounds like any millionaire, saying “I got there, why can’t you” trust me when I write a book I hope it’s not some scam to talk men out of their money and not into some girl’s pants, I actually know a pimp here or there with more respectability.

Respectability, heart, and balls, this book was written with almost no feeling, other authors may be harsh and/or sympathetic with their advice, this would be instruction manual is cold and lifeless and I’m sure if it wasn’t shorter I might have given up. Was there some way to save this title, with the advice portion, don’t think so but with the format maybe given time.

I’m by no means an English scholar… wait until you read my book but anyway it’s terribly sad when I know it’s not my Kindle screwing things up, no it’s just garbage editing. The author also doesn’t look to have faith in their own drivel, how much time did he spend hyping pills, diets, yes I would spend time trying to sell my own books if I was actually writing well to any degree really.

This biggest cluster of errors is in “Chapter 9: Examples of Alpha Males: Reel and Real Life” I swear the author just repeats the bios of the same people over and over, did nobody read through this at all editing wise? Also, I want to know is English, Rick Johnson’s first language (no I hate Trump) this writing was just ridiculous you know how people have to say “The Big Game” because of all the money football makes, it was just so dumb what the author was trying to say. Again there was no real feeling or original thought given to this work, and I really want to say he tried but just no way.

“I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life. I’m going to take a stand. I’m going to defend it. Right or wrong, I’m going to defend it.” Cameron Frye – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986)

See now doesn’t that say something to you, those words alone make me want to get up and do something and I’ll agree we all can’t be so strong, personally I take meds to fight my anxiety what I don’t do is write a whole book about them; okay maybe I’m being unfair, wasn’t the whole book. Between the insipid advice, take this pill, go on this diet, seriously women cannot be so complicated as one of my friends tells me, give her food and she’s happy. Why is this a 4th edition anyway, does he know he’s screwing up because he’s definitely not learning anything new and if these are these results then sorry to say the entire project should be scrapped I think.

There is just no excuse for bad editing in this day and age, as I was telling a friend, I’m editing now, I got Grammarly so when I finish I’ll actually pay for it and edit again, I have friends, and then I’ll pay for more professional editing. Also, as much crap as I talk about my own work once it’s out there I’m going to defend it, not just plaster a smile on my face and hope to make a quick buck rehashing the same old concepts and ideas.

Two stars, one for just putting it out there and a second for the slightest reminders; I’ve only ever stopped reading two books my entire life and one of those was considered a classic, I feel sort of bad that I actually finished this book. If you’re looking for advice, as the author did, there are plenty of things that can be of far more use than reading this book.

“Do you truly feel that others will appreciate and regard you when you are not man enough to state what you truly think and to do what you truly need to do? Obviously, they won’t.”
― Rick Johnson, Dating: Becoming Alpha To The Core 4th

Maybe the author was only writing for himself but if that was the case… yeah, I saw the price and again I would have never looked up this title myself after much better reading. It’s these snippets of wisdom though that are keeping me from clicking just that one star. Probably the worst thing about this title though was other books do the same, they knock you down and then build you up, make you want to get out there, this book just made me really sad and put me back in that place of, if you don’t go to the gym she won’t love you, if you don’t have money she won’t love you, and yeah if you whine about your emotions that’s great… personal experience, I know that’s not true in the slightest.

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.” Christopher Gardner “The Pursuit of Happyness”

If you’re looking for real advice, look up Roosh V, now he is a lot of things and most of them I don’t like but the guy is honest and he tells you how it is, yeah not everybody is going to like you, a woman don’t want to give you the time of day, kick rocks, you want her, go get, confidence, always with the confidence. “The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them” by W. Anton is my bible, that is a billion times better that Becoming Alpha, the book will inspire you, now sure making money is awesome, working out, making moves, all aspirations but there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be pounding the pavement or some girl because you think you need more money, you need a better car, or anything else, confidence and be the man you are. Becoming Alpha is Hollywood, you have to be somebody else, women must be earned, no women must be valued but how often do I hear women talk about “trophies” and everything else.

What I learned from reading Rick Johnson’s book is, for the love of everything don’t write like that, have original thoughts, and don’t screw people over if you’ve got knowing of value, a book is not a slot machine. Two stars, just doing it and highlights, will probably never read this author again now if you’ll excuse me I need to go take some anxiety pills but not Phenibut unless I can get that for free at some point too.

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