My Two Weeks Notice… NOT

Maybe I’ve just always wanted to say that because I hate my job so much but really it didn’t take me that long to finish the book after the somewhat slow start. Speaking of things, I’ve always wanted to say or should say, “Notice” is pretty awesome, I would say it hits a little bit close to home but that’s just it, the difference between the guy I am and the guy others would make me out to be honestly.

Perhaps slow isn’t the right way to put the beginning considering this is a love at first sight type of read and I’ve always been an avid believer in that. Also I’ll admit that the whole office setting changed my “pornographic passions” for a few days, until that lady in the parking lot but this is about K. Webster’s story and not mine. As usual there was that touch of feminism to be found, and considering my mother raised a gentleman to a certain degree I felt really bad for Violet in her roll which changed quite suddenly with Grayson.

Now Grayson, talk about a character I could relate to, daddy issues, obsession, insane in the membrane as the song goes, etc. On the other hand, he just goes to show you why this stuff only works if you’re rich or your love interest is equally crazy and the airs that we have to put on just to make it in this insane world. As I said relatable but I’ve never broken into some woman’s place or hacked her Facebook account or texted on her own phone, what about the dozens of other things he did that I can’t say because that crazy is blocked from most reviews half the time *cough* Amazon *cough*.

In two weeks Grayson and Violet would never be the same and honestly I really wish it did work like that, I think Christian Grey took longer with Ana, oh yeah I noticed that parallel job wise. So is it my job to recommend this book, better than my day job except I’m not getting paid but of course I have my reasons why here.

Probably one of the biggest would have to be that they actually dealt with mental illness; I know I said in a review before these books often make overtly sexual types look crazy but this title actually had PTSD, hoarding, stalking the whole nine yards. As far as plot goes… you’ve read one, you’ve read them all, bad boy, girl, courtship, conflict, and a happy ending that you will never see outside of a soft core adult movie.

You have our “hero” Grayson, veteran, businessman, and renowned stalker, not that Violet doesn’t have her share of issues, mommy drama, ex pimp, and I am woman hear me roar, breaking through the glass ceiling, all men are chauvinistic pigs, attitude. It would be interesting to know how Grayson’s mom and Gwen got started with their issues, anybody with those man issues has to have something wrong with them. The obsession though… I wish some girls I know could read this, having a few pictures isn’t bad, texting or asking to be friends isn’t so bad is it, but the things Grayson did?

Other than the love affair, here’s a question… if “Bull” Jeff, truly cared about his friend, how did he let Grayson sleep on the state of the company for six years, seriously I got girlfriends who would ask me, what I think about women or how am I at being a functional adult. Why does evil always rev up the IQ, I mean Vaughn, you can’t keep track of one woman and suddenly you have a stable, and subordinates, and you can’t find somebody until they’re front page news, I can find certain girls in less than five minutes that I haven’t seen in five years. Violet though, sick puppy that she was, if some girl would let me get away with that sort of stuff and the fact is she knew, that was a sore spot for me, women that know this sort of stuff is going on and then oh all is forgiven and she didn’t even take twenty-four hours to just think…

We’re all mad here as they say plus the ending more than made up for it, I wish I could say I saw the twist coming but I didn’t though it just shows the madness is in genetics. The sex… plenty of dirty tell but not so much show but I did mention, ladies will be breaking out the pencil skirts and flirty blouses and if you’re a guy, you’ll be bending your girl over a desk and looking for some of those naughty librarian glasses; where is my mind.

I’ll give Notice a four out of five, a part of me wants to be petty and say three because this book hit me at a personal level but it’s a solid four without a doubt. There’s plenty to like and dislike but in the end it is a love at first sight type of thing or maybe you should give it just two weeks.

It even has humor, that misdirect with Gwen, I don’t want to spoil it but that was some darn good writing because everyone had to be thinking the exact same thing. Once you get through the military aspect and the plan, there won’t be a heart attack moment, you know exactly what’s coming, that is until you get to that “what’s in the box” moment, talk about resolution. The ending was my favorite moment just because of my own life, that and one moment between Grayson and Violet… two words “I’m Yours” which was perfect.

Things I took from this story other than the lesson of if you’re rich you can get away with anything… expect the unexpected and really what is more unexpected than love. This also makes me a hypocrite because you have one side saying love just happens and the other saying, if you want something go get it and that was Grayson and Vaughn one hundred percent, while Violet was just there. Lastly why is it that we all have that type we focus on, Grayson saw Violet and that was it, Violet likes these obsessive types, and personally I like brunettes I mean a lot.

So four out of five, perfect twist, predictable outcome, more telling than showing, the whole men bad, women good but hey I know what I signed up for. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to go organize my own little portfolio, and find something to obsess over that walks on two legs but yeah my dog is pretty great too.

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