Lesson 106 ~Bright Side Of Life~

Every cloud has a silver lining or so they say but seriously and I Judas or what, sacrificing yet another son of God… yeah, that’s enough of the religious imagery, anyway I’m just trying to find the good “Bright Side Of Life”

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lesson 106 ~Bright Side Of Life~

To Will:
No Fear, when it hurt to breathe today there was nothing, of course even now I’m different but we do share the same fear of everything else but why not death? Maybe life is torture and you’re a sadist, not a masochist and even that is brought into question; why, because you’re still here, but why is this?

“A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die is not fit to live.”
― from Martin Luther King Jr

You’ll get no pressure from me, telling you to go out there and find a reason to live, besides Braxton but isn’t he a good enough reason to keep going? So today I want to offer… not encouragement, but look at it this way, beauty isn’t going anywhere right? Money was made last week and you’re going to make more this week, and as the song goes money making is a wonderful thing, for sure.

You’re always writing, you have kept your commitment for one more week which means you’re actually capable of something. How about cutting the yard which gives you two fewer things to worry about, the neighbors and something happening to Braxton. Maybe you should give your “Have A Nice Day” playlist another listen, it’s been a while and you’re not really living up to the gangsta level, that’s just a thought.

Speaking of being one sort of man, are you ever going to let the caveman evolve or what, yes people are dumb and I guess the world makes it seem like idiocy cannot be fought and that’s how people like Trump stay in charge. On the bright side you’ve been less stressed for several reasons, some we’re not too proud of but I’m not here to admonish you either, another plus, reading brings new words.

Should I give you a goal, not like you would keep it, though I do have at least one only if you need something tangible, this week we have to get “The Seven” off the ground, it would help if we got the whole blog up and running but at least The Seven? More bright side, what did I say about new books, remember our own Alice in Wonderland, women would be a nice way to die to be sure.

So what did I learn, yes your new goal which is simple and heartbreaking but here it goes “Stay Alive”, you’re not as brave as Katniss Everdeen but as always you know to look on the Bright Side Of Life.

I Will Have No Fear

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