Lesson 197 ~A Five Star Life~

Never did I think that I would have as much as I do at this moment, it’s not five stars, but it is a place, it’s comfort, but I still can’t say it’s home, even now I can’t say that it’s my life either. “A Five Star Life,” how I’m trying so hard hmm..

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lesson 197 ~A Five Star Life~

To Will:
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, just something new I want you to try as you consider what kind of life you want, all five star and such. This week has been all about the numbers right, and you’ll have all week to not think about it, but maybe we should mention last week’s goal, while the past indeed continues to haunt us sadly.

1. You replaced the lightbulb
2. You gave it an honest try at work, “EVOLUTION” does not happen overnight
3. Somehow even Haley Pullos was not enough for you to unzip
4. Thinking is not writing
5. The blog is still somewhat in shambles, (more on that)
6. Talking to a female yes, but no potential bed buddies, no numbers

This week has been all about the numbers, whether it be banking, the hours you’re getting at work, Braxton’s two eyes, or days left with a friend amongst other things. Sleep is for winners, and if you’re going to be up all night long you might as well be doing something productive, idle hands you know, and these words are going to be your salvation, yeah I know, too tired to laugh if you could only cut that stuff out at work. Speaking of cutting things out, I hope you don’t repeat my “Nero” mistake from last night, remember how I said I Am Not Afraid Anymore, I’m going to need you to believe that, just like you have faith in taking that next breath. It was like something off of GTA, when crime nets you five stars, but it was worst back then six.

Remember the blog is still in shambles, and I moved all the work back to the old one, and then I was afraid, “she who would not be named” would see, and we would lose everything. Not to mention, cops, restraining orders, firings, bringing me back to absolute zero. The only zero is her, no more thoughts, no more time, no more cares, I mean no worries, three little birds, “Two Fux” and everything in-between. Will, you can’t afford to build an empire in minutes and then spend half the night burning it down to the ground for one bitch.

Maybe that should be this week’s goal, to not say one more word about some whack-ass, no-respect-giving bitch, I could continue and of course debate this, being the guy I am but that’s just it, you’re not me today. Every week the overall goal is for you to be a better man, to live a life worth having an may Braxton keep his two eyes and not go blind from Cataracts so he can see it one day not someday.

No more “she who will not be named” no more wasting time, you’ll have to work don’t you know to have A Five Star Life.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 196 ~A Sight To See~

The look of love, although I’m sure all the treats and getting to sleep in my bed helps as well, and if I have to be a seeing eye man for him than so be, I’m just upset that the world is such an ugly and scary place to see. “A Sight To See,” one day…

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lesson 196 ~A Sight To See~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, it will all be there tomorrow, that’s what I tell my dog all the time when he’s in a rush for his walk or to go outside and play, it will all be there tomorrow. Maybe it’s a bad habit, pushing for tomorrow when there is only today and who knows what tomorrow bring; didn’t I already say once, leave every problem to tomorrow, make your troubles run from you.

It helps when you can see them, yes I’m still thinking about the bitch with a blog, hell I’m nevertheless thinking about my blog, one-hundred and ninety-six days in and I always feel the need to explain myself. If I could only see myself the way my son sees me and who knows how long that will last as I just got the news yesterday, the vet says my son is starting to develop cataracts. Trust me, Lady Luna, I hate the look of this world, to quote the president “shithole” see I’m good enough to be president though that isn’t a good thing anymore.

I want to show my kid, yeah he’s thirteen now which is maybe sixty-eight in dog years, last I checked and hope but anyway I want him to see a world that we don’t have to be afraid of; hell at least he dares to see it. There is no such luck for me, you know I’m one for definitions of Hell and here are a few more, Hell is despising who you see in the mirror, it’s condemning who other people see when they look at you, it’s finding yourself stuck, frozen, lake Cocytus. Lady Luna, Hell is people leaving, it’s so close to something you desire and knowing you’ll never have it. Indeed it’s a fire that burns in all the wrong ways.

The thing is I still want to see it, I want him to see it, but I can’t help, but wonder has it passed us by, is it only in our heads, why is it I love the darkness, but I would want to end it all if I ever went blind? Wouldn’t it be something if we all could see through the eyes of those who love us, imagine how we would feel then?

That is what I have learned today, I look at him, and from the first moment I have loved him, cared for him, and I would be his eyes if he needs me to be, now if only I cared to see myself, would I become A Sight To See?

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 195 ~What A Wonderful Word~

Friday, January 12, 2018

Lesson 195 ~What A Wonderful Word~

Hey Lady Sophia,
No Fear, I don’t think I’m quite as bad as President Trump; that right there, words that I hate to see on the page and even worse that I feel I can relate to him. My fault am I right, is it because it’s partly honest, am I ashamed, is it the fear I keep trying to deny, or the fact that anyone can know with a Google search and it all started out with one word, I’ve said it enough, SKEEVY.

In my life, there have been three books I have failed to read, “The Moonstone,” I’m not sure on the author, and I don’t want to bash the wrong one with my words. “The Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, I know plenty of people that say it was a classic, but I couldn’t get fifty pages in and while it still sounds fascinating, I’ve never picked it up again. The Bible, well not all of it but I have read parts, and it genuinely makes me feel better… about my writing Lady Sophia, why should I be ashamed of the evils that I put down for the world to see at any point?

Is it shame though, I felt it, I was sick to my stomach last night when I went to check out “she who shall not be named” maybe she has a point on a lot of things, and the only reason I went was curiosity about her blog dynamics considering my own. I didn’t make that mistake during the Harmonic War and trust me I had much more to consider but “she who shall not be named” was an actual acquaintance of mine. Perhaps this is what bothers President Trump and myself so, knowing the thoughts of people you give a rat’s ass about, it’s what makes me a reviewer nobody cares what I think, a word is a word, a point towards greater sales.

True or not, a word I feel is more than that, I don’t know whether I heard this or dreamed it, but Words Destroy More Than Bombs, you know that is going to be a new rule. No one “person” should have all that power, and then I think to myself, I look at myself, I believe in a word, SKEEVY, and I have been trying to define Will ever since my name, shall I say What A Wonderful Word.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 113 ~Hungry Like the Wolf~

When you’re hungry, thirsty, a certain sort of frustrated, where do you draw the line; I’m not saying eat people but when you want to survive that’s when you realize there is no limit. Hungry Like The Wolf… so about being a better man?

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Lesson 113 ~Hungry Like the Wolf~

To Will:
No Fear, though should we rack up your wins and losses or should we stick to the just surviving, in any case, we don’t want to die so that’s the good news. You know I’m always hoping for what’s best for you and today you have made strides in that direction but don’t fear, at least we didn’t know before but that thought truly shouldn’t be a comfort.

If anything this is a lesson in tenacity or necessity is the mother of invention, how about the idea of what it means to be wanted, you should be reminded of those days back in school from god knows when to… hell, you’re not in school anymore but you are still everyone’s go-to punchline. People are never satisfied, you know this well, there is even a rule “Satisfaction, The Death of Desire” and once we no longer desire, hunger, thirst, love, sex and anything else, we become complacent but what is wrong with that? The world isn’t built for that and neither are men, if anything we create rules, we write laws and like the Republicans are always talking about, no law will stop the bad guys but we need stronger ones, besides my liking of a ton of firepower.

Look at it this way, how does your immune system get stronger, you have to get sick and fight off the virus, here’s a good one, how do you go out and get a woman… stop watching porn, suffer, feel that want, need, and desire, and transform it into courage, as today’s lesson dictates, be hungry like the wolf, never knowing where the next meal is coming from he goes out searching. How about this, a scar shows proof that you were stronger than whatever hurt you, that you are a survivor. Now that is something you must always remember, with everything that has gone on, everything that hurts you, everything that scares you, put one foot in front of the other “Just Survive Somehow”.

Speaking of which “The Walking Dead” is something to look forward to, how about a visit from “Gospel Girl”, or the moment my email stops going off about the blog, I swear the things you didn’t know. Only what you do know, what you have learned today is the following, the “thirst” has been kicking your ass, never let desire die, it’s the fire inside you, Hungry Like the Wolf.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 106 ~Bright Side Of Life~

Every cloud has a silver lining or so they say but seriously and I Judas or what, sacrificing yet another son of God… yeah, that’s enough of the religious imagery, anyway I’m just trying to find the good “Bright Side Of Life”

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lesson 106 ~Bright Side Of Life~

To Will:
No Fear, when it hurt to breathe today there was nothing, of course even now I’m different but we do share the same fear of everything else but why not death? Maybe life is torture and you’re a sadist, not a masochist and even that is brought into question; why, because you’re still here, but why is this?

“A man who does not have something for which he is willing to die is not fit to live.”
― from Martin Luther King Jr

You’ll get no pressure from me, telling you to go out there and find a reason to live, besides Braxton but isn’t he a good enough reason to keep going? So today I want to offer… not encouragement, but look at it this way, beauty isn’t going anywhere right? Money was made last week and you’re going to make more this week, and as the song goes money making is a wonderful thing, for sure.

You’re always writing, you have kept your commitment for one more week which means you’re actually capable of something. How about cutting the yard which gives you two fewer things to worry about, the neighbors and something happening to Braxton. Maybe you should give your “Have A Nice Day” playlist another listen, it’s been a while and you’re not really living up to the gangsta level, that’s just a thought.

Speaking of being one sort of man, are you ever going to let the caveman evolve or what, yes people are dumb and I guess the world makes it seem like idiocy cannot be fought and that’s how people like Trump stay in charge. On the bright side you’ve been less stressed for several reasons, some we’re not too proud of but I’m not here to admonish you either, another plus, reading brings new words.

Should I give you a goal, not like you would keep it, though I do have at least one only if you need something tangible, this week we have to get “The Seven” off the ground, it would help if we got the whole blog up and running but at least The Seven? More bright side, what did I say about new books, remember our own Alice in Wonderland, women would be a nice way to die to be sure.

So what did I learn, yes your new goal which is simple and heartbreaking but here it goes “Stay Alive”, you’re not as brave as Katniss Everdeen but as always you know to look on the Bright Side Of Life.

I Will Have No Fear