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A girl like Rainey Summer Day deserves more than a five and what I paid for this title, I’ll say it is worth every single penny and then some; Lily White sure knows how to bring on the heat and the taboo. I Got Five On It

Log 026 ~Worrying Winds Of Will~

What’s the point of waking up to worry, to breathe so others can use such valuable air only to make you regret your last one and why not count my blessing of being near an AC? “Worrying Winds Of Will”

Log 019 ~Additives Of The Will~

Today, which is Sunday, I finished writing one more novel, I was in the zone with this 50,100, but the words weren’t the only thing I was addicted to; it could be worse, smoking or drinking perhaps? Additives Of The Will

Log 012 ~Can Only Learn Will~

Last week around this time I spoke about motivation, but today it’s been all about wasting time despite all the writing that I got done, and I can’t say I’m too proud of it, but I can always edit; am I serious? Can Only Learn Will

Log 005 ~That’s The Willing Spirit~

As the song goes, something so strong, driving me on, but I’m not the Best of the Best, as one of my motivations goes, I’m driven or perhaps possessed by the spirit of porno, talk about a god I could get behind. “That’s The Willing Spirit.”

What Will You Crave Next? Book Review

Well, something is getting high when I read a title like this, and it’s the writer writing about a writer that somehow gets to me more than anything else and thoughts of having the dream girl in less than twenty-four hours? “What Will You Crave Next”

Episode 307 ~The Fourth Hour Will~

What time did I get out of bed this morning, when did I take my hand out my pants, who am I, and Why did I start writing, and where? I’m at my table as confusing as ever but positive vibes at this time. “The Fourth Hour Will”

Episode 305 ~Will And Dead Lines~

Can I pick only one fantasy? There are going to be plenty of wardrobe changes and even more malfunctions? So here I am ready to do it all without energy drinks since writing and sex keep me up most nights. Will And Dead Lines

Episode 300 ~Last Left My Willie~

There is a reason I’ll never give up “Adult Entertainment” I do want to make it my life’s work anymore from Hugh Hefner, to Larry Flynt, Dennis Hof, to a dubious photographer; books are only the beginning when I finish my latest. Last Left My Willie.

Episode 298 ~Will Doesn’t Buy Capes~

My hottest Avenger, it would be a toss-up between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel off the top of my head but the bigger head has been writing, and with 50,000 words I can buy all the pretty clothes a girl wants. Will Doesn’t Buy Capes

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