Log 308 ~Preparation H, Hungry, Horny, Humiliation~

Happy Birthday Indiana Gone and Happy Star Wars Day, May The Force Be With You. Only rules are rules. Today I’m talking about #135. I’m always preparing to write, to finish a game, to deal with people. “Preparation H, Hungry, Horny, Humiliation”

Monday, May 4, 2020

Log 308 ~Preparation H, Hungry, Horny, Humiliation~

Hundred And Thirty-Fifth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and besides that, I’m always one for alliteration. Now let me start today by saying Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends Indiana Gone. She won’t like me saying this but ahem guess what day it is; STAR WARS DAY. Funny and sad that this is a “holiday,” I can remember with no hesitation. Much like my hundred and thirty-fifth rule. Whether I want to or not on these “three commandments” as the Christians say. Hang all the law and the prophets. As the song goes, “I’m only human after all.”

During the Plague Era of Coronavirus (COVID-19), I leave here only for “good” food, GPS, and guns. For now, I’ll start with food. Whenever I walk into a store, my first question is always, does My Dæmon have enough to eat. He eats before I do, no matter what. Again with the apocalypse, people have often talked about returning to “normal.” I’ve decided that I can’t live my life THIS WAY. Only here I am Madam Justice living week to week. Still scraping by with the weekly McDonald’s and Piggie Potato as rewards. Now I’m by no means starving, but my cooking range continues to be limited. Hell, if I’m being honest with myself, I’m hungry for my words, writing and then I have my kid. I should also keep reading The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks as research.

If I’m not doing that, though, what have I been up to? According to my scorecard, it’s been 32 hours since the last time I “broke.” I don’t remember the last time, but before that, it was Rebecca “Backyard” from Marvel Charm. Madam Justice, I know I need to resist these horny “spurts” of mine. One more reason I’m not getting enough sleep these days because what was I busy doing? Half the time, I was downloading a new game with some delectable beauties called “Call Me A Legend.” The other I was adding to my “Motherload” of videos and pictures. If anything, though, I did tell a pornstar no today shocked. Yeah, I want to buy Marvel Charm videos of Rebecca and Alissa, right?

Before I go Justice, can I humiliate myself further other than drooling? I try Madam Justice to get ready for it, but to most, I’m a joke. Ready, Set, Go Preparation H, Hungry, Horny, Humiliation.

I Will Have No Fear

ROAR Excuses

“Let no man forget how menacing we are, we are lions!” Troy – and people now hunt them for sport, taking away that roar and not just what was once thought the fiercest of the beast. “ROAR Excuses”, what are my reasons to not speak

He roared and lost his jungle
reminding me, what’s mine no more
So I grunt and I grumble

They oinked and mooed
but this is what I came for
How was it all I knew

as it rustled and was cut down
Am I not moved to my core
And I wore a frown

only for her to speak without a clue,
really… no, my smile found its way to the floor
“Skeevy, inappropriate, stupid, that’s you”

Then my cries became mumbles
My eyes they did tumble
Maybe I just needed food
After, my tongue shall not be moved
No one wanted me around,
unless I pretended to be a clown
a mine not enjoying the view
Yet there was nothing I could do
with the voice, I had before
as the lion can no longer teach me how to ROAR

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.