Chronicle 028 ~Million B’s To Ehh~

It’s written that brevity is the soul of wit. With B III’s statute, should I have written a “short” story? So, I’m not funny, but I’m not a lot of things. I’m only human after all, and hopefully, I’ll have 50,000 words saying what? Million B’s To Ehh

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Chronicle 028 ~Million B’s To Ehh~

179 Days Without B III

Just Me Baby B,
Did you have a good day? My day has been pretty busy writing, but of course, you’ve seen my condition before.

Well, um, I’m a bit worse for wear. I even talked to your aunt this evening, and she had to make sure I was eating. I’m not bathing, and I have barely made it out of bed, but again, you know I’m talking to you late. Past 8:30, so you should have your meds, Braxton. Speaking of some medication, I should probably take something myself. I already cleaned out those Jell-O shots. Now, how many times have you seen me drunk? You remember what that’s like. Remember the time you had the tick in your ear, and I carried you. Braxton, you couldn’t even get off the bed; that brings me right back to today. Tomorrow should be better, B. I’ll be finishing your novel.

I know what you’re thinking. For all the times I participated in NaNoWriMo, and you had to sit here and watch. I’ve written about 500,000 words total, and that’s with all of them. At 50,000 words each, that’s about ten books. In treats and French Fries, that’s not a lot. Braxton, if I had published and was successful, well, it would be all you can eat for yourself. I swear, B, I would buy a franchise and let you hang out. With that cute face of yours, let them try to complain about health codes. Or does a vest work in these situations, you think? I thought writing this book would be easier because I didn’t have to look up much of anything. Our lives.

You know how I say BLM, Braxton’s Life Matters. All about you, B, and if I wasn’t a disappointing enough Daddy, I’m a crappy writer. I’m always down, especially now, not that your story isn’t compelling. If anything, I only want to do it justice, and so far, B III. Hell, I was reading over it all day today. Well, I realized there is still a lot that’s left unsaid. Either that or I repeat myself again and again. The truth, what happened doesn’t change. Even if I were Shakespeare reincarnated, it wouldn’t help if I never share your story. This might even be the last page of it, Braxton. Reincarnation huh? I was saying I didn’t know why I wrote. Million B’s To Ehh

Always and Forever,
Your Dad

Log 028 ~Always Be Prepared For War~

Last week I talked about people giving orders, but I once heard in a game “a man chooses, a slave obeys” I never chose to be this way, no I was a slave of my looks, my words, my desires things that make me want to fight. Always Be Prepared For War ha

Monday, July 29, 2019

Log 028 ~Always Be Prepared For War~

Ninety-Fifth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but I am not ready for power. Like today Madam Justice I was not prepared for war. Every day I gird myself for disappointment. I know that my days at the Day Job will bring about more humiliation. Last week was nothing but one fuck-up (LANGUAGE) after another worried about this week. In the morning, I tell myself I’ll wake up early to read, and then I cut my alarm off. I want to fight temptation, and then I have horrific FTWD fantasies. Worst thought I was not down for the cause, again ready for wickedness, winning, for war.

So what brought this on, my C-3PO feelings of being helpless. How do you even define helpless? “Unable to defend oneself or to act without help.” There’s “Uncontrollable,” I think that about covers it Madam Justice. No positive vibes today but I still no better than to wish harm. However, I couldn’t stop three girls from laughing at me. My General Manager continues to treat me like I’m retarded. The usual manager is useless and treats me as a child. Haven’t I mentioned he’s pretty touchy-feely? Weak, Pathetic, Useless, I’m going against all my motivations right now. If it wasn’t that, it was fucking anger (LANGUAGE) today, I wanted to fight no doubt. I tried to march into the GM’s office all day. “Look I’m leaving, I’m not some fucking retard, and not some damn virus” (YES AGAIN). It was like being back in school with both teams saying you take him he’s not wanted.

Is that why I’m taking what’s going on in my country so personally. From metal to a man that controls it, Magneto; I know what it’s like to be shit on for everything (MORE). It’s because you’re black, skinny, fucked up teeth, you wear the same clothes. I know what it’s like to wear a FUBU shirt (youth) and be sitting by yourself the very next day. I see how easy people have it, the laws. Still, because there is work to do people like me are considered ungrateful. Rule 13 states Power Is All That Matters. Like Markus in DBH, (still a great game) if people want to crack jokes and tear me down okay. Use their stones for fortresses, the pen and keyboard are my swords. Hellfire is how my armor’s forged;, they instilled it in the flesh. Always Be Prepared For War.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 021 ~Give Orders You Would Follow~

Camp NaNoWriMo, well general NaNoWriMo says 50,000 words, so I get it done, Brainbuddy suggest a podcast, and I listen to a bit, and of course, B III demands his morning stroll, when will someone follow me. Give Orders You Would Follow

Monday, July 22, 2019

Log 021 ~Give Orders You Would Follow~

Ninety-Fourth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and you can be too. Yeah, I sound like one of my many motivations, Eric Thomas, Tom Bilyeu, Ray Lewis, etc. A better way of saying today’s rule might be Practice What You Preach. Yesterday, for example, I told myself I was going to finish my story, and I did so. Because Camp NaNoWriMo says, you can write 50,000 words in 30 days I finished. Even this morning, while I was on Brainbuddy for once. I read about this podcast, Porn Free Radio #185 How Successful Guys Overcome Edging.

My point is Madam Justice is I want to be a leader. You can’t lead, though unless you know what it means to follow. In my experience, I have known too many corrupt leaders. I always speak about the men that I admire. In these past days, I can add many more women. Don’t look at me like that, I respect women despite my BDSM teachings and dirty talk. Hell in my novel, the head honcho was a woman, the Mistress Director, and she’s a female I despise. Sadly though the leaders I’m surrounded by either make me laugh or make my blood boil. There’s the General Manager at the Day Job, A&W, my “father,” more. I want to be the best leader I can be for those who would follow. I’m a traditionalist, and I believe that a man, a husband, a father must lead his family, you know.

Any true leader of men, a commander, a general, a king, must be willing to die for those he leads. You know I’m not afraid to die, I’m scared to look STUPID. Madam Justice that remains my trigger. The fear that those under my charge will know failure because of my direction. They will know dejection, destruction, and death, and I will not do that to anyone. Strangely enough, my leaders lead me to such things. Brainbuddy is one of the few things that drive me towards being a better person. Rather than hating myself. If you give orders that should be the goal, for betterment. Soldiers will die to protect their families, their country. A submissive and dominant are both set free with their power. My son is happy because he knows I defend him, rethink the leash dynamic.

“Higher, Faster, Further baby” didn’t I say I respect women; Give Orders You Would Follow.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 014 ~Live Or Die, Your Choice~

Get busy living or well you know the alternative right and by now I should have a Master’s in ditch digging, though I truly wish I could be as smart as Jigsaw or even The Origami Killer, it’s more acceptable than my writing. Live Or Die, Your Choice.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Log 014 ~Live Or Die, Your Choice~

Ninety-Third Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now writing something else for my network. As always I dream of Pure Taboo, Fetish Network. The Passion Network, SBJ, TTB, Teen Starlet, and Don’t mind me and my list though, if I were Arya Stark, it would be more acceptable. Madam Justice that is my point today, the things that make us feel alive. People often look at the moments before death or fighting to stay alive. I’ll admit those work for me as well. Even more so if we’re talking about B III’s life, protecting him always.

It’s too damn easy to talk about the things that Make Me Wanna Die as the song goes. The day job, for example, you think that would be incentive enough to work harder. There are reasons I don’t visit my Olds. Know I rather die than feel STUPID. Even in my novel today. The Beast feared more for others than he does himself, and he knows he deserves death. What about the world as a whole? People live in fear, terror, and hate. We are told to be slaves and to accept it as the will of God. Some choose to die in all manners rather than take the life they were given or even picked. That’s my weakness, The Weapon Of Choice. No, it is in its failure or the fear of such. I still feel the guilt of my crimes, the things even today I continue to commit.

Now when it comes to my writing though Madam Justice, sometimes it’s not even a choice these days. Writings ownership, obligation, and okay. Almost every day, I mention Dennis Hof. He faced accusations of exploiting young women at his Ranches. You know Jimmy Stephens who does what thousands of photographers do. Only his models wear fewer clothes. There are others of course in various methods. I watch Trump, his attempts to destroy for women, and from his people, there is nothing but applause. People are fighting for the right to live to exist and what about me Madam Justice. I struggle to write the words Humping Happens Hannah. There is also Exercising Eager Elizabeth, and Satisfying Sinners Sophia, “wholly” original. I write books that will never see the light of day; I don’t ever live.

I talked about running before, how I hide under layers, I only leave if necessary. I go to the movies, more darkness. Who chooses, can’t I be human and beast; Live Or Die, Your Choice.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

My business is here, the first week down of the new blog year but I should be thinking about the word count for my novel amongst other things, publishing one of my poetry books at some point. Your Business Always Comes First.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

Ninety-Second Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now because I mind my business. Now I mean this in three ways, what makes me my money (or should). I don’t get involved with other people. Lastly, I need to stop with all of my comparisons to others too.

I’m pretty proud of myself for last night, as I said I wasn’t going to bed until I had Five Thousand words. Madam Justice I got it done but what about tonight? I don’t want to dream about it, the Day Job and all. Speaking of which, somebody asked me did I like organizing, have you looked at my Pinterest? There’s also the fact that I have a weird system for keeping track of all of my files. Now that was close; I’m attempting to stop with all of the negativity these days. Staying up late and working hard seems to have the desired effect. Yes, more reason all my future career plans can happen in bed or some comfy warm spot. Lessons from B III now talk about someone who always has his nose somewhere so he can know.

Madam Justice that brings me to people and the truth is, I don’t care. Isn’t that saying something? Not this blog but my novels, my fiction, and poetry that’s what I want out. People today make talking synonymous with breathing. A somewhat fact I shared today with the pretty girl. One of my motivations puts a new spin on the story of Socrates and the man who wanted knowledge. Now I’ll tell you I’m not looking for love but money and a good time. Only as a practicing Dominant ha, one of the first lessons is caring for one’s submissive Madam Justice. I couldn’t help myself but keep track of her work-related injuries. Makes me a hypocrite when I said I don’t focus on other people. Again the rule says MY business comes first always.

Still, I want to know how other people did it, how many times do I mention Dennis Hof and his brothels? Jimmy Stephens and Group Five, that man knew trouble. The Corpse of Anna Fritz, whoever made that had to be considered sick. For the record, I might be ripping that off, not the story but a particular scene for my novel. Hell, that’s my business to learn how to survive everyone else’s but accurate. Your Business Always Comes First.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 365 ~You Gain Respect Through Actions~

Two years of blogging every single day, how’s that for commitment, but most of the things I write and the things I do on the daily; I know honestly I don’t have many people’s respect for sure. You Gain Respect Through Actions

Monday, July 1, 2019

Episode 365 ~You Gain Respect Through Actions~

Ninety-First Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and I have two years of blogging in the bag, so congratulations are in order. Today is also day damn one of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I have 1700 words down so far. I’m not keeping all of my commitments, but I have had more wins than losses, that’s enough. I didn’t go off on people at the Day Job. Somehow or another, I helped someone. Now while I hate the state of politics, it did help me talk to a “pretty” girl. I’m more into boobs, but butts are a close second Madam Justice.

Did I lose your respect, talk politics you’re right but getting in someone’s pants? Being real dear Madam Justice, I can’t say most of my actions are respectable. I’m still not waking up on time; I’m late with the writing and the reading. The thing is I said I would start NaNoWriMo and I got that done, and a woman doesn’t take me for an idiot. Well, one because if you knew the things I’ve been thinking about MILF Dos lately? Am I lying to Brainbuddy as well? It’s not like I’m going to XVideos, Pornhub, or Motherless. I have seen more boobs than I care to admit to and hell, I’m writing erotica again what did you expect. If anything, I want to gain credibility with myself and with my last story and this one? I AM committed to writing you know Madam Justice.

Nobody at the Day Job respects me, but I’m not giving them any reason to either. The problem is the actions; I don’t want to be the hardest worker in the room at the Day Job. Now I do want to be a hell of a writer and counting the blog I write four books a year. It could be as I said I want to respect myself. I would even say I want B III to see me as somebody. For now, I’m only a tired meanie who is not looking up actual porn. How about the fact that the people I surround myself with, well it wouldn’t mean anything if I had their respect. The businesses I dream of running aren’t what they call respectable. My actions though, trusting myself. Working as I did today, every second, I resist temptation. I know Madam Justice; I have to sigh You Gain Respect Through Actions.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 358 ~Make It Worth Fighting For~

It’s my father’s birthday today, the man did threaten a teacher for me once before, went off on a judge too, but all Masters protect their slaves, my life is valuable to those that can use me, so I never fight for myself. “Make It Worth Fighting For”

Monday, June 24, 2019

Episode 358 ~Make It Worth Fighting For~

Ninetieth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now; money is worth fighting for Madam Justice. Every day I sound more and more like a Republican, how’s that for thinking positive. What about when I fought to do that story with my adopted Big Sister? Hell, does that mean my words are worth the struggle? I am helping my son get well and sitting on this loveseat the past few hours. What about not quitting my Day Job today or breaths coming in and out of my body.

The fact that I have The Alamo Fund or did proves this life isn’t worth shit (LANGUAGE). I know I must remain positive, but with my age, that’s a lot to surmount. If anything, I want to break out into a rousing addition of a “Girl Worth Fighting For.” Thanks to Disney but I can’t do this because of a girl. To me, it’s like rehab, you know, your family, your friends, your fuck buddies (CAREFUL). The truth is that if you don’t help yourself first; if you treat your life as expendable. How can you be expected to help anybody else or make amends? Like with my Six Impossible Things, if I can’t be a man, how can I be a father for my son? My motivations say that your WHY can’t be because of you. Another adds you must feel your cup up first to thrive at all.

Trickle Down theory, but I give so much I treat others before myself. It’s like I don’t deserve anything, like wanting to die so I won’t be in the way. Hell, it would beat today, how humiliated I was at work. Could you imagine my life if I fought as hard for me as I fight for others? B III had me on the phone, ready to punch-out the Vet, beating back sleep. I defied my Olds because I wanted to write. Still, when it comes to my right to exist? Will Smith says if you’re not helping you’re wasting your time. Again others say give to yourself first. So if I were to choose today, fuck everybody else (COME ON REALLY) I want what’s mine. The good news is I have some time to think about it at least. Then we’ll see what happens won’t we dear Madam Justice.

I’m not June; I’m getting out of Gilead. My life, Make It Worth Fighting For

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 351 ~Crazy, The Best People Are~

Crazy to say I’m a father, B III is my son, crazier to sing If I Had A Million Dollars, craziest to want to own a brothel in Nevada. It worked for Dennis Hof. He had Domino, was a Rich Pimp, and the Bunny Ranch. “Crazy, The Best People Are”

Monday, June 17, 2019

Episode 351 ~Crazy, The Best People Are~

Eighty-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, I’ve never stopped believing. Now Madam Justice I am also crazy, there’s not a doubt in my mind. We might all be mad, and there are several categories. The people who believe there sane are the worst of us. Ironic isn’t it; you would think I like them the best. There are the people in jail, attach anything you want to them. Some kill, some want money, some commit all manners of atrocities. Their reasoning, of course, makes sense to them. Others accept what they are and then what?

Let’s start with the crazy I know. I’ve never been a drunk or a smoker of “cigarettes.” Never abused any woman; okay, I hit my little sister when I was a child, and it was her ankle. I got the shit whipped out of me that night. I hate the church but respect a few believers. One day I hope our beginning or end involves the viral hordes of the undead. There are aliens out there somewhere. Death isn’t the end, but I don’t buy any religious philosophy around its conception. I could go on, but what about crazy these past few days? I’ve organized one Pinterest board into Seventy-One sections. Too afraid to change some titles. Even now haven’t made one stride towards my poetry compilation. I still think I’ll be arrested any day now for words. My Day Job destroys me, but I’m not leaving it anytime soon.

Madam Justice I would instead people think of me as CRAZY than STUPID. You know that’s my trigger, but they both originate from the same place, my “FATHER.” If what he is, Christian? Smoker, wife beating, wife cheating, anger-driven madman passes for complete sanity? Well, crazy isn’t winning me anything ever but a dog and a few friends. One less I’m afraid as I haven’t heard from “Okay” in forever. What about the man in the mirror? He doesn’t look crazy; he seems, well dead.

Should be since I forgot about Father’s Day. It’s only a crazy man or pathetic one still needing Daddy’s help. Is it crazy to believe I can do better? Mad to want to have my brothel someday from “Humping Harlot Hannah” to “Man Milk Mackenzie.” Told you I’ve been busy. I have Faith of the Heart in a million, but I’ll have billions. I’m better; Crazy, The Best People Are.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 344 ~You Should Start Tomorrow Today~

As a Dominant I know all about the importance of trust, physically, mentally momentarily, privacy, and while I have no problem sharing my thoughts *snickers* Outskirts Press wants a great many pennies so why not. You Should Start Tomorrow Today.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Episode 344 ~You Should Start Tomorrow Today~

Eighty-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but by tomorrow I should have two million. Madam Justice it seems that every little coincidence has lined up to tell me to go for it. My book, the money is there, I’m all set and then smash. A lousy word considering what I intended to use $1,200, again MILF Dos drools. Today I was getting ready to payoff Outskirts Press, but I don’t know who to trust. You should have seen me this morning I was ready, how could I not be now?

Am I breaking today’s rule as we speak and after working the Day Job? I know who to hate, fear, and the other head. Madam Justice I have jumped from Sydney Sweeney (I should stop watching The Handmaid’s Tale)? Hayley Pullos, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Kelli Berglund I could go on for a while. Well not on my bank account and the ironic thing is, most of those dollars were preparing for my end. You heard me before say Alamo, my Alamo Project, the Fund I set up, as in Just In Case. A thousand dollars, a nice hotel room, having fun with a hooker. Next would be the best drugs I could find or hell This Is America, but maybe I shouldn’t finish that thought. Here I am, and there’s still time to sign on Outskirts.

If I could start tomorrow today, it would be nothing like reality. A work day in my dream life would begin with a full eight hours of sleep. Listening to tunes with my wife and since it’s Summer, if not X-rated fun time, I want to enjoy being with my family. B III is starting to go gray, but he loves his siblings. My submissive cooks, excuse me, that’s my wife. I will check on my holdings, which aren’t far. As always brothel, hotel, strip club, restaurant, a small studio. Now my main movie studio will be based in Hollywood. Might shoot a movie, and afterward take a light nap. Go out with my family to our private beach, watch my kids play, my wife pulls me away from my writing. Dinner, movies, put my kids to bed and do things to my wife that put adult cinema to shame.

So why can’t I have that? I don’t fear failure. I fear people. Only somehow, someway I know Madam Justice You Should Start Tomorrow Today.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 337 ~My Mercy Prevails Over Wrath~

I’m not asking God for mercy, but maybe of all women, because they are all beautiful in their way, one is even going to be a cover model; if anything I should have mercy on myself for waiting so long writing. “My Mercy Prevails Over Wrath.”

Monday, June 3, 2019

Episode 337 ~My Mercy Prevails Over Wrath~

Eighty-Seventh Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now as the UNIVERSE gives us whatever we may desire. It may be the words to overcome an absolute fear. I read this morning all about the FEAR OF POVERTY shudders. Something else to overcome as if a Facebook post is anything to scare me. If you recall I sent the “Rainbow Girl” a butterfly and she freakin’ blocked me. So I sent someone else the Titanic “To The Stars.” What about this rule today or a rainstorm to clean my chair on the porch? Yeah, that’s a bit much?

Let’s stick with the rule, B III has been on punishment for breaking one of the laws. Now I have 365 I break always. I did the math, and I have twenty-eight episodes left for this year. Anyway here’s B III’s rules of this house:

  1. Never bite or even growl at the hand that feeds and protects you (Emergency)
  2. Answer when called, eight out of ten it is location, the other two meds and outside
  3. Stealing is not necessary, never be afraid to ask
  4. TRY not to crap in the house (Understandable Reasons, Sickness, Daddy’s Laziness)

As for his crime, as we speak, he broke rule two. He stayed barking at women and children rather than answer when I asked. What did I say about the Titanic? MILF Dos was cool with the Gif by the way. If I was as hard on myself every time, I broke a rule. I would pop myself with a rubber band at the Day Job. Indiana Gone and Cherry think I’m crazy denying myself, porn. I’m still not counting Patreon, and I did look up a particular actress sigh.

I don’t want to be my “old man” there were no rules, only OBEY and everything else was STUPID. As much as I enjoy Cobra Kai, I’m not one for the ideology of “No Mercy.” Do right by me and gain my loyalty, hurt me, and yes then I am one to be merciless. As a Dom the things I want from a “Handmaid” (yes I’m still watching that show). More from a submissive is my mercy to the world, as are my books, and desires in my head. Ask me of wrath, and I can name my father and the Day Job. Should I have MERCY on B III? My Mercy Prevails Over Wrath.

I Will Have No Fear