Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

My business is here, the first week down of the new blog year but I should be thinking about the word count for my novel amongst other things, publishing one of my poetry books at some point. Your Business Always Comes First.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Log 007 ~Your Business Always Comes First~

Ninety-Second Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now because I mind my business. Now I mean this in three ways, what makes me my money (or should). I don’t get involved with other people. Lastly, I need to stop with all of my comparisons to others too.

I’m pretty proud of myself for last night, as I said I wasn’t going to bed until I had Five Thousand words. Madam Justice I got it done but what about tonight? I don’t want to dream about it, the Day Job and all. Speaking of which, somebody asked me did I like organizing, have you looked at my Pinterest? There’s also the fact that I have a weird system for keeping track of all of my files. Now that was close; I’m attempting to stop with all of the negativity these days. Staying up late and working hard seems to have the desired effect. Yes, more reason all my future career plans can happen in bed or some comfy warm spot. Lessons from B III now talk about someone who always has his nose somewhere so he can know.

Madam Justice that brings me to people and the truth is, I don’t care. Isn’t that saying something? Not this blog but my novels, my fiction, and poetry that’s what I want out. People today make talking synonymous with breathing. A somewhat fact I shared today with the pretty girl. One of my motivations puts a new spin on the story of Socrates and the man who wanted knowledge. Now I’ll tell you I’m not looking for love but money and a good time. Only as a practicing Dominant ha, one of the first lessons is caring for one’s submissive Madam Justice. I couldn’t help myself but keep track of her work-related injuries. Makes me a hypocrite when I said I don’t focus on other people. Again the rule says MY business comes first always.

Still, I want to know how other people did it, how many times do I mention Dennis Hof and his brothels? Jimmy Stephens and Group Five, that man knew trouble. The Corpse of Anna Fritz, whoever made that had to be considered sick. For the record, I might be ripping that off, not the story but a particular scene for my novel. Hell, that’s my business to learn how to survive everyone else’s but accurate. Your Business Always Comes First.

I Will Have No Fear

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