Log 008 ~Will Has Heart BUM~

As far as I know Link and Princess Zelda never got married, of course, Luke found out Princess Leia was his sister and where was Nakia for T’Challa in the Avengers films, is it easier being a hero than a husband, Thy Art Courageous? Will Has Heart BUM

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Log 008 ~Will Has Heart BUM~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I owe it all to Zelda. What, can you fault a guy for wanting to name our daughter after a princess, Leia, Shuri, or Zelda. It worked for Robin Williams. I also have stock in the Legend of Zelda franchise and Quantic Dream. Now before I put you to sleep, though if I did, we wouldn’t be married ha; you know I love a good story. So, my Queen, I was thinking about how our love is an adventure. We keep going and going like something out of Final Fantasy until they get to FF “XXX…” sorry work related My Love.

Anyway, Link, (the protagonist for those who don’t know) is always chasing maybe three things. The Triforce, heart pieces, and his princess. Power, wisdom, and courage, I needed all three to have you by my side. I gave my whole heart to you, and every day, I find these pieces in everything I do with my life. All so I can give you more and our kids. You, of course, remain the reason, and even though I have you, I keep running. Am I afraid? Courage does not mean the absence of fear. I love you, but I keep thinking that I’ll always need something more. It’s like I’m forever opening a treasure chest and I’m praying I’ll find something there. When it was only me and B III, I felt like I was playing Heavy Rain seeing how far I would go for my son, to be his father.

I always find the strength, for him, for us, but I never know what’s next. The hearts will keep coming, the adventure will continue, and I’ll never get enough of you. Today I guess I’m asking myself why did Link get up in the first place. What did Princess Zelda see that said this boy, this man can find a way? Luke was a farm boy, T’Challa was his father’s son. What is it I want to say? I treasure you because, with all I had, I had nothing? It could be that love cannot be hidden. How about happily ever after isn’t only that, the prince keeps going, the warrior continues to fight. The princess, the queen, isn’t always a damsel in distress. A man can be a hero and love but my chest, Will Has Heart BUM.

I Will Have No Fear

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