Episode 344 ~You Should Start Tomorrow Today~

As a Dominant I know all about the importance of trust, physically, mentally momentarily, privacy, and while I have no problem sharing my thoughts *snickers* Outskirts Press wants a great many pennies so why not. You Should Start Tomorrow Today.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Episode 344 ~You Should Start Tomorrow Today~

Eighty-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but by tomorrow I should have two million. Madam Justice it seems that every little coincidence has lined up to tell me to go for it. My book, the money is there, I’m all set and then smash. A lousy word considering what I intended to use $1,200, again MILF Dos drools. Today I was getting ready to payoff Outskirts Press, but I don’t know who to trust. You should have seen me this morning I was ready, how could I not be now?

Am I breaking today’s rule as we speak and after working the Day Job? I know who to hate, fear, and the other head. Madam Justice I have jumped from Sydney Sweeney (I should stop watching The Handmaid’s Tale)? Hayley Pullos, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Kelli Berglund I could go on for a while. Well not on my bank account and the ironic thing is, most of those dollars were preparing for my end. You heard me before say Alamo, my Alamo Project, the Fund I set up, as in Just In Case. A thousand dollars, a nice hotel room, having fun with a hooker. Next would be the best drugs I could find or hell This Is America, but maybe I shouldn’t finish that thought. Here I am, and there’s still time to sign on Outskirts.

If I could start tomorrow today, it would be nothing like reality. A work day in my dream life would begin with a full eight hours of sleep. Listening to tunes with my wife and since it’s Summer, if not X-rated fun time, I want to enjoy being with my family. B III is starting to go gray, but he loves his siblings. My submissive cooks, excuse me, that’s my wife. I will check on my holdings, which aren’t far. As always brothel, hotel, strip club, restaurant, a small studio. Now my main movie studio will be based in Hollywood. Might shoot a movie, and afterward take a light nap. Go out with my family to our private beach, watch my kids play, my wife pulls me away from my writing. Dinner, movies, put my kids to bed and do things to my wife that put adult cinema to shame.

So why can’t I have that? I don’t fear failure. I fear people. Only somehow, someway I know Madam Justice You Should Start Tomorrow Today.

I Will Have No Fear

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