Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number

Killing two birds with one stone or feeding them with one scone. I hope my wife is more understanding than vegans or Peta perhaps. Anyway even Dennis Hof was married once but my ambitions. You Got Will’s Number

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Episode 345 ~You Got Will’s Number~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Today I got a call from Outskirts Press wanting to give me more money. Visualization can be a powerful thing, my love. Even when I imagined you, and talk about thinking of good. Again I’m finding it hard without cursing myself or others, you know I can tell you what I want. Now I won’t ask you to promise you won’t get mad. By this point, you’re the Ava Fontaine to my Yuri Orlov. Only I don’t lie to you, and if anything, I value life. So here are Twenty Goals I Have For My Life.

  1. I AM Writing A Bestselling Novel. I Have Fifty Shades Of Grey (Sales) Millions
  2. I AM Buying Multi-Million Dollar Homes. Nevada, California, New York, Alabama “A Greystone Property.”
  3. I AM Marrying A Woman Between Katelyn Nacon, Haley Pullos, Sydney Sweeny. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lexi Ainsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.
  4. I AM Watching B III Play With His Many Siblings, Two Sons One Daughter
  5. I AM Opening A Brothel In Nevada (Carson City)
  6. I AM Opening A Restaurant With M. Amine as Head Chef or Head Manager
  7. I AM Hiring Contractors From Japan To Help In Construction Of A “Love Hotel”
  8. I AM Opening A Gentlemen’s Club Nearby As Well
  9. I AM Opening A Movie Studio For My Stories like “Pure Taboo,” “Fetish Network”
  10. I AM Writing Other Stories And Novels Of Course
  11. I AM Helping “Indiana Gone” With School And Her Ranch (Dogs, Cats, Piggies, etc.)
  12. I AM Helping “Okay” Start A Full Business And Spend Time With Her Family
  13. I AM Helping “Cherry” Publish More Titles. I’ll Hire Her Myself For International Connections
  14. I AM Paying Off My Olds, One Million Dollars And $100,000 For Each Year They Bankrolled Me After Eighteen
  15. I AM Making Sure My Little Sister, And Half- Brothers Are Okay (With Our Father Shudders)
  16. I AM Helping Out My Adopted Big Sister, My Kids Crazy Aunt, And MILF Dos As Well
  17. I AM Starting My Network Channel For Cosplayers. Sex-Ed, Reactors, Adult Entertainment, And Gamers
  18. I AM Starting Two Modeling Agencies, One In The US Another In Europe “TTB?”
  19. I AM Accomplishing All This Before 40. My First Million Will Come on June 30, 2019. Whatever It Takes
  20. I AM Tyrion Lannister In How I’ll Meet Death

“In my own bed, at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my cock.” Tyrion Lannister GOT

Caesar was ambitious, but I want you to see everything I love in life, and that’s everything. All the money I have well, I love you more, and I trust you. Isn’t that what today is about, I don’t trust anybody. I have friends though, people I want to help, and hell this is a short list of goals in no particular order. Do I love you or the art more? That’s why you’re my muse baby girl and always will be my love. In any book makes you number one You Got Will’s Number.

I Will Have No Fear

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