Episode 346 ~Making A Willing Investment~

Last week I talked about community property, and I’m still all for keeping what’s mine which for now is a whole lot of green, but I don’t trust in God, his servants or Trump’s government so what comes next? Making A Willing Investment

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Episode 346 ~Making A Willing Investment~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am A Millionaire right now because I make sound financial decisions. This year I started the 52 Week Money Challenge for $1,378. There’s the 365 Day Penny Challenge for $667.95. I was going by fives, $5, 10, 15, each week, of course, $275 is waiting for Outskirts Press. As Rotti Largo sang “made a fortune and counted it.” When I do invest in myself, there’s NaNoWriMo gear, work clothes, the car, and writing. Of course, there’s B III who is my greatest treasure, and I keep him inside away from people.

My sin is not that I’m complaining about money. No Inspector Echo there is more than enough, but I want more. Hell, my sin could be Second Circle Creations, I’m sure I got that confused with the SEC. Not being into sports is a blessing. The name though I “stole” sort of from Abyss Creations. Yeah, I’m not to the point of giving up on people forever. Of course, you know what the Second Circle of Hell is; LUST. You remember 365 poems I wrote, The Bedroom Soapbox and who has over $3,000 of mine? Can you say Lars and the Real Girl but I spent a few hundred on actual tits. How about the closet for my future submissive? “Okay,” knows all about my fashion choices and books. It’s why I have a coffee table with books and a colorful closet but no models.

My sin still stands at the fact that I haven’t called Outskirts Press back. Again give me someone to trust, and I’m in Inspector Echo. I don’t fear failure; I fear people. Do you know how many blew up my Instagram when I followed PCH with money-making opportunities? Every day after I do a new Writing Reason, 1 -3 scammers send links on Whisper. I follow a cosplayer, and three new half-naked chicks are wanting to follow me. That’s it, you know it’s not the loss of money but the expectation of everybody else wanting me to give. I talked before about how people are walking around with billions. Still, the middle and lower amongst us must provide charity. Dennis Hof had it right, Inspector Echo; I like breasts. Guys, and girls like breasts, how can I get paid well.

Am I Republican? Nope, Inspector Echo, I am sorry though, about money making, money taking. The truth, I need to be Making A Willing Investment.

I Will Have No Fear

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