Episode 360 ~Why Worry? Write Will~

Last week I asked what I was I thinking, but at this point, that word should be synonymous what am I “worrying” about, movie tickets, Pinterest boards, my arsenal and more. Why Worry? Write Will.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Episode 360 ~Why Worry? Write Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am A Millionaire right now, so I haven’t bothered worrying about Nevada in a while. No negative vibes there but I have plenty to go around. I’m worried I might have wasted my life being day 360 and all. Without a doubt, I know I’m a writer because I made these stories up in a day.

I thought I lost my pocket knife today. Now I won’t tell you where but it would be serious trouble. There I was feeling around in my pocket and no blade. Could it be in a chair, the parking lot, my car, the house? Would I be on camera; my fingerprints are all over it, Inspector Echo. It turns out; it was under a paper towel here at the house. Now, why would I go all crazy over a pocket knife? Is it because I’m me or what everybody thinks about me by now? Head, shoulders, knees, and toes, becomes phone, wallet, keys, and knife? Life comes down to the smallest things, last week that was B III. I still hate the vet for thinking I would harm my son. Hell, whenever I leave the house, I pray for Triple B’s safety, but there is so much more to see.

109 Sections and counting; that’s around 327 Words? I’ve seen trouble for more and less Inspector Echo. I’m at the Day Job thinking that at any second the cops are going to burst in and congratulations will be in order. Now isn’t that another way to look at being booked? I’ve said some sexist, stupid, downright SKEEVY things about women. I’m not President Trump though or any other Republican. Only as the song goes “if you got the inclination, I have got the crime.” More often than not, the end of the world has come with a button press. At least I have seen that every so often but I’m still here. Worry, Regret, Fear, I gotta enemies, gotta lot of enemies to keep up the quotes. The truth is though I will always be the worse for sure Echo.

What about my fucked up free tickets (LANGUAGE)? Yes, it’s my fault, and now I have to deal with Office Depot sending my order to the wrong store. I apologize for my lack of positive energy. Killing myself slowly with worries while I ask once more, Why Worry? Write Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 353 ~Will Of It All~

“What are you thinking” are scary words these days but I’m still keeping my mouth shut at work because if I didn’t, hell it would be worst than my Pinterest titles and those are making my head hurt. “Will Of It All”

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Episode 353 ~Will Of It All~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am A Millionaire right now because I can afford a maid. Hell topless maids, a whole damn cleaning service (Language). I’m getting lazy about that too but another day. Didn’t I mention I haven’t talked to “Okay” in forever? One more woman I scared off but again some other time. While I’m busy committing crimes that most Republicans applaud, my head hurts. Do you know the saying, heavy the head that wears the crown? What about, the world on my shoulders? Did the angel and devil gain some weight these days?

Too many questions and since I broke NO FAP, both heads have been struggling. Again my three major sins so let’s start with LUST. Over eighty-five sections in one Pinterest board and the names are getting lame. How many dirty words can you rhyme with J or K I ask? Even if I come up with a good one, I lack the guts to write it down. I should go back to watching porn, so I believe. All the “allowances” I give myself; it’s not XVideos, Pornhub, and how I miss Motherless. Sigh and tonight is freebie night too. What I don’t miss is people but again LUST, GREED, and SLOTH. It hasn’t stopped me from imagining MILF Dos though. When’s the last time, I saw breasts “on purpose?” The world is knocking me down lower Inspector Echo without a doubt.

I don’t miss the Alamo Fund not being across from me. It’s sitting in the bank and how I want so much more money. My motivations, I have that money, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting everything. My GREED goes hand and hand with my LUST. What about my dreams of power? How my ANGER kicks in, and everything is saying stay positive? Okay B III is doing better and won’t require a vet but more meds. Tomorrow I find out how much I made at the Day Job. I haven’t worked on my novel today. There’s always food, but I’m a starving artist.

More so a sleepy one to be honest. My ANGER had me ready to attack the world. Only a Hot Pocket and an unmade bed, so SLOTH, I’m here now though, and there is so much to do Inspector. As always though I need to apologize for betraying myself. Weight Of It All Inspector Echo, Will Of It All.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 346 ~Making A Willing Investment~

Last week I talked about community property, and I’m still all for keeping what’s mine which for now is a whole lot of green, but I don’t trust in God, his servants or Trump’s government so what comes next? Making A Willing Investment

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Episode 346 ~Making A Willing Investment~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am A Millionaire right now because I make sound financial decisions. This year I started the 52 Week Money Challenge for $1,378. There’s the 365 Day Penny Challenge for $667.95. I was going by fives, $5, 10, 15, each week, of course, $275 is waiting for Outskirts Press. As Rotti Largo sang “made a fortune and counted it.” When I do invest in myself, there’s NaNoWriMo gear, work clothes, the car, and writing. Of course, there’s B III who is my greatest treasure, and I keep him inside away from people.

My sin is not that I’m complaining about money. No Inspector Echo there is more than enough, but I want more. Hell, my sin could be Second Circle Creations, I’m sure I got that confused with the SEC. Not being into sports is a blessing. The name though I “stole” sort of from Abyss Creations. Yeah, I’m not to the point of giving up on people forever. Of course, you know what the Second Circle of Hell is; LUST. You remember 365 poems I wrote, The Bedroom Soapbox and who has over $3,000 of mine? Can you say Lars and the Real Girl but I spent a few hundred on actual tits. How about the closet for my future submissive? “Okay,” knows all about my fashion choices and books. It’s why I have a coffee table with books and a colorful closet but no models.

My sin still stands at the fact that I haven’t called Outskirts Press back. Again give me someone to trust, and I’m in Inspector Echo. I don’t fear failure; I fear people. Do you know how many blew up my Instagram when I followed PCH with money-making opportunities? Every day after I do a new Writing Reason, 1 -3 scammers send links on Whisper. I follow a cosplayer, and three new half-naked chicks are wanting to follow me. That’s it, you know it’s not the loss of money but the expectation of everybody else wanting me to give. I talked before about how people are walking around with billions. Still, the middle and lower amongst us must provide charity. Dennis Hof had it right, Inspector Echo; I like breasts. Guys, and girls like breasts, how can I get paid well.

Am I Republican? Nope, Inspector Echo, I am sorry though, about money making, money taking. The truth, I need to be Making A Willing Investment.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 339 ~Wills Of The Community~

If I wanted the community behind me, let it be for one of my books and not my son’s cuteness, but they both have a bite, to be honest, and if I ever have two-legged children, hell I might be a smidge overprotective. “Wills Of The Community”

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Episode 339 ~Wills Of The Community~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now because I’m one for sharing, well selling, to be honest. You want to know a secret; I tried to sell my soul to the Devil once. The problem is I abhor bloodshed, well mine; I think that’s from The Three Musketeers. Such is my sin for yesteryear. Think And Grow Rich says, prayer is the tool of the desperate. Still, anytime we speak our wishes out into the UNIVERSE. The Infinite Intelligence whatever “God,” we’re asking.

It’s the reason I say a “prayer” for B III every day. I am saying that I still have to get off my ass (Language) and protect him. So that brings me to this morning’s events. Such was my failure at doing so when I was young (somewhere in my twenties) his fear of the world, my good ole S.A.D.

You see, when my mother was pregnant with my sister, I never rubbed her belly. Hell, I was five, my mom was fat. How I saw it plus I also owe an apology to that lady at the bank (she was only fat). My point is my mother’s belly became “Community Property,” carrying a kid and all. My sister was after she was born. I had to protect her from grabby churchgoers. Well, women get treated as such with new anti-abortion, clothes and The Handmaid’s Tale. Why did nobody inform me about all the sex? I’m still into No Fap.

Now I wouldn’t dare compare myself to the strife women go through. Only there I am walking Triple B today. So the kids are out, and every one of them wants to pet him. As Kanye West put it, “the only thing I wish, I wish a nigga would” (Language)? My son scared them. However, they still think he’s the cutest, but no means no. I still wish I could say that at work. I hate people touching me; you know the rule. Only with that said, I’m here every day, writing out my whole life and attempting to get published. I give my soul to the people. Some take certain parts out of context. I sound like Trump, “Nasty.”

Worse, what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, I heard somewhere. Inspector you know I only want not more but everything. Well speaking of nasty or out of context, any woman has a price. I’m sorry, I’m learning but the Wills Of The Community.

The Rule:
If you’re not my dog, my girl, or applying for the position, don’t touch me, like at all.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 260 ~Don’t Mistake Stupidity For Courage~

How I wish my courage had held today, all day long there were delusions of grandeur of being an “Adult Entertainment” Entrepreneur and if you think that’s “stupid” you should have seen me at the day job. Don’t Mistake Stupidity For Courage.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Episode 260 ~Don’t Mistake Stupidity For Courage~

Seventy-Sixth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, sell-out I’ll admit Madam Justice. If you told me I could have everything I wanted, monetarily speaking if I found God, I would. Make me a member of the 1% percent. I would be more paranoid than usual I bet. Leaving to go to the day job is the definition of stupidity for courage. I’m dealing with people I hate. All on the premise that I’m getting stronger… I’ve wilted more in that place.

Much like Happiness, Love, and Life, COURAGE is something I can’t find. Only STUPIDITY much like yesterday. (The 13th Wednesday, staying ahead of this horrible week). I’m not going to lie Madam Justice. I spent all that money because I wanted to feel better. I do want to take up gaming again, and a pretty girl. Hell, most of my idiocy stems from Beautiful Girls. Yes I know I keep repeating myself. Butterfree blocked, Brazzers skeevy, and I can do worse. If I had to guess today at the day job you stood your ground as best you could. You endured a plethora of moronic moments. Still, this was you attempting to be a man. At the start of today, you asked only one thing.

I read once, that courage is sometimes a quiet voice saying I’ll try again. Only to me, sounds like my feet hitting the floor. I’m reminding myself constantly to pick up my boots and being too exhausted to remember. So I drag them along, that’s the end of Inventory. It’s lighting that match and raining down Hell on others. Enduring the fire, and sometimes it’s your pyre. How I wish I would let my face attempt to go red. Better than the other stupid stuff I do with my eyes and mouth. Madam Justice, it’s treating every girl like fucking Medusa (LANGUAGE). They can make me hard as a rock, but I will go no further. If I have learned anything, wanting HEAD from one is nothing compared to the girl for me I know.

Yes I know the story of Medusa, I was always one for the Greek myths. It beats all the vexing things I spouted. However, notice sometimes courage only means you stand while a stupid man goes places. Where do I reside… Brainbuddy? I’ll give up Fappening but porn? Let it be in others stupidity that I find what it means to be brave. No that doesn’t pan out either. Tom Bilyeu says every moment is a moment for courage. So I can attack in any direction. But I must learn at some point Madam Justice, Don’t Mistake Stupidity For Courage.

“I worship individuals for their highest possibilities as individuals and I loathe humanity for its failure to live up to these possibilities.”
— Ayn Rand (Goodreads)

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 253 ~Being Alive Is Quite Expensive~

I’m not sure I did it and almost doesn’t count, but I spent nearly eight hours today surviving so that one day I might live, and what would I do with that time… I have plenty of could be classics ready to go ha. “Being Alive Is Quite Expensive.”

Monday, March 11, 2019

Episode 253 ~Being Alive Is Quite Expensive~

Seventy-Fifth Rule Madam Justice

How To Make One Million Dollars, in a word from Darius Rucker “Time.” In every breath, and as “THEY” always say blood, sweat, and tears. Forgoing any other bodily fluids but we’ll get to that. What about the things that make me feel alive? To be honest with you Madam Justice, death isn’t looking so bad right now but in reality. I’m only tired; as I said last week, I’m only human. Sleep is yet another addiction I’ll have to overcome, again we’ll get there.

It begins with time and how much of that am I spending on my work. Of course, I talk to my girls every day. Still on novels, news about them, nonsense that could be anything from poetry to short stories. There’s getting girls to take off their clothes. No, it wasn’t about that this morning, groaning, grinding, getting out my Fleshlight. I did Meditate, move that scale on my latest read. I even made the bed, and I’m still breathing, right. All of this to become a better “human.” Other than working up a sweat walking B III, I do feel like crying because I’m exhausted. Sadly the day has only begun, but that’s the price, and I’m so greedy.

Yesterday I made a list because I was beginning to forget all these things I’m relying on to stay. What motivated, marginalized and liking it, beats being ME. Anyway, so there’s Patreon because I wanted to look at Cosplayer boobs. Spotify because work sucks. Prime as I desired games sooner. New Brainbuddy to control my feelings towards boobs. If it’s not dollars, I again look to time. I do exercises for my mind, work that makes me want to die. FEAR though, now you wouldn’t think that being afraid and sleep would go together. No, I only see monsters when I’m awake, in the mirror.

How about when I talked about not being a thief. However, I could tell you some stories about MOTHERLESS and True Teen Babes. The way I started my porn stash. Why yes I’ve stolen things other than porn, and I’ll get more into that Wednesday. The idea is today, buying a few more hours. Begging my body to keep going, and “stealing…” well, no it’s a seven-day free trial. That’s how I’m getting by. I’m surviving, and it’s as if I have to win back my life. Somehow that price of having it to keep, Being Alive Is Quite Expensive.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 216 ~Its Ads Up, Will~

The price of growing up free, you can take that in so many different ways, but I believe somebody said too damn high, and that makes my pillow the softest, safest, and most sellable thing ever. Its Ads Up Will.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Episode 216 ~Its Ads Up, Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, perhaps being a pillow spokesmodel, the poster boy for energy shots, a pretty good example of why we need contraceptives in the universe may be. A plum lesson on how pretty girls control guys or maybe not, on the one hand, I sang to a girl on the other the MILF in her sexy lingerie hasn’t talked me out of any more money but vacations in San Diego, I mean seriously?

Speaking of possibly warmer climates, doesn’t that make me more human, that I have to talk myself into saving me, I think I need a Super Bowl ad and even those have been getting worse by the year and you know I’m not a sports fan. If you went by my Spotify you might think, I’m the most motivated man in existence; I don’t remember the last thing I listened to other than speeches, oh yeah singing to “Indiana Gone” and even that was depressing. B III might like to write a letter to whoever makes my clothes, not sure if it’s cotton but he keeps finding ways to lie on me, hell by his standards I’m probably second only to the sun I think.

If you look at my Amazon, it’s quite clear that I’m a shut-in or at least a closed off person judging by my gaming collection and books; I’m a story oriented type of individual to be sure from Detroit: Become Human to Far Cry 5 and I’m still not reading Lolita as I should be. So when we look at my search history, and you would think I’m either highly educated, someone that needs to be locked up behind bars or in a white padded cell. Again look at all my searches in the book Lolita for stuff I don’t understand in French and then finding myself looking at words like TERATOPHILIA… my last novel. My Pinterest and my Instagram, well two more reasons I’m a dominant and inspiring brothel owner, but they don’t have business plans for those things.

My point is as I’m always saying is that everything I want is impossible, immoral, illegal, and insane so you can’t sell to me, you either want nothing or everything and you know where I fall into, and it’s too damn much. A few hours of my time, a few words, courage, a heart, having some balls, guts, then again yesterday I told Pizza Hut they were too high, $24.00 not to deliver a pizza and for damn sure I ain’t paying MORE to pick one up because everything in life, Its Ads Up, Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 185 ~Ink And Drive Will~

Reasons I would get a tattoo, one for B III, to show I’m a survivor even as “Ill Will,” or for a pretty girl, and which one have I done this week; how about why I’m a writer, spend more time with my kid, making a living, and girls. Ink And Drive Will

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Episode 185 ~Ink And Drive Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, keep your fucking mouth shut, as always Inspector Echo “language” but between you and me FUCK is turning out to be the word of the year, so far, my power, my pleasure, my pain. If I’m going to start quoting songs why not Joy & Pain because I’ve been feeling a lot of that already and while this song reminds me of my aunt it doesn’t bother me unlike a few other words hurting like Hell.

You see words cost Inspector Echo, I’m a writer so I should understand this more than most, but as for why I don’t speak most of the time, of course, the first reason is FEAR because more often than not it drives me. As I said FUCK has been on my tongue in both good and bad ways, but mostly it’s because I’ve made a mistake and others well, I can’t help myself seeing where I have succeeded… especially where that MILF is concerned. FORGET, what that I’m skeevy… in the past, one of these days, how about the gentleman I want to be, I’m free to let the dominant out, how about all common sense but is it a sin for a man to give in to primal urges?

Writing I believe gives us more time to think, and that’s the thing I don’t know what I was thinking or that she and others might give in, hell I was scared to write to one Milf, and then another was willing not DTF but still. I’ll tell you this, when its numbers and not words, well both go pretty fast, so maybe I shouldn’t count that as a sin either, less money means I need to write plenty more and I’m not one of those guys who decided clicks over chicks. So honestly Inspector Echo have I committed any sins, and I mean it is Wednesday, but drugs are an addiction, alcohol, and of course women, and if it’s in texts, giving my word, or the ink on her skin I’m riding pretty high.

As I said words all come with a price tag, and I am willing to pay, with my time, my money, my name, but they can also be an investment, I could be sitting on a goldmine maybe? As always though I need forgiveness Inspector Echo, I’ve been writing with my penis since the start of this year, how about things I would never say with my mouth, end up in texts and stories. The fact that it’s so hard to forget because well I’m so hard but if you saw this Milf Inspector Echo, damn Ink And Drive Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 072 ~Madness Takes Its Toll

I’m not a fancy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show but as found myself growing angry at the mere thought of my day job I found myself becoming exhausted and the price of all this is happiness? Madness Takes Its Toll I don’t make enough to sacrifice joy

Monday, September 11, 2017

Lesson 072 ~Madness Takes Its Toll

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear, though it comes cheap, hell it’s practically free, as the holy rollers say about God, he may not come when you want him but he’ll be there right on time. It’s like taking a flask to work, you have to hide it, you know it’s wrong, and you need it settle your nerves quite often.

It’s one of the reasons I’m getting to you so late today and I never thought of myself as a drinker, but I’m an unusual creature, other people drink coffee to function, alcohol to relax, and who knows what else? They say money won’t buy happiness but as the song goes I’d like a chance to see, how about you tell me where they are handing it out. Maybe that’s why I spend anger like it’s no tomorrow as with my fear you can’t get rid of it, talk about being a rich man today.

“It’s all right, little brother… there are more!” Herger the Joyous, The 13th Warrior (1999)

Just like drinking for a living though, what is the value in it, I could ask myself the same thing when it comes to writing, because don’t people say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? I think I told you before, that when I go to work, I get physically ill, sometimes I try to keep it all in my head because I have to do it, and while I’m not sure about whatever I’m doing, I don’t get paid enough to be angry all the time. Six hours today Luna and that’s twenty-four hours I’ve wasted as far as I’m concerned, that’s unless you count anger as making any real profit.

“I’m gonna teach you to HATE spending money. I’m gonna make you so sick of spending money that the mere sight of it will make you wanna throw up!” – Rupert Horn, Brewster’s Millions (1985)

It’s a load of BS that people say happiness lies within, I had the week off and that anger that was dribbling down came back as if I won the lotto and where do I spend the most of it? Honestly, I never thought of myself as one for self-harm, but how many times did I pound my fist into something, how many times did I go and slap myself, always pay yourself first right?

“Anger is more useful than despair.” -, Terminator, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Maybe I need to take stock of what makes me happy, grateful of course is one thing I must never forget but happy, isn’t this what happens to drunks. What have I learned today, the price of happiness is time and for some reason, I always seem to be flat broke, Madness Takes Its Toll?

I Will Have No Fear

Bark Check

All it took was a dog walking alone in the street, the little doggie I so wanted to save and I don’t know where he is now, how about my own four-legged son who this moment is lying under my feet waiting. “Bark Check” how I have gone looking for love

And I never ask the stars’ advice
on what to wish for or dream up next
I simply take it to the bank

neglecting to take the time to thank
God… people… my puppy dog once or twice
who never asks and I could never expect

to try, but somehow we both collect
not a dollar, rupee or franc.
No, it’s not some sort of prize

of life or waiting in some paradise.
It’s in every moment it doesn’t need a sec
a minute, a vault or a tank’s

protection, though my little friend you never shrank
from I love you, our names both blank
as love is without a price.
So what the heck
a dog’s love is a blank check

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.