Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Episode 353 ~Will Of It All~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am A Millionaire right now because I can afford a maid. Hell topless maids, a whole damn cleaning service (Language). I’m getting lazy about that too but another day. Didn’t I mention I haven’t talked to “Okay” in forever? One more woman I scared off but again some other time. While I’m busy committing crimes that most Republicans applaud, my head hurts. Do you know the saying, heavy the head that wears the crown? What about, the world on my shoulders? Did the angel and devil gain some weight these days?

Too many questions and since I broke NO FAP, both heads have been struggling. Again my three major sins so let’s start with LUST. Over eighty-five sections in one Pinterest board and the names are getting lame. How many dirty words can you rhyme with J or K I ask? Even if I come up with a good one, I lack the guts to write it down. I should go back to watching porn, so I believe. All the “allowances” I give myself; it’s not XVideos, Pornhub, and how I miss Motherless. Sigh and tonight is freebie night too. What I don’t miss is people but again LUST, GREED, and SLOTH. It hasn’t stopped me from imagining MILF Dos though. When’s the last time, I saw breasts “on purpose?” The world is knocking me down lower Inspector Echo without a doubt.

I don’t miss the Alamo Fund not being across from me. It’s sitting in the bank and how I want so much more money. My motivations, I have that money, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting everything. My GREED goes hand and hand with my LUST. What about my dreams of power? How my ANGER kicks in, and everything is saying stay positive? Okay B III is doing better and won’t require a vet but more meds. Tomorrow I find out how much I made at the Day Job. I haven’t worked on my novel today. There’s always food, but I’m a starving artist.

More so a sleepy one to be honest. My ANGER had me ready to attack the world. Only a Hot Pocket and an unmade bed, so SLOTH, I’m here now though, and there is so much to do Inspector. As always though I need to apologize for betraying myself. Weight Of It All Inspector Echo, Will Of It All.

I Will Have No Fear