Episode 339 ~Wills Of The Community~

If I wanted the community behind me, let it be for one of my books and not my son’s cuteness, but they both have a bite, to be honest, and if I ever have two-legged children, hell I might be a smidge overprotective. “Wills Of The Community”

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Episode 339 ~Wills Of The Community~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Millionaire right now because I’m one for sharing, well selling, to be honest. You want to know a secret; I tried to sell my soul to the Devil once. The problem is I abhor bloodshed, well mine; I think that’s from The Three Musketeers. Such is my sin for yesteryear. Think And Grow Rich says, prayer is the tool of the desperate. Still, anytime we speak our wishes out into the UNIVERSE. The Infinite Intelligence whatever “God,” we’re asking.

It’s the reason I say a “prayer” for B III every day. I am saying that I still have to get off my ass (Language) and protect him. So that brings me to this morning’s events. Such was my failure at doing so when I was young (somewhere in my twenties) his fear of the world, my good ole S.A.D.

You see, when my mother was pregnant with my sister, I never rubbed her belly. Hell, I was five, my mom was fat. How I saw it plus I also owe an apology to that lady at the bank (she was only fat). My point is my mother’s belly became “Community Property,” carrying a kid and all. My sister was after she was born. I had to protect her from grabby churchgoers. Well, women get treated as such with new anti-abortion, clothes and The Handmaid’s Tale. Why did nobody inform me about all the sex? I’m still into No Fap.

Now I wouldn’t dare compare myself to the strife women go through. Only there I am walking Triple B today. So the kids are out, and every one of them wants to pet him. As Kanye West put it, “the only thing I wish, I wish a nigga would” (Language)? My son scared them. However, they still think he’s the cutest, but no means no. I still wish I could say that at work. I hate people touching me; you know the rule. Only with that said, I’m here every day, writing out my whole life and attempting to get published. I give my soul to the people. Some take certain parts out of context. I sound like Trump, “Nasty.”

Worse, what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, I heard somewhere. Inspector you know I only want not more but everything. Well speaking of nasty or out of context, any woman has a price. I’m sorry, I’m learning but the Wills Of The Community.

The Rule:
If you’re not my dog, my girl, or applying for the position, don’t touch me, like at all.

I Will Have No Fear

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