Episode 340 ~Will Takes A Turn~

Well back to women’s rights or a lack thereof, how I can read “Beauty in the Broken” and then watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and with all the ideas I have I either neither tentacles or a train, thank you, “Rainey Summer Day.” Will Takes A Turn

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Episode 340 ~Will Takes A Turn~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Now if you want to know what turns me on, a billion. Hell trillion, how about some number so high I’ll break the internet trying to find it. There is one mere word though; Everything. You know the expression I’ll try anything once.” Not when it comes to food and several other things, but let’s talk about sex. Though at this stage in the game I would prefer money.

It’s like something out of The Screwfly Solution. The process of turning sexual instincts to those of violence. I want to convert money into women and vice versa. Rumplestiltskin mastered spinning straw into gold. Only like my motivations say I’m not looking for a magic wand, I’m hustling. Speaking of a horror film and a fairytale. For now, my newest craze is “The Handmaid’s Tale.” I’m thinking about that episode Jezebels. First off you know whores have never been my thing. I always look for the most innocent. Now I do enjoy dirty names, MILF Dos could tell you that much. I also realize I still have a thing for Kristen Gutoskie. I fell for her in “Containment,” but she plays the Martha “Beth” now. The thought of her as a Handmaid? So that brings me to the point today. Things that turn me on but shouldn’t. They could be evil.

There was the Yandy “Brave Red Maiden Costume” fuck I wanted one to go in my Submissive’s Closet. Didn’t I mention that “The Handmaid’s Tale is sexy? Only Gilead must fall. A quick turn I know and almost as fast as my writing, from sweet and gushy to Erotica. How fast the porn can get to you, I’m still constantly on guard. I haven’t seen any tits besides the cosplayer’s (Patreon). On Twitter, I know too many people. There’s “Beauty in the Broken” my latest erotic read. Should I report myself to Brainbuddy since that “technically” is porn? If I were to say something, I refer back to Jezebels and that idea they had with all the drugs. For all those in the back, illegal and wrong, as much as The Corpse Of Anna Fritz.

Reminds me of creeping out Ruby Rae. I should make a list of what not to say to women, but I need only one, ANYTHING. Everything and Anything with my tastes, Will Takes A Turn.

I Will Have No Fear

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