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A girl like Rainey Summer Day deserves more than a five and what I paid for this title, I’ll say it is worth every single penny and then some; Lily White sure knows how to bring on the heat and the taboo. I Got Five On It

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~

The freaks come out at night as the song goes, so tonight I decided to stay in, though in the back of my mind there is a former brain surgeon taking advantage of a robot he built, though I’m more for “natural.” “Man Made Monsters Will”

Log 003 ~Bang The Will Slowly~

I can’t stop, and I do mean writing my novel ha, fortunately, I got 4,600 words down before all the fireworks, and I left off with a sex scene in a bombed out city so thank you July 4th fireworks. “Bang The Will Slowly.”

Episode 361 ~Will Of The Moment~

The first days I realized a girl could make me feel anything but fear and now as an “adult” *snickers* hell what kind of man “should” will I be and anybody that says “be yourself” deserves a spanking. Will Of The Moment

Episode 354 ~Worse Names Than Will~

I learned from a very young age that I was better seen and not heard. I would do my Olds one better, I keep quiet, and I never go out. Not that the cops won’t show up whether I was suicidal or alternative schooling. “Worse Names Than Will.”

Episode 347 ~Will Is Hanging Out~

How many days has it been that I have chosen to drown myself in sheets and not water? Well, would that be a bad thing; Thursday’s usually are, but all my dirt has gone elsewhere, but I do clean up nice sometimes. “Will Is Hanging Out.”

Episode 340 ~Will Takes A Turn~

Well back to women’s rights or a lack thereof, how I can read “Beauty in the Broken” and then watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” and with all the ideas I have I either neither tentacles or a train, thank you, “Rainey Summer Day.” Will Takes A Turn

What Will You Crave Next? Book Review

Well, something is getting high when I read a title like this, and it’s the writer writing about a writer that somehow gets to me more than anything else and thoughts of having the dream girl in less than twenty-four hours? “What Will You Crave Next”

Episode 320 ~Will You Be X~

First R.I.P. Grumpy Cat, I can be plenty grumpy too, but today I’m feeling pretty good because I’m getting over a few women that brought me down and then so many others that upped my word counts. Will You Be X.

Episode 313 ~Willing A Bad Story~

One of my motivations talks about Becoming The Hero Of Your Own Story and to this day I still hear my mother saying, God is in control, or I could have imagined that like her reading to me or singing Simple Man. Willing A Bad Story

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