Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review “Book Review”

This is a long-overdue sequel to my review on The Fallen Genesis. Yet, it shows how long this story has stayed with me and how I still listen to the soundtrack from October… of 2019. Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review, when lust becomes love

Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review

“Chastity will cure Lust.” Raphael

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.” ― 1 Corinthians 13:11 (Bible)

Well, when I was a child, the name Raphael meant one thing. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though I always thought of myself as more of a Donatello. Until I got clued in, I wasn’t that smart, so my thoughts on Tillie Cole’s book Raphael? I can tell you I liked it, and since I’m not one to waste time, I gave it five stars. Of course, that’s not why you’re here. It’s not for my philosophy on life or art either. So I promise you I’ll do what I can to explain the novel. How dare I, but okay, SIGH.

Raphael is the sequel to Tillie Cole’s novel The Fallen: Genesis. That’s the prequel to the Deadly Virtues series. I take it to mean that each story will be another of the Seven Deadly Sins. I know Ker Dukey is doing something like that too, but that’s neither here nor there. As far as Tillie Cole, I’ve read three of her tales. Sick Fux is still my favorite, but Raphael is in second place, no doubt. If you know my biases, you will understand why. I should add I’m not one for religion even though I am hoping for the second circle if there is a Hell. What guy doesn’t and you’ll have to excuse me, I lost myself in Far Cry 5 for a while. Is that why this review took so long? On that note, Raphael is full of lust with some madness and mayhem that I won’t give away until the end. So the first book in the series covered Gabriel; this is more of Raphael’s story.

“Hardships aged the soul even if the skin your body wore told another story.” Raphael

Now living up to the promises of the first. We see Raphael has come into his own as a man. Doing what seems to come naturally, he has become a proficient killer and is sent on the hunt by his big brother. Again there isn’t much bloodshed until such a point and time. And that’s because he comes face to face with his little rose. Maria, a nun in training who finds herself in the wrong place at the right time. A monster, a miracle, but a must-have for Raphael. Can’t say I fault the man at all because I liked her too. Now, I didn’t like the Brotherhood, which makes them the best kind of villains. If you told me such a group existed in reality, I wouldn’t argue. Oh yeah, they do, they’re called the Catholic Church. I also admire an author that will take a shot at the “faithful” at any time.

I am a fan of the His Dark Materials series of books, well the three I read. Haven’t I come up since then reading these types of stories? I guess you shouldn’t answer that. There are also a few excellent touches of BDSM in Raphael as far as Maria’s neck is concerned. She also comes with quite a dark past that she doesn’t want to look “BACK” on; that’s a hint. It is pretty gruesome. Yet nobody gets into this expecting everything to be sweetness and light. For me, it was another incredible take in an ongoing erotica genre motif.

“What must it be like to live a life of such darkness?” ― Tillie Cole.

For the most part, the novel speaks about Raphael and Maria. The two protagonists, a lust story that turns into a love story. I say lust gets a bad rap, but again it’s the second circle but the first where any punishment gets dealt out. We see that from Raphael and the other Fallen members. And The Brotherhood, as they begin to launch a counterstrike. I was quite excited to see how far this war would go. As anyone could have guessed with Raphael and Maria’s future trials. Their tribulations.

Except for being a killer, Raphael is a pretty decent human being. A man with a fetish for some lengthy hair, a lean neck, and long stem roses. He also frequents sex clubs. For ravishing good times, to reveal his psyche and his revelations. I’m not sure if they received mentions in the first book, but it’s what Gabriel has named his assignments. You see that in Raphael that every target is tailor-made for the brother who goes. I’ve heard of honor amongst thieves. And that was something that disappointed me about his character. I swear I turned lawyer as soon as “it” went down but still for Raphael to pull such a stunt. Yes, ladies, all men are that dumb when it comes to a particular girl. Another way of saying it would be, am I my brother’s keeper. Yes, I am, although I could name a few celebrities I know here or there.

“You have taken everything we are, the blood oath, our brotherhood, our commandments, and turned your back on us. All for a woman.” Tillie Cole

Maria, on the other hand, was portrayed perfectly. The naïve young woman with a past, a promise, and a pact with the Devil to boot. She is Raphael’s fantasy made flesh, and from the moment he sets eyes on her, they were both goners. The only problems she had were all the results of men. From the monsters who handled her to those, she found herself with eventually. Well, maybe not, but that’s for another story, I suppose. Maria made the perfect submissive. How it makes you think about religious women in general. She had daddy issues, but also the rest of the family suffered the same fate. The family issue is better, well no. Could we call it a suspension of disbelief with some of the calls she made in this tale? I’ll say so, but her love for Raphael, I swear if a woman found me so captivating, marriage wouldn’t be far behind.

Still, Raphael swore himself to his brothers and Maria well? There are reasons I don’t trust the church anymore, and no, I was never a catholic. I felt terrible for The Fallen, and it was upsetting that Maria gave in to how she lived such a life for so long. Together though, against the world, well, that’s the sort of love I know we all want. One more reason I read these types of titles, oh, and seeing The Brotherhood and The Fallen face off. Was that a spoiler, well I hope you’re ready for more, or you could stop right here if you like.

“Sin is simply due to the absence of love.” Raphael

Five stars all the way around and not only for sex. Yes, there’s horrific violence. Of course, none of that was aimed at Maria; did I say that out loud. She signed up for it when it came to Raphael, which wasn’t violence but their consensual kink. Right up until the end of the title.

“He was a sinner. He was going to hell. But he was sure this was how heaven would feel. Warmth and bliss and whole-body pleasure.” ― Raphael by Tillie Cole

Okay, OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING, are you ready, are you? The sex is top-notch, but it’s the last bit when Maria is looking at death in the face. She wants to fulfill Raphael’s most fantastic fantasy. To be honest, I have told women some of mine. 50% of the time, it works every time, haha. Maria lives and “dies” his. If you don’t literally see that scene when you’re reading it, the fight with the Brotherhood. The Fallen standing together, how many movies wish they could set the stage so well. Puts me in The Matrix or John Wick, state of mind. To quote, Keanu Reeves ahem “GUNS, lots of guns” and other assorted hardware. At the very end, when Maria takes her place amongst The Fallen, how I’ve needed a sequel since yesterday. Now, I doubt they will ever make this a movie… did I mention the sex? Anyway, Tillie Cole has an excellent soundtrack.

So seeing as how I’ve given this novel a five-star rating, there can’t be anything wrong with it? Once again, I mention the lack of a sequel, and I’ve only read three titles from this author. Sick Fux will always be my favorite but never say never. Where could the author go with The Fallen? However, I would have thought there would have been more of a trial aspect. When Raphael broke the rules of The Fallen. That’s not a criticism, but I was already getting my arguments set up when it came to how they operated. If anything, it was a tad glossed over, um yep. It would have also been cool to hear about the rest of the Revelations. But again, there was a huge battle. There’s also the fact that it is set up ready for a sequel. I know I’m repeating myself but come on, we’re all still waiting and hoping.

If you’re what I think of as a “Holy Roller,” you’ll hate this book. I’m not one for hymns or spiritual music, but I would never have given it a chance if it wasn’t for this book. Yes, even I will listen to “Abide With Me.” You can even see the scenes in your mind in correlation to the soundtrack. Somehow I remained amazed that women like stories like this? Once again, not a criticism, only being a black man in America and I would never meet a girl like Maria. It’s like women searching for Prince Charming on the Disney Channel. Yes, the narrative is fictional, but one wishes. Interested, I hope so because this is a must-read. The type of story that stays with you and my word, how long has it taken me to get this full review out? I guess I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. My idea of Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review

Log 257 ~Will To Be Obscene~

I do stay up way past my bedtime though, like my furry son, I am much too old to make things so simple anymore, but when my head hits the pillow, there are no ifs, and or buts, now about living… I’m Not Sleepy Will

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Log 257 ~Will To Be Obscene~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and as always, how do I make my money. Somebody has already made a “certain” parody of the Game Of Thrones. The only reason I’m awake now is “Sophie Turner’s Stumped” Quibi. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again “adult entertainment” gets me moving like nothing else. Lady Lu, I had so many plans for this afternoon (Thursday). Of course, you know that worked killed me, almost. The old saying, what doesn’t kill you and whatnot. I’m still alive.

Sometimes that’s all you can say, I’m still alive, as the song goes. I know I didn’t make much sense yesterday, so I have to ask why. If it’s for that gasp, a giggle, those groans, well, you know why I rather not be, am I right? We are living in the plague era, and yet the flesh does not bother me. Indeed, this afternoon I went and bought fast food, one more reason I was out like a light. I should be racing off to the movies, but I had to come and talk to you. You’re not a curse Lady Lu but my blessing. When I woke up, the first thing I felt, after THAT, was inspired to write. She’s Good To Come Back, a looming chapter perhaps for my novella? Only now I’m beginning to lose it, didn’t I say this would be a HARD week anyway.

I’m not giving in to the stress, or will I sing, touch me in the morning? Doesn’t help I’m still listening to Dark Notes. I didn’t even get to read any of The Gargoyle today; I could have but exhaustion. I didn’t make it to the Den, I’m on my made bed, but I passed out. The things that ten more minutes of work can do to you and why did I stay that extra time. I’m not the man I want to be Lady Lu. At the moment, that man is Emeric Marceaux with his Ivory Westbrook. I’m not Dennis Hof, capable of running a cathouse. Even now, I’m not the man who talked a hot mom out of her clothes. All-day it was that if a man can’t take care of his family, what right does he have to one. Lady Lu, I would still be in hiding.

Only this life now when I Will To Be Obscene?

I Will Have No Fear

Log 250 ~I’m Not Sleepy Will~

I do stay up way past my bedtime though, like my furry son, I am much too old to make things so simple anymore, but when my head hits the pillow, there are no ifs, and or buts, now about living… I’m Not Sleepy Will

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Log 250 ~I’m Not Sleepy Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and for One Shining Moment, I fought back sleeping. A small victory, but I’ll take it. Call it being horny, feeding on hate, or as Faith would say Hubris. Yeah, Lady Lu, I still miss playing Far Cry 5, and I’m a bit scared to pick it up again. Story of my life right, as I told Indiana Gone, Depression, but can I call it that if I know what it is right off the bat. Picking up a controller is the least of my worries; my feet, my head, my addiction, it’s like I’m toxic.

Everyone running around saying, “don’t touch your face” I know what I’m trying not to touch. Besides that, my pillow, my punches, and my passions. Again why do you think I’m still up? Yeah, I paid $20.00 to keep watching movies, and I don’t regret it, Lady Lu. Now that also goes for picking up Fast Food because I would get conked out in moments. Anger takes a lot out of you, and it’s what I feel most of the time. I’m burning out throughout the workday. Still, when it comes to accomplishing something meaningful. Well, today (Thursday), Cherry told me about one of the lines of my novella. “Some men are baptized in the blood of the battlefield.” I wish I could say I was so deep on some level and out of 7,000 plus words, which looks sad.

To be in such a state of mind Lady Lu. Do I regret any of the words I’ve written out of anger this week? I believe I will know at some point, but as for now, like sleep, I think not. Here’s another thing about sleeping; I would be dreaming at this very moment. My motivations often speak enough about living your dream. The idea is that most days are a nightmare, and that’s where the Depression comes in Lady Lu. I spend my days searching for another universe to lose myself in; today, I finished another one. Not one of mine mind you but The Five by Lily White. Now that book is going to bring “sweet” dreams of the wrong sort as always. It does beat being awake, though, but here I am trying because, as I read once, SIGH, “Hell is repetition.”

But I’m not dead yet, and I’m Not Sleepy Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 243 ~You Willie A Critic~

Doesn’t The Bible say something about judging others, and I’ve seen parts that would give certain paysites a run for their money with the raunchiness to be sure, and here I am saying I would never be a man of God. “You Willie A Critic”

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Log 243 ~You Willie A Critic~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and it’s not for being funny. It’s not for being smart, a Republican, or even myself. Now, if it was for being STUPID, that’s the only reason I would give the money back. Lady Lu, I can’t stand STUPIDITY for its own sake ever. To this day, I wouldn’t mind being as controversial as the Marquis de Sade. It’s been a long day since I have felt this fire burning inside me to write. For two days straight, I have forgone naps because of this story.

“A Sin Full Of Cherry,” and no, I’m not thinking about changing the name. Facebook made that abundantly clear, and why am I so mad? As Metallica screamed, “Gimme fuel Gimme fire, Gimme that which I desire,” and I need it Lady Lu. These past few days have been all about rage at everything. It feels like everything is falling away. You also know how I like my list. The Den is still HUMMING. The toilet seat is still useless in the half bath. One of my cars still isn’t working, and the radio in my second car has gone silent. How about that, the one place I want some silence is loud and where I need noise I get quiet. Well, it has given me more than enough time to listen to Audible. Only today (Wednesday), I finished listening to The Gargoyle. Now I’ve moved onto Beauty and The Professor. Oh, I also made a playlist for my novella, not much yet to share.

Let me tell you this. I’m not reading today; I want to work on my book. Am I that weak Lady Lu for you know who? How can a writer be as such, we create worlds and people; you think I was going to mention God? Well, I did make my character a Minister. Once upon a time, there was this church lady who told me I would become a minister. I’m sure this isn’t what she had in mind. How many times have I said it, build paradise, be surrounded by pretty “angels.” While also like My Dæmon, finding a multitude of comfy spots and never getting up until hunger demands. However, with his face, he’s never going hungry, and as for me, Lady Lu? Well, my life isn’t the most prolific thing of all, but how many stars?

No, You Willie A Critic?

I Will Have No Fear

Log 236 ~Will You Say Hi~

I don’t get high anymore, which is the last of my vices as far as putting things into my body, well other than loads of sugar, I do need something to keep up, ladders, ladies, and loads of words because I rather not speak. “Will You Say Hi”

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Log 236 ~Will You Say Hi~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and you have to be crazy to pull that off. Now don’t get me wrong, Lady Lu, I’m less crazy than most. Not that I’m trying to distinguish between madness like Silver Linings Playbook. One of these days, I’m going to give a brief lesson on morality to show why I’m not a Trump Supporter. Let me be honest, though; standing with Trump is more STUPIDITY than insanity. I hate saying that because I know a few Trumpers. Those same people would call me everything under the sun, so I understand.

So let’s start across the pond. Part of the reason I’m a bit late talking to you is that I’ve been writing. Oh, is that what I call it Lady Lu? It’s not every day you can tell someone every “dirty” thought in your head. Ahh, the wonders of Erotica. While I’m busy writing it, I haven’t been reading. By now (Thursday), I should have finished Siren by Hazel Grace. Right now, much like Davina’s lovers, I can’t breathe. It’s always the same with any good story; I’ll do anything not to finish. It’s real Lady Lu, even a moment ago. Indiana Gone has me looking forward to something that still hasn’t arrived. A few minutes ago, I saw the FedEx guy deliver a package to another house. Now I know it’s not mine, but I want to go over like I’m a Porch Pirate.

Better I do something crazier like, climbing the roof, for example, hold up a minute? Please excuse me; I’ve started watching a lot of “Girlfriend Reviews” on YouTube lately but back to Amazon. If I’m not buying books, waiting on packages, why not look for a ladder. Am I that eager to die, like when I sent that girl a bustier with my name on it, what the hell? I’ve told you before I don’t seem to be learning from history, which takes me right back to writing that story for Cherry. Am I going to share that with everyone? For all I know, her father is hopping on a plane to come after me at some point. I have a hell of a time dealing with people at the Day Job. Still, you know what’s driving me up the walls. The humming won’t stop.

Only I sooner not greet anyone; Will You Say Hi?

I Will Have No Fear

News of The Fallen: Genesis BOOK REVIEW

If you send angels to Hell, you get demons, though six of these orphans were about 90% there and then we have Joseph Kelly aka Gabriel who’s as close to a saint as you’ll get in a land full of sinners and he has a message. News of The Fallen Genesis.

I read a meme the other day from “The Onion.” They are having trouble writing stories more idiotic than reality. The actual news isn’t helping either. I’ve also read the “His Dark Materials” series. Wow if someone didn’t have a beef with the catholic church or religion in general. Back in my YA novel days, so move over Mr. Pullman because Tillie Cole has come to town. The first book I read from her “Sick Fux” was a home run, and so was “The Fallen: Genesis.” Okay one tiny beef but Five Stars all the way, though I had to give it four in truth.

Tillie Cole has never been one to shy away from the taboo. Now it takes a certain kind of mind to get into this writer’s material. I have good friends, bought one a copy of Sick Fux and recommended her to one more. To this day I can’t tell you what the two of them think. When I started reading The Fallen: Genesis, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Considering I’m reading “Raphael” now should be proof enough, I enjoy her titles. You can say though they are like the news. At least you won’t cry, and you’ll want to stay lost in the story. Not as sexy as my last read from her mind you. There also seems to be a pattern in some way. Like I said taboo, broken kids, evil men, and a bloodbath with a promise of more to come. The wrong choice of words, hmm but we’ll get to that. I won’t even give you the stop me if you’ve heard this part babble.

We have a good boy, a bad boy that’s his brother and five more would-be killers. Compared to the men that hold them, these boys should be saints. All given the names of the archangels. Can’t say I’m a fan of the Bible, but I know Gabriel, Michael, and was never quite sure on Raphael. So with the other names as long as you know who the good guys and the bad guys are right? I’ll give you a hint; anybody with the title of Father is evil. The big-name you’ll have to remember is Joseph Kelly known as Gabriel. The story centers on him and the love of his brothers; another rescue mission type. I keep comparing this to Sick Fux I know. When you have a great idea going, you keep rolling. Not that this novel is sweet until the end and then it’s a particular idea of sweetness. Now it does come out of nowhere but who doesn’t dream of incredible wealth.

I hope I haven’t given too much away by now. If anything the book is fantastic and Tillie Cole has to be in my top five authors. The Fallen: Genesis does its best to warn you, but you will still be shocked. If you aren’t one for this type of genre, well you might have turned a blind eye to the crimes of the so-called faithful. Not saying you have to read it but I highly recommend that you do so. Only there will be blood and the idea that all parties involved in a way have the right to do as they will. Of course, you will root for one side over the other.

As I said, the story focuses on Joseph Kelly and a tidbit on his brother James. Joseph wants two things in the world, to save his brother and devote himself to God. It’s in these two quests that lead him into serious trouble. The other characters, with one mention of a page or two, are all evil. You can see Joseph heading that way himself though he lacks the inclinations. From coming to terms about his brother and then his five adopted brothers. Of course, this grants them all books. Only with the church though we have Holy Innocents and then there are The Brethren.

Joseph is cool-headed except when he sees the true nature of The Brethren. His brother James has a pure bloodlust, and those that come after are all quite mad. Joseph or I should say Gabriel has righteousness. We all should feel as such. He only doesn’t have the power until he gets his miracle. Talk about being a walking example of the law of attraction. If this tale has any saving grace within the religious overtones, it’s merely prayer. I’m sure somebody would say prayer works with what happens near the end. Gabriel takes the role of a god-fearing man wishing to walk with the sinners. Now, what route I would have chosen instead. I see where the author was heading with Raphael being first. Which makes me curious about how the other brothers will meet, dare some form of salvation. The ending of this title though’s quite manageable indeed.

The Brethren, scary I know evil religious people like that. Again Gabriel kept calm for the most part because everyone reading this book? Let’s say you will have no problem hating these men. I shouldn’t even call them men but monsters to what they do to these seven orphans. There’s also Miller that’s pretty convenient but understandable. In a way, he was dumb, but he had no idea what had happened, and once he learned well? I know we could all use a Miller in such a line of work. The few other characters there were did serve their purpose. There was one telling Gabriel where his brother might have ended up. There were those with no names that became cannon fodder and had me hungering for the war to come. What about the other blind eyes and closed mouths who would be of service? Then there is one more character I won’t give away yet if you’re still reading up to this point, thanks.

One of my favorite parts for real is the prisoners introducing their sin of choice. Now I had several good moments and as far as The Fallen? Yeah, I want to be Gabriel, but that’s because I want that type of power. With the others, I was tempted to do some research on their names. I only know now that Raphael was a Healer but reading his title he is something different. It’s also weird that Gabriel, in his sure way, adopted a system of faith. Once more, I bring up Sick Fux. Now that was Alice in Wonderland; here we have the church’s principals.

So if I liked this book so much why only the four stars? Five stars worthy no doubt and this might reveal more about me to some extent. I should have seen it coming with it being the Catholic Church and all. I also let it slide when it came to the first title I read of this author. I should also mention I like how she has these playlists for her books. A few of the songs are on my phone this second. There will also be spoilers going forward so please go and get a copy of this book. It will convince you to read the whole series.

Anyway, this is only me; I didn’t like the sexual aspect in this one. It’s a prequel, it’s an all-boys school, not that I’m backing it in Sick Fux either. I guess I try to avoid the gay genre, does that make me a terrible person? We all have some triggers; this is mine. It’s not much, some torture but it did knock a star off. Was there anything else I didn’t like, well as a reader wanting Gabriel to go war immediately. I keep saying it reminds me of her other work, but that’s not bad at all. If the worlds were somehow connected though I wouldn’t be surprised. There was so much it this offering Tillie Cole even added a glossary. These days I’m reading Raphael and trying to come up with a good defense for his actions. I’m guessing there might be a commandment change or an amendment here or there ha.

My favorite part of this book had to be living the dream. Who among us doesn’t think about being told we have more money. Then Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg combined? To have enough power to fight the Catholic Church if need be, that’s wealth. Again I imagine Gabriel’s ideology, which got strange. One evil learning from the darker. Don’t get me wrong though; I’m for The Fallen no doubt. Let’s not get started on my history when it comes to organized faith. I’ll say that Gabriel makes it “fun” again. Even the idea he’ll let his brothers do as they please with restrictions of course. The Fallen: had me guessing from the start and left me wondering at the end. What about the space in the middle; a straight shot, the pages fly-by, and all you ask for is more? Still, none of us was in Purgatory hmm? I’m sure The Fallen indeed felt a certain kind of way.

For all the sadness and righteous anger, I feel, I know I like this book and this author. Tillie Cole is one of the few that will go to this level of taboo. If I’m lucky, my writing will get anywhere close to this level someday. If you’re not super religious or a catholic, the ideas shouldn’t bother you. Not quite an erotica, I read it for an erotica group but more like an invitation to it maybe. Or I suppose you could watch the developments about the church daily, News of The Fallen Genesis.


A girl like Rainey Summer Day deserves more than a five and what I paid for this title, I’ll say it is worth every single penny and then some; Lily White sure knows how to bring on the heat and the taboo. I Got Five On It

I Got Five On It

Now that’s no way to talk about a lady, but you should hear how Rainey Summer Day talks about herself. Indeed how Lily White speaks about everything. Now I can’t say I’m much better at what I’ve made women say about themselves. All I know is The Five is one of the dirtiest books I’ve ever read next to Lily’s “The Director.” Even that Tillie Cole title “Sick Fux.” Anyway for the gentlemen in the audience? If less is more, you get a good idea in Pure Taboo’s film “Guidance.”

Not saying guys don’t read any Erotica. Case and point still I’m one for language, or it could be the bombardment of sex in this title. Most stories are one to five ha drawn-out sex scenes. With this, you’re hit with it over and over. It’s a mishmash of fornication. Quick and to the point but never dull. You’ll be living on the edge of your seat. Though to be fair you’ll know what’s coming or rather who. Still, you’ll only want it all the more with each page that flies by to be sure. Like the character of Rainey, you’ll only crave so much more. How this title will deliver, whatever your fix is, sex, blood, a love story.

Despite everything, keep in mind that this is a love story. The typical how is the lovely girl going to get out of this predicament. Now her paramour never being the prince. Though comparing him to everyone else, is one man better or worse? The author attempts to steer you towards one. Only as you get deeper and deeper into the secrets of Rainey, you’ll say, yeah that’s not the way it’s going to go. For others that might be a fan of C.D. Reiss’s title Forbidden. It’s not a negative by any means. You’ll be rooting for Rainey, and one of the “gentlemen” leads throughout. So yeah I might end up giving it away at some point. May I have more restraint than Rainey.

There is one secret, though and I must have been too blind to see it. Until it comes out near the end, I wish I can say I was playing doctor. No, if anything, I wanted to be a customer as evil as they were towards Rainey. With this title though Lily White has easily made my top five in this genre. While I know, that doesn’t count for much. Only this is one more title of hers that I have become addicted to sigh.

Now stop me if you’ve heard this one. A young girl gets into trouble with guys, though in Rainey’s case she walked right on in. Still, because of her age, we’re to assume she’s trapped, which is true enough. I give marks to the author because of this. Sadly this might show what kind of man I am. Most of these titles the girl isn’t that young. They don’t dare to cross the line. Not Lolita young but depending on the age of consent. That didn’t stop anybody with Rainey.

So Rainey is the only survivor of a murder spree. Anyway seeing as how she’s bruised herself and tied up at the time we get to meet Justin Redding. A doctor sent to evaluate her guilt or innocence of the crime in question. Even so, most of the story is Rainey telling a tale of the Connors. Four men guilty of abusing her but the youngest Rowan. Don’t get your hopes up that isn’t the five, anyway. Rowan was the one to care for her. The story switches back and forth between Justin speaking of his interview with her. Only Rainey continues the tale and then comes the somewhat bombshell.

That’s the only negative that you’ll hear from me. Again I wasn’t looking to be surprised I was rooting for the outcome the whole time. I don’t see how the author could hold back as long as she did. Also, she has a good understanding of men. Most women would hate that men think like this. Many men might hate the casting as such, but I was sitting there. No, I wasn’t falling in love with Rainey, pity yes but yeah I would be going to Hell. Every character was covered. If anything, you are only hoping that it gets raunchier. I mean with everyone that Rainey encounters in bed or out. For example, the two detectives. Justin could set his sights elsewhere. Rather than with his subject, his obsession.

The plot isn’t new. I’m always amazed at how specific authors can spin it this way and that to tell their story. Along with the different voices, each showing a particular aspect. I would never call Rainey a heroine but a survivor. How you’ll find nothing is lacking at the end, and everyone got what they deserved. I remain sad for Rainey despite it all. I’m just as guilty as all those preyed upon her.

If I were going to recommend The Five, it would be those that study killers as a hobby the real-life stories of evil. Though there is death in this, there is so much more sex I’m sugarcoating it. Why should I, it’s a five-star masterpiece as was The Director and for the record. With that book, my beef is I can’t buy a copy to put on my bookshelf. So that was a different sort of darkness that I relished.

The truth, if you read stories the real horrors that some have experienced. If you bleed for the victims and at the same time, you want to know more. You want every visceral image. This fictional account will get you there. It’s like that scene in The Silver Linings Playbook. Pat listens to Tiffany recount her many sexual exploits and Pat gets so turned on. How you only want to take the girl on the table right there. The Five itself comes with a trigger warning. If you know anything about drugs and trading sexual favors, or abuse, you might want to skip this one. Now at the same time, it might help some heal with its way. While Rainey isn’t real, the exploits are seen every day in reality.

So why the five stars? Well other than the colorful language and the constant abuse of Rainey. How does she fulfill so many dark fantasies? Again Lily White doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects. There’s light at the end of many dark tunnels? Only I choose the darkness again and again. There is only a trace amount of a redemption arc when it comes to Rainey and spoiler alert Rowan who she chooses. Even Rowan forced his desires on her. How she never became a saint, she only delved into worse. The same with Justin, who couldn’t keep it in his pants despite wanting to come out as Rainey’s hero. In some shape or devilish form, which is why he got his ending of course.

Dare I say it was like Winston and Julia in 1984? That I can’t help wanting a Rainey of my own, now how sick is that? I know but yes I Got Five On It.

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~

The freaks come out at night as the song goes, so tonight I decided to stay in, though in the back of my mind there is a former brain surgeon taking advantage of a robot he built, though I’m more for “natural.” “Man Made Monsters Will”

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, which allows me to invest in Studio Fow. One of many interests, but as you know, I am one for the horror. Yes, my interest in Teratophilia is somewhat of a weird evolution. Considering I’ve written of the Dead, a Mold, and The Beast “ravishing” the living I’m only a man Dirty Diana, scary enough.

For women, it must be a regular house of horrors. This morning, of course, I caught myself looking in a mirror (shudders). Okay, not the direction I wanted to go in, but I have noticed a few gray hairs. One of the problems with getting old is I’ve seen too much; is that a problem? I was telling Indiana Gone about some old timer Disney memories, and back then I didn’t do fairytales. The thing is though I would DO Belle, I would tie up Elsa and fuck Anna. Am I sure I’m not a masochist torturing myself? I always liked the idea of Slave Jasmine, and I can continue. I’ve recounted the story enough that the first time I saw porn, I remember it was Hentai, Princess Ayeka naked. A return to innocence, hasn’t that always been my thing?

I’ve read the stories of guys hitting on Disney princesses in the park. Hell, there was that episode of TBBT where the girls dressed up as those fairytale pinups. Dangerous thoughts I know men transformed with primal lust. Only women have sought the fountain of youth more than any man. As for me, I only look forward when it comes to some dystopian society or hell I can go for aliens. It might seem strange how I write about women, and the idea of ordinary men being with them is a bit saddening. Plenty of books go along about healthy relationships. Others show the alpha male dynamic. Then you have either the older woman or the vulnerable young virgin. In my story, you have a man that rewrites DNA, a self-made prophet, and The Beast.

Monsters always get the girls, do you wonder why that is Dirty Diana? Yesterday I talked about what some have made me out to be, and you know how I hate to disappoint a pretty face. I know today hasn’t been so sexy but even my many monsters, these Tentacles need a day off. Loving My Man Made Monsters Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 003 ~Bang The Will Slowly~

I can’t stop, and I do mean writing my novel ha, fortunately, I got 4,600 words down before all the fireworks, and I left off with a sex scene in a bombed out city so thank you July 4th fireworks. “Bang The Will Slowly.”

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Log 003 ~Bang The Will Slowly~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but I wouldn’t waste any of that on FIREWORKS. Happy Independence Day except for my addiction. As Negan would put it, “Today was a productive damn day.” Four thousand six hundred words added to my nameless novel. Only I didn’t look at porn, though I did find a site called “Oldje.” No, I didn’t go to it but damn Pinterest as always, I broke my streak because of girls like Audrey. Let’s be real though, after my nap; it was an Oldje and cosplay Wendy.

You remember the fast food joint from Saint’s Row, “Freckle Bitch’s? That’s what the cosplay girl made me think of and also Court With Confidence. When you’re writing a story, it’s somewhat unbelievable what you come up with sometimes. Limitless somehow when you’re pulling all these references from everywhere. It can be scary considering I cut off a man’s dick because he didn’t want to save his wife. How about and here’s an important plot point a man doesn’t want to get rough with his wife. It turns out the executioner’s wife is a robot, and he doesn’t want her to know. Of course, he went all out on one of his victims, leaving her in a pool of cum. The tattoo artist is also in love with robotic Audrey.

I don’t know what it is about some girls but for now other than gangbangs and executions the sex is pretty tame. Four chapters in; what am I waiting for you ask? Well, I set my alarm for something, but it turns out there was no need. My motivations say you can’t be patient for the things you want, which brings me back to how much I got done today. Yes, in bed but I’m taking the win. With today I’m at 9,800 which is nice heading into 50,000, I could even skip a day. No I won’t go giving myself ideas, I need those for, my story filled sex romp. If I weren’t so tired I would be looking up all those sites I’m going to beat out one day. What’s that about Rome not being built in a day. Still, they were fantastic for an orgy. They borrowed from the Greeks and aren’t I with my tools of the gods. If only I could keep mine in the toolbox; Bang The Will Slowly.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 361 ~Will Of The Moment~

The first days I realized a girl could make me feel anything but fear and now as an “adult” *snickers* hell what kind of man “should” will I be and anybody that says “be yourself” deserves a spanking. Will Of The Moment

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Episode 361 ~Will Of The Moment~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but an epiphany can come cheap. Now I know what you’re thinking, that one moment, my senior year of high school. To think that had nothing to do with sex. The second, of course, has everything to do with it, feeling, control, and my wisdom.

I’m a dominant, a sadist, and a rich man. Even with all that, I am still afraid. So what’s wrong with one moment of freedom? Someone said that not all people use their freedom responsibly. My philosophy remains you can do what you want as long as you don’t harm others. I still think of when my “big sister” told me you don’t build a strip club next to a school. True enough, but people would rather have my fear of their fear. Think “Prayers For Bobby” or “Me Before You.” I must be unhappy for others to be happy. What makes me happy is sex, but that’s not allowed. With all the monsters roaming the Earth I’m looked at as one. My novels, studies, these words Dirty Diana give but a moment of freedom. The thing is one can become obsessed, a junkie even.

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
Oscar Wilde

Doesn’t sound sexy I know, I’m still on Brainbuddy. Now, as it says above, sex is about power, and above all else, that’s what I want. Power without sex; well, let’s skip the philosophical, political, painstaking research. “Deliciae Dolor” The Pleasure of Pain in the book or Delight Pain by Google Translate. My pleasure comes from the pain of others. Again I reiterate the fact that I’m versed in “Safe, Sane, Consensual” (SSC). Also, “Risk-aware consensual kink” (RACK). What I’m getting at is what gets me off the fastest, not that I’m one for leaving a woman wanting. The difference between The Handmaid’s Tale and Whitney Wright in Angelic Bride To Anal Angel. (I didn’t watch any of it). I guess that doesn’t make me any different than most people ha.

My fetishes make me fearless, except trying to explain them. The acts give me a type of control in lives that I never see in mine. The wisdom, if you only knew Dirty Diana. Most supervillains are certified geniuses. Dennis Hof ran gas stations before brothels and Jimmy Stephens well he knows the law well. I only want to forget everything, but I still deny myself Will Of The Moment.

I Will Have No Fear