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Episode 155 ~Are You There, Break Through~

Maybe I miss cracking open a good book, eight hours a day doing something you hate is enough to anesthetize one’s heart, and that’s great to keep the monster locked up in his cage I suppose. Are You There, Break Through.

A Feat Under His Heel

I wish I could have gotten up, not that I have to, my Kindle is full of books, but I had to take that first step to read this, and I could not stop, also another reason nobody saw me reading this book at work. A Feat Under His Heel, quite a challenge

When Girls Come To Church

Now this is worth getting up for on a Sunday morning, hell when I was younger my parents would drag me to church, and I would spend time in the balcony reading, nothing akin to this, but it’s better than the Bible. “When Girls Come To Church” though?

Ven Will These Women Learn

How does one win at life, I heard in a song that life is game for everyone and love is the prize and I never much agreed with that but while I am here looking for what I would consider a victory I might as well read some. “Ven Will These Women Learn”

Lesson 348 ~A Star Is Porn~

Am I jealous that I have no hand for pictures, so I rely on words, and some girls don’t send nudes but the creativity it takes to imagine such but am I honestly, I’ll admit seeing is believing and helps the writing process? “A Star Is Porn”

Lesson 341 ~Peeping John, Dick, Willy~

Sometimes I feel like I’m not writing, but I am merely a spectator, I guess what I saw today is still processing so I let another eye on this, you know the one, and he hasn’t anything better to do these days. Peeping John, Dick, Willy.

Lesson 139 ~Because Books Become Beguiling…~

Write, Wow, Win, I feel a new rule coming on at some point but shouldn’t ever word now be going to those 50,000 that I owe… well not really anybody, just like these lessons that I’m apparently not learning, as Because Books Become Beguiling

A Captive in the Dark

Turn off the lights and light a candle… okay maybe not because this wasn’t exactly a romantic story, I’m talking dark erotica for virgins here, but you’ll have to read it to see. A Captive in the Dark, the sun sort of hurts my eyes, up late

Wake Up and Smell the Nuts Everyone

The Catholics think they have some bad publicity but there are still plenty of them running around, not to mention several other “churches” glad I got to read about a fictional one for a change. Wake Up and Smell the Nuts Everyone, it’s pretty crazy.

The Secret Life of “Pet” Book Review

Sugar Baby 101, you never talk about the money, hell Pet never did I’m not going to, this is simply the review of a tale of a submissive young woman and a rich guy here or there. “The Secret Life of Pet”, it’s no secret that it is a decent read.

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