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Steps, Beats, Breaths, She Left

It’s a disease this thing called love and I know how dangerous it can be or so I heard; it’s an addiction without any type of rehab. Steps, Beats, Breaths, She Left, one girl was so close, the right girl I’m afraid is so much farther away…

Feather Ed

Did you leave your wings at home, sometimes even angels fall, or maybe did you forget how to fly… all the things I was thinking about saying when I saw my crush in an ankle cast today. Feather Ed… they once used feathers for a lot of things

Mattress Goals

It’s a small world after all… everything I need on one street, a girl or “the girl” could be pretty close, and my bed is awfully big enough then again… I’ve never had another person in it. “Mattress Goals”… I want to share but love on the edge…

The Distance to You

It’s why I’m still breathing… because she is so far away right now but am I running towards her or away from her; no clue. The Distance to You… seems to answer the question but I’m not sure I believe it and maybe I should just enjoy the air

A Bit Soon for Paradise

Because I’ve never been loved by a girl… hell I’ve never been kissed by a girl and my crush is not just another girl; she has to be an angel. “A Bit Soon for Paradise”… because how else do I see an angel… coming down or am I “up” again

Happy Endings Don’t Splat… Sometimes

I see what could be happily ever after; I see my beautiful crush, so why would I want to close my eyes for even a second… a kiss and other things perhaps. Happy Endings Don’t Splat… Sometimes, maybe that’s why it’s better I can’t reach her.

Horizontal Planning

I’ve never been kissed… to be quite honest I think it was actually easier to put a man on the moon; people have faith, the world is ending, and love is crazy but being with me, now how would that happen? Horizontal Planning…

Building Headboards… Harder, Higher

After you break a heart I think everything else gets easier… I wouldn’t know, I’ve never broken any girl’s heart before and of the girls that have broken my heart, well they were not just girls I suppose. Building Headboards… Harder, Higher

Frequent Pounding

See Me Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c56wHxu3sjg Once bed springs were singing and an angel was bouncing counting the ways to paradise; Clinging not to the wings she had lost nor to the blankets, pillows, surrounding but the man and the pleasure mounting… Continue Reading →

Better off Faithful

If for every wish a star went out would you never wish again or I heard once a fairy keels over whenever someone says “I don’t believe in fairies”; I saw one of my crushes today and thought of the things I want from her. Better off Faithful

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