Gospel 114 ~Willing The Story’s End~

There was a time I would read with a former friend of mine, and she would absolutely refuse to read the next book in the series. Or something else from the author because she liked the first ending. “Willing The Story’s End.”

Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Gospel 114 ~Willing The Story’s End~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I must want to live forever. Well, considering I told my “Olds” no to early voting means I could have signed my death warrant. Once again, Lady Sophia, I’m voting on Nov 3, but will I be around to tell whoever that I did so?

You know that I don’t like anyone on the ballot, to be honest. I despise MAGA hats. On top of all that SIGH, I hate my “father’s” name appearing on the phone. How about wasting time seeing where he and my mother were going? Day ruined, and it’s 9:00 am. What else do I hate reading? Besides his name and the time. I give you this Lady Sophia, “Lord of the Flies,” and “The Moonstone.” Two books I couldn’t get through the first 50 pages. Does that mean I’m STUPID, that BORED? Would the ENDINGS be worth all of it? Even in my novel, I still mourn the deaths of a family. In the second, I grieve for a dead girl and an upcoming marriage. Despite everything, I always figured I wanted to be in love and be a family man. Only that wasn’t the story’s end in any form.

So why all the talk of endings I don’t want to see? I guess it starts with last night. Being the loser I am, it’s been a while since I’ve been on a midnight “Drive.” Yeah, right, it was 7:00 pm before the debate. Anyway, I was scared you’d be reading I got smashed up good. What would M. Anime think about that? I haven’t talked to Indiana Gone forever. Still, being a married, social working college student doesn’t give much time to gab. If anything, I’m only hoping that I don’t scare M. Anime off. I’ve known her longer. However, I wish Eric Vall’s book was a bit longer, but he’s written a series of about 17 of them and even more titles. Of course, Sunday, GULP will still sit unpublished. What about all of my other series waiting?

I don’t fear failure Lady Sophia; I fear the endings. The last one I ever witnessed was Detroit: Become Human, and how many ends does that have again? Hell being a writer, means that I want to be immortal. Eternal, “Always and Forever,” a song.

You and me, um three hours. Willing The Story’s End

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 107 ~Read Dead Redemption Will~

Another week, one more book read the same subject but a different author. All I can ask is, when did I get into monsters? I guess it explains how I got inspired by Adam and his “first wife,” and I don’t mean Eve *hint*. Read Dead Redemption Will

Friday, October 16, 2020

Gospel 107 ~Read Dead Redemption Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I’m sure I’ll own a vineyard someday. The thing is, Lady Sophia, I don’t even drink. Now sure I have my addictions, you know the one I’m fighting. I sleep far too much for my liking. When I was a child, it was only reading. Hell, this morning, I finished another Eric Vall title. You know I’m trying to stay “Family-Friendly,” so if you look up his name, that’s your fault. I’m also heavy into A.J. Markham. That’s about 11 bucks spent on the third book of both of their series, and that’s only today.

So why aren’t I doing more reading; that leads me to the revelation I had earlier. Upon finishing my latest book, I decided to brag on Goodreads. I had around 45 emails, and I told myself I’m only going to sign in on Goodreads. Yeah, I’ll also drop some money on Amazon and pick out new books. Sorry A.J. um Eric won this round. Only if I got an email, I would delete 5. It took me over 4 hours because I kept getting messages. It’s not that I’m not reading Lady Sophia; it’s that I’m reading honestly ungodly amounts. Excuses again, I hear you, My Lady. Those are the only things I write nowadays, like promising I’m only going to take a 10-minute nap at 12:50 PM. Here we are 3 hours later. What is with all the numbers?

Anyway, now you can see why I missed Pinterest so much. While I was in the process of waking up, I did start another board for writing. Yes, you best believe I locked it down. So my work for NaNoWriMo come November will be about fruit. That’s all I’m allowed to share with you and the present time. To be fair, I don’t have a title for it, but maybe when I get the twenty chapters down, I’ll have some ideas. Each chapter will feature fruit in the name, hopefully. Okay, so without further ado:

She’s My Cherry Pie
Life is a bowl of cherries
Cherry Condition
Cherry Bomb

Peaches and Cream
Big Melons
Go Bananas
Second Bananas

Apples and Oranges
Apple Of My Eye
American As Apple Pie
Bad Apple
Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

Plum Assignment
Grapes Of Wrath
Strawberry Fields Forever
Forbidden Fruit
In The Garden Of Eden

Well, I still don’t have a proper title. And this was a lot harder than it looks, but I did have fun doing it. Except I’m looking forward to WWE. I have to write a new intro for the guild that I’m now in charge of. How about how badly I’m being beaten in Call me a LEGEND? Is it still so strange that all I want to do is close my eyes? Aren’t there more important things that aren’t related to me? No Lady Sophia, you won’t be reading my obituary any time soon but Read Dead Redemption Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review “Book Review”

This is a long-overdue sequel to my review on The Fallen Genesis. Yet, it shows how long this story has stayed with me and how I still listen to the soundtrack from October… of 2019. Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review, when lust becomes love

Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review

“Chastity will cure Lust.” Raphael

“When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.” ― 1 Corinthians 13:11 (Bible)

Well, when I was a child, the name Raphael meant one thing. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though I always thought of myself as more of a Donatello. Until I got clued in, I wasn’t that smart, so my thoughts on Tillie Cole’s book Raphael? I can tell you I liked it, and since I’m not one to waste time, I gave it five stars. Of course, that’s not why you’re here. It’s not for my philosophy on life or art either. So I promise you I’ll do what I can to explain the novel. How dare I, but okay, SIGH.

Raphael is the sequel to Tillie Cole’s novel The Fallen: Genesis. That’s the prequel to the Deadly Virtues series. I take it to mean that each story will be another of the Seven Deadly Sins. I know Ker Dukey is doing something like that too, but that’s neither here nor there. As far as Tillie Cole, I’ve read three of her tales. Sick Fux is still my favorite, but Raphael is in second place, no doubt. If you know my biases, you will understand why. I should add I’m not one for religion even though I am hoping for the second circle if there is a Hell. What guy doesn’t and you’ll have to excuse me, I lost myself in Far Cry 5 for a while. Is that why this review took so long? On that note, Raphael is full of lust with some madness and mayhem that I won’t give away until the end. So the first book in the series covered Gabriel; this is more of Raphael’s story.

“Hardships aged the soul even if the skin your body wore told another story.” Raphael

Now living up to the promises of the first. We see Raphael has come into his own as a man. Doing what seems to come naturally, he has become a proficient killer and is sent on the hunt by his big brother. Again there isn’t much bloodshed until such a point and time. And that’s because he comes face to face with his little rose. Maria, a nun in training who finds herself in the wrong place at the right time. A monster, a miracle, but a must-have for Raphael. Can’t say I fault the man at all because I liked her too. Now, I didn’t like the Brotherhood, which makes them the best kind of villains. If you told me such a group existed in reality, I wouldn’t argue. Oh yeah, they do, they’re called the Catholic Church. I also admire an author that will take a shot at the “faithful” at any time.

I am a fan of the His Dark Materials series of books, well the three I read. Haven’t I come up since then reading these types of stories? I guess you shouldn’t answer that. There are also a few excellent touches of BDSM in Raphael as far as Maria’s neck is concerned. She also comes with quite a dark past that she doesn’t want to look “BACK” on; that’s a hint. It is pretty gruesome. Yet nobody gets into this expecting everything to be sweetness and light. For me, it was another incredible take in an ongoing erotica genre motif.

“What must it be like to live a life of such darkness?” ― Tillie Cole.

For the most part, the novel speaks about Raphael and Maria. The two protagonists, a lust story that turns into a love story. I say lust gets a bad rap, but again it’s the second circle but the first where any punishment gets dealt out. We see that from Raphael and the other Fallen members. And The Brotherhood, as they begin to launch a counterstrike. I was quite excited to see how far this war would go. As anyone could have guessed with Raphael and Maria’s future trials. Their tribulations.

Except for being a killer, Raphael is a pretty decent human being. A man with a fetish for some lengthy hair, a lean neck, and long stem roses. He also frequents sex clubs. For ravishing good times, to reveal his psyche and his revelations. I’m not sure if they received mentions in the first book, but it’s what Gabriel has named his assignments. You see that in Raphael that every target is tailor-made for the brother who goes. I’ve heard of honor amongst thieves. And that was something that disappointed me about his character. I swear I turned lawyer as soon as “it” went down but still for Raphael to pull such a stunt. Yes, ladies, all men are that dumb when it comes to a particular girl. Another way of saying it would be, am I my brother’s keeper. Yes, I am, although I could name a few celebrities I know here or there.

“You have taken everything we are, the blood oath, our brotherhood, our commandments, and turned your back on us. All for a woman.” Tillie Cole

Maria, on the other hand, was portrayed perfectly. The naïve young woman with a past, a promise, and a pact with the Devil to boot. She is Raphael’s fantasy made flesh, and from the moment he sets eyes on her, they were both goners. The only problems she had were all the results of men. From the monsters who handled her to those, she found herself with eventually. Well, maybe not, but that’s for another story, I suppose. Maria made the perfect submissive. How it makes you think about religious women in general. She had daddy issues, but also the rest of the family suffered the same fate. The family issue is better, well no. Could we call it a suspension of disbelief with some of the calls she made in this tale? I’ll say so, but her love for Raphael, I swear if a woman found me so captivating, marriage wouldn’t be far behind.

Still, Raphael swore himself to his brothers and Maria well? There are reasons I don’t trust the church anymore, and no, I was never a catholic. I felt terrible for The Fallen, and it was upsetting that Maria gave in to how she lived such a life for so long. Together though, against the world, well, that’s the sort of love I know we all want. One more reason I read these types of titles, oh, and seeing The Brotherhood and The Fallen face off. Was that a spoiler, well I hope you’re ready for more, or you could stop right here if you like.

“Sin is simply due to the absence of love.” Raphael

Five stars all the way around and not only for sex. Yes, there’s horrific violence. Of course, none of that was aimed at Maria; did I say that out loud. She signed up for it when it came to Raphael, which wasn’t violence but their consensual kink. Right up until the end of the title.

“He was a sinner. He was going to hell. But he was sure this was how heaven would feel. Warmth and bliss and whole-body pleasure.” ― Raphael by Tillie Cole

Okay, OFFICIAL SPOILER WARNING, are you ready, are you? The sex is top-notch, but it’s the last bit when Maria is looking at death in the face. She wants to fulfill Raphael’s most fantastic fantasy. To be honest, I have told women some of mine. 50% of the time, it works every time, haha. Maria lives and “dies” his. If you don’t literally see that scene when you’re reading it, the fight with the Brotherhood. The Fallen standing together, how many movies wish they could set the stage so well. Puts me in The Matrix or John Wick, state of mind. To quote, Keanu Reeves ahem “GUNS, lots of guns” and other assorted hardware. At the very end, when Maria takes her place amongst The Fallen, how I’ve needed a sequel since yesterday. Now, I doubt they will ever make this a movie… did I mention the sex? Anyway, Tillie Cole has an excellent soundtrack.

So seeing as how I’ve given this novel a five-star rating, there can’t be anything wrong with it? Once again, I mention the lack of a sequel, and I’ve only read three titles from this author. Sick Fux will always be my favorite but never say never. Where could the author go with The Fallen? However, I would have thought there would have been more of a trial aspect. When Raphael broke the rules of The Fallen. That’s not a criticism, but I was already getting my arguments set up when it came to how they operated. If anything, it was a tad glossed over, um yep. It would have also been cool to hear about the rest of the Revelations. But again, there was a huge battle. There’s also the fact that it is set up ready for a sequel. I know I’m repeating myself but come on, we’re all still waiting and hoping.

If you’re what I think of as a “Holy Roller,” you’ll hate this book. I’m not one for hymns or spiritual music, but I would never have given it a chance if it wasn’t for this book. Yes, even I will listen to “Abide With Me.” You can even see the scenes in your mind in correlation to the soundtrack. Somehow I remained amazed that women like stories like this? Once again, not a criticism, only being a black man in America and I would never meet a girl like Maria. It’s like women searching for Prince Charming on the Disney Channel. Yes, the narrative is fictional, but one wishes. Interested, I hope so because this is a must-read. The type of story that stays with you and my word, how long has it taken me to get this full review out? I guess I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. My idea of Raphael’s Redemptive Rage Ravishment Review

Gospel 100 ~A Will Good Read~

One more week down and one more book read, not that I will change the challenge to fifteen. I don’t have that sort of faith but shouldn’t I read at least four “Holiday” stories, and NaNoWriMo is in November. “A Will Good Read,” someday

Friday, October 9, 2020

Gospel 100 ~A Will Good Read~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and “If You Don’t Know Me by Now,” I’m building a library. Now why I don’t care much for The Twilight Zone’s – Time Enough at Last (hits too close to home). What wouldn’t I give for all the time in the world to read AND write? Yeah, and what have I been doing for the last few hours again? Hell, I should note Eric Thomas’s words of giving up sleep. At least I woke up to good news. Geez, how I have missed Skybound’s compilations.

It’s a fitting reward for finishing the novel of the week. Now you know I can’t talk about it because it ain’t Thursday. Yet the ending was satisfying enough that I might turn back to Eric Vall’s works. Speaking of things I’m not finishing. Yes, so many different series and so little time. I wish I could tell you the name of my next prominent character. NaNoWriMo begins next month, and I’m no closer to finishing GULP this week. Hell, I did spend one whole night reading through a novel, Wake Me Up Before I Kill You. Yep, that’s what they call foreshadowing. Yes, My Lady, I noticed I’ve used “Hell” twice, but what can I say, it’s one of my favorite words. I’ve got a list of my most hated words, so why not my favorites. I’ve been saying I’m going to get a brand new Pinterest. Only I won’t use any of my words there, like never ever.

I’ve been much too busy reading My Dæmon’s medications and his new food. I’m talking vittles that look pretty good… not that I’m doing a taste test or anything. Only one more reason I’m late today. I went to two BBQ joints, and that Piggie Potato sent me to sleep. So what, did I come into some money? I’m afraid not, but I did work on an off day as if I “resurrected my cashflow.” I promise one of these days, you are going to get all my pop culture references. If I ever publish a book, I’ll be able to contact these celebrity people. “The beautiful people, the beautiful people,” as the song goes. Okay, so going back to my book. Dr. Sarah Annora Haven is covering up the fact that she murdered Deanna. When Father Bridgman should have.

What, the stories over already… it’s A Will Good Read.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 093 ~Will’s Got A TALE~

So I read ten books this year… yeah, compared to other years *cough* forty or more. Now I shouldn’t be coughing with what I read this morning. Between the president and the story Succubus, I should be writing or preparing. Will’s Got A TALE

Friday, October 2, 2020

Gospel 093 ~Will’s Got A TALE~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still lie. What rich person doesn’t lie? I don’t like to think of it like that, writing fiction that I forget, the fighting. Don’t forget all the FORNICATION. Apologies, Lady Sophia. I TELL too many TALES about well TAIL.

TELLING all the excuses I want to make this morning about why we’re late having this conversation. Yeah, did I misspell the word LAZY or how about FEAR. Geez, I’m not fond of this life, or my computer cord’s messing up or my Dæmon. Losing him is the great FEAR. I could be empathic and tell you my feelings on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen losing a child. What about the political news? The Trumps are having a hard time, but I’m trying not to be, um me. I could be drawing up protest signs or making my voice heard. Awesome if I could make myself clear to M. Anime. An intelligent mind, no doubt, and then again? Okay, I’ll shut up now. It’s not like I’m telling anyone else anything considering my friend’s list.

TALES, need to be told, Lady Sophia. In that case, where are the eight hundred words I pledged yesterday? Am I getting ready for NaNoWriMo? If I Were A Rich Man… yeah, I would do what Republicans do, cheat. Hell, I’m a poor man, and I’m not opposed to it. Seriously Lady Sophia, what am I going to write about? My Lady, I usually cast the Basic Bitch (pardon my language) as the villainess in my works. Of course, my last two novels have been inspired by Cherry. I don’t need to think about her, the second day, NO FAPPING.

TAIL isn’t what I want from her, no, not at first. It’s Yabbos. I know My Lady, never a day goes by that I don’t bring up sex. Maybe it’ll help if I said that I finished Succubus by A.J. Markham? I told you I spend all my money on Yabbos. I bought the second book. However, back to my works, babes, bullets, and brothels. If it’s not that, what about my poetry? You saw how it worked out with MILF Tres. At least I haven’t said anything STUPID about MILF Cuatro, a.k.a. Specs. I got to write for money, but the Day Job PAYS.

Thankfully my Dæmon’s story is ongoing. Will’s Got A TALE.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 086 ~For The Articles Willie~

Why does anybody read a specific magazine? I keep getting ads for Us Weekly, and while I cleaned the house, I threw a year’s worth of them away. I feel bad about not recycling them, but a particular lie makes me feel worse. “For The Articles Willie.”

Friday, September 25, 2020

Gospel 086 ~For The Articles Willie~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but how many of my role models are? Role Models, ROLE MODELS. Excuse me, Lady Sophia, but yet again, it hasn’t been forty-eight hours of NO FAP. So I’m thinking about that blondie from the UK. Geez, if I had to explain all my pop culture references. To be able to do it without embarrassing anybody else or me. You know I keep coming back to AHEM, why I was kicked off Pinterest. I suppose a few… right, a lot of my board titles crossed the line. Still, dear Lady Sophia SIGH, “It’s What I Do.”

Yesterday I talked to “someone” on Whisper and quoted the story “The Scorpion and the Frog.” It’s one of my faves, and that’s without any Yabbos; we’ll get there. Now in my quest not to write, I had an epiphany. What I write hurts people, myself, both, it just goes. Unlike the dictator of the USA, I’m excited to learn. Only this morning, I read another story about “The Scorpion and The Turtle.” It’s a lot like the first story. Still, in this version I researched, the Scorpion tries to sting the turtle, but he can’t. A turtle’s shell, right? Another reason I want to become a writer, I’m looking for my turtle? Well, that brings up ghastly thoughts of Mitch McConnell. Didn’t I say everything I write hurts? You sit down at your keyboard and bleed. Nobody wants to carry that weight, Lady Sophia.

This is why while I enjoy looking at Whitney Wright’s Yabbos, the story of Prom Night. Uh, I want to write like that, Lady Sophia. Could be, I want to say dirty words and have nobody complain. I say often, words have power, unlimited power. Entertaining the masses, more like people who would never admit to knowing my name. I’m not ashamed to confess I picked up a Playboy here or there. When they brought back nudity, Dennis Hof’s passing, oh, and Eileen Kelly. She’s incredible but wanted her naked. At the same time, I can’t get through a chat without mentioning Yabbos. Hell, this morning, I was trying to remember my Pinterest board. “Kleenexing Knockers… fill in the blank.” One-day, Lady Sophia, I’ll be carried everywhere. By teenage boys in backpacks, married men in phones, and naughty ladies’ nightstands.

From whence comes my inspiration, but you know the answer. Well, For The Articles Willie

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 079 ~Willy, That’s So Interesting~

Can’t say I have been reading a whole lot unless it was written on a body part. I’ve promised to read at least ten books this year, and I’ve barely gotten through eight. Do I have any other hobbies? “Willy, That’s So Interesting.”

Friday, September 18, 2020

Gospel 079 ~Willy, That’s So Interesting~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I should already be invested in several businesses. Perhaps this is blasphemy, but being a southern man, I don’t think I’ve ever been inside a Hobby Lobby. I’ve never gone through an episode of Game Of Thrones all the way. Neither did I care for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Wasn’t it just yesterday I said I didn’t like sports and I hate football. Ok, somebody wants to cut up my “Southern Card” right now. What you’ve never watched “It’s A Southern Thing” hm?

Now I didn’t mean to go in this way (maybe I did with the title.) Well, a great man said, “vote with your crotch.” Brains have their moments, guts too. Your heart can be broken. Your naughty bits, though, always know what they want. What is most pleasing to man? One of my motivations talks about this. You move towards your desire. Why do I know about GoT… Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Nathalie Emmanuel. I could go on. With Rocky Horror, “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me.” football, of course, has cheerleaders, Abbey Brooks, Alanah Rae, Kagney Linn Karter. Yes, all actresses but such are my interests and:

Reading, Writing, Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Music, Apocalptypic tunes from the 40s – 60s, Hiking, Movies, Pets, Anime, Youtube, Blogging, Video Games, Research, Zombie Survival, Virtual Reality, Girlfriend Reviews, WWE, Art, Paintball, Camping, Board Games, Meditation, Journaling, Learning About Electronics Laser Tag, Larping, Cosplay, Comic-Con, Looking For Models, Making Adult Videos AEE, BDSM, Sex Toys, Erotica…

Is that all? Hell, Trump slept with Stormy Daniels, and I find her Yabbos quite interesting. Trump’s the president but a white man who wants to be in charge. That ain’t new by any stretch of the imagination. Now my survival… let’s not go there, but people as a whole? I should show more interest, but who does in me, other than to make sure I’m not “stalking” them. It’s a difference between caring for Yabbos and them as a person. Either way ends up screwing me up, to be sure. So what’s the balance, is there such a thing? Lucky “I got that magic you call ADD” as the song goes. Well, I shouldn’t say that, and as a matter of fact, I’m not fond of the word interesting. People have nothing to say.

Like any books I’m writing… well, Willy, That’s So Interesting.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 072 ~Writing Will Be Selfish~

I get accused of being prideful all the time but never selfish. Everyone knows what I spend money on, and I didn’t even go out for breakfast, but that was because of something else in my pants. “Writing Will Be Selfish,” and I should learn to shut up

Friday, September 11, 2020

Gospel 072 ~Writing Will Be Selfish~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m still learning all the rules. Leave it to Monday being “Existence Day,” that I didn’t cover one. I did look up such and such instructions. On fixing the lawn trimmer, an email from Pinterest, and verification from… a secret. I should also mention Lady Sophia besides my “projects,” the little I’ve said of my sister’s birthday. It came right after Existence Day. I’ve missed saying Happy Birthday a few times and Congratulations. Here’s something; today is one more year down from the 9/11 attacks.

Writing or more to the point, my writing is quite a selfish undertaking. Now you ask me how I can say that? For example, don’t I share our chats with the world? Well, maybe not as much as Dirty Diana’s, but I want people to read. Words are weapons, Sophia. Taking a look at Twitter, didn’t I put myself to the hazard. Hell, it was DoubleMarshmallow @EroMaximus that was naked. Still, I said I wanted to see, so doesn’t that make me… Yep better not to voice some things, speak goodness so ok then yeah. Now I’m always sharing those Tony Baker and John Hunt videos with friends. For a moment, I was about to add, isn’t that innocent? They’re currently less Disney channel and more “So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel” like the song.

In truth Lady Sophia, I wish I could be more selfish. Now ask me why My Dæmon is scratching at the door. Writing hurts both of us in time. Ok, I have been out cold after cutting the grass and why’s that. My “Father” and all his words, so I know such raw power hm. I look to Pinterest, I think about Milfs Dos and Tres, Cherry as well. No woman appreciates being written about in such a manner. It’s far better than acting as a panty dropper for other men. And pornorific cornucopia, which is some of my journals. Entertaining as my stories are to me, I know that they won’t be published. I swear this morning, wasn’t I listening to all my motivations? Lady Sophia, I even came up with a new plan. I doubt Skye Warren or S. Wolf stoop so low.

Speaking of S. Wolf AHEM “Sex Zombies,” which is how I’ve been feeling and sleeping more. Writing Will Be Selfish.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 065 ~Will Protests Neighborhood Donations~

I never come back and read my work; unless I’m looking for a name for a woman who works in um “entertainment.” Anyway, a woman was asking for donations to fix the sign in the neighbor the other day and… Will Protests Neighborhood Donations.

Friday, September 04, 2020

Gospel 065 ~Will Protests Neighborhood Donations~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, well t-minus 3 days. Do you remember when I would play PCH every day, and all of a sudden, they were headed in this direction? I spent that day believing I won the grand prize. Of course, I didn’t, some lady did, but C’est la vie. I talk an awful lot about giving some women my money. It doesn’t matter if I’m cleaning, paying for my Dæmon’s meds, or if the chicks are animated. Yes, I’m still bankrolling plenty of artists. Nagoonimation, Niisath, and others, best not mentioned. Making a difference?

I didn’t cut a check or sign a money order for the sweet lady in the neighborhood. You know me, Lady Sophia, I can for damn sure write excuses. Now I meant to call Wednesday but my “father.” Yesterday I was slothful and let time wind down, without caring ever. How entertaining it is watching the Trump peons stumble over themselves. It’s inspiring to watch people stand-up for themselves. Hell, I even believe in the cause and have been waiting for this for… “What’s My Age Again?” So, where are my protests signs? Donations to the cause. I am sitting at over $1,000. I had more but did I mention how much I hate Serra Hyundai. A story for another time. I could be supporting Biden and Harris. Where’s my Black Lives Matter merch? Why aren’t I fighting against injustice?

Well, I write atrocities, so there’s that. The world is getting worse, and all I can think about is the worst day of my life coming up. If I’m not talking to you, Lady Soph, I’m writing the worse crimes because they turn me on. The things I like that I can’t; it still sucks. Honestly, you know how I feel about charity. No, I’m not talking about Charity from Passions. Nor Charity Zoey Mars from my latest novel, the beautiful blonde UK vixen. I want to help, only at the same time, there’s so much money worldwide. Why is it left to me always? Humanity believes I don’t care, but what have I told you a million times over. If Melody Parker shows up wearing a MAGA hat, I’ll vote Trump. I would have paid anything to see MILF Dos’s Yabbos again. Sex workers are mad at Bella Thorne.

Yabbos, I read and write, but Will Protests Neighborhood Donations.

I Will Have No Fear

Gospel 058 ~Will’s General Day Passions~

Last week I asked the question, what inspires you, well besides the usual and you know I wish I could I say money but here I am still sitting in bed. Um, I have time to watch soap operas, only I’m staying off that horse “Will’s General Day Passions.”

Friday, August 28, 2020

Gospel 058 ~Will’s General Day Passions~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, damn that will. My apologies for the swear, but second the reference might escape you. It’s from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, their “Damn That Lazlow!” Now I was pretty big on soap operas um once upon a time. Yeah, I want to bang Lexi Ainsworth and Haley Pullos. Do you know Kelly Monaco was in Playboy? The only thing I’ve been reading since it’s on my coffee table; at least the Eileen Kelly cover. What about collecting a decade’s worth of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues?

Okay, so do I need more excuses for not doing what I need to do? Again while I did watch soap operas, I have never seen an episode of Days of Our Lives. I did watch Passions and General Hospital. Both became more of a chore than a form of joy, by God the stress. That’s why I’m always on the search for pleasure. My how I so wish you were the first person on my mind this morning. Lady Sophia, that’s not even me. I’m nowhere near being the best daddy, but you know my Dæmon, my firstborn is my alpha and omega. Yet Hell is where I’m going. With all the soap opera starlets I want in my bed, every day begins with porn. A guy thanked me for a tip on Teen Kasia. Of course, another plaid skirt came calling, Kristen Scott in Back To School. Bella Throne scammed her fans… nudity.

I’m about to be a year older, um, okay, so I’ve been reading W. Anton. As much as I would like to, I won’t finish “that” thought. Hell, let me stop myself. Before, I start treating Yabbos like “champagne wishes and caviar dreams.” My stories to tell. Not like the ones I imagine each and every night, which usually go like this. Like Hanna, “I’ll do better next time.” The Hanna that would get me into some trouble but what I’ll agree with Trump on… Russian women. He wants my vote, Melody Parker Bipartisan Bonage. I told M. Anime the yesterday, she must be sick of me bringing sex into everything. Yeah, Lady Sophia, a girl mentions sex slaves, and I’m wrong. Anyway, why aren’t I working on my novels then? What about Gulp? How about writing HAPPY once, honestly?

Night’s for Fairy Tales, but days, Will’s General Day Passions.

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”
Steve Jobs

I Will Have No Fear