Gospel 121 ~V’s For Very Willing~

One of these days, I’m going to give up social media. I’ve already locked up everything on Pinterest, and Instagram was doing me no favors this morning in bringing me peace. Well, for a split second. V’s For Very Willing to do anything but write

Friday, October 30, 2020

Gospel 121 ~V’s For Very Willing~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I am vexed, yes I am terribly vexed. Now how does that make me different from any other wealthy person? It’s because I only have myself to blame, My Lady. Rule #15 I Take My Own Lumps. Now today ain’t Wednesday to acknowledge my sins, but yes, I am guilty. Plus, a word like “VEX” is right for the onset of NaNoWriMo. Part of the reason for my vexing considering what I will be writing about shortly. Of course, I can’t mention what else starts soon. I’m keeping it “Family-Friendly.”

V is for VELVET or, more specifically, a U.K. Vixen in a red velvet dress. Come on, Lady Sophia, you’re going to tell me that “vixen” is a bad word? I’m gearing up for The Long Walk; I’ll need words. But Cherry has done much with poetry. I continue editing. Literature, My Lady is a struggle, and so V is for VERSUS. As I’ve spoken about the last two days, I’ve finished my third A.J. Markam title. Now I’m sitting here on Amazon (while I should be writing). So it’s either A.J.’s book four, Eric Vall or um, Stephen King.
Oh yeah, I’m forgetting someone today. V is for VERSES as in I wish I could write them like K Webster. That’s awfully high praise considering I’ve only read two of The V Games and Notice. First, those are innocent names, and second, her latest book was on my list.

V is for VISION because yet again, I should be sitting here at least planning out my own work. Only now, I want to read The Girl in 6E. I checked out my Amazon account, and I couldn’t get The Long Walk even if I wanted to. Ok, unless I decided to quit being Scrooge. V is for VIRAL, and I’m back to being vexed. Again I want more money, and all my poems are out there on YouTube. Only Lady Sophia, I am no one’s idea of a sensation, a showstopper, a scene-stealer. Well, unless you count my novels and some actual scenes reworked. V is for Voting, which I will be doing next week. The only writing that might mean something to this country, so there’s that, SIGH. Talk about things I ain’t doing, like… I’ll never tell.

V is for Victory… that’s funny! V’s For Very Willing

I Will Have No Fear

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