Gospel 120 ~Mattress Got Back Will~

I went back to bed, well, not really, but I did promise that I would make the bed the next time I got up. Hell, like that’s worked in any porno, I’ve ever seen. At least I’m sticking to not having my computer in the bedroom. “Mattress Got Back Will.”

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Gospel 120 ~Mattress Got Back Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so why should I be late, lazy, or low? It’s more like I’m languishing in my self-imposed rehab, and the bed is the last place I should be. Well, I better end this love affair with my pillow fast with NaNoWriMo. The pretty, pretty girls.

Even now, I wanted to say something, but again it would be pretty LOW. It’s both crude and creepy combined, sigh. Okay, so let’s stick with the crude. Yesterday, quite by accident (yeah right), I learned that “Girls Do Porn” is shut down. The owners well, one is hiding out. I’ve heard the weather is nice in New Zealand this time of year. Well, I don’t know. It’s where they did Lord of the Rings? Well, hell, the last time I was into an elf chick or some angel. I was reading Succubus 3 (The Good The Bad And The Crazy Stupid Hot). I still am. So anyway, back to Girls Do Porn. That’s where I saw Jenna Ricket, beauty queens in Melissa King and Kristy Althaus. Miss Teen Delaware and Miss Teen Colorado. What have I said about listening to old white men, or young white men, anybody in general?

Think for yourself, but that makes me oh so very tired. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel sorry for those assholes and all their crimes. Still, I’m too LAZY to work on my Raison D’etre or come up with a plan. One more reason I read in bed, for the most part, these days. As I’ve talked about, I’m still reading two series, filled with Succubi from A.J. Markam and Eric Vall. I should probably get to the Eye doc if I want to keep on doing that. Well, The things men do for “adult kicks,” even if it’s written. I’ve offended how many women? However, I’m not one to kiss and tell. Yeah, I hear you laughing because my whole life is based on breaking into the industry. Whether it be Writing, getting guys Watching, I gotta Work.

I’m nearly always LATE to the Day Job. Yet when it comes to the job I want… Hell, in the past three hours, it’s been Cat Morris, Callie Nicole, but blame Mia Rose. Fuck me how I love brunettes.

I should just get up, but “Stroke of Midnight,” “Destroyed,” maybe. Mattress Got Back Will

I Will Have No Fear

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