Gospel 119 ~A High Maintenance Will~

Another Day Off surrendered for forty bucks, yeah right, and then I came back and went to sleep. But, who needs a billion dollars and a fancy writing desk. I’m much better off unloading trucks and the stockroom. A High Maintenance Will

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Gospel 119 ~A High Maintenance Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and with that kind of money, I’m not… hmm, I don’t have a word. Weird, Wicked, another term used to describe women, a Witch. Inspector Echo I have nothing but respect for women, with all my talk to M. Anime lately.

Well, that was until last night. I want to tell you what I said, but you know me. I’m staying “Family-Friendly” until Thursday, SIGH. I have no embarrassments to speak on other than “Talking Tables.” I hate that company profusely. I’m sweating like some druggie. Yet, since I can’t talk of one particular sin, I suppose Greed and Sloth will have to do. Even mentioning the seven deadly sins gets me to think of Eric Vall’s books. By tomorrow I’ll be done with another A.J. Markam title. Where does the time go and the dollars? Anyway, I should really focus on the hands of the clock, though. Did I mention how sweaty my hands are? Again it’s like I’m needing a good fix. Usually, I’m pretty damn cheap except when buying books or trying to be a better person ever.

Haven’t we spoken a time or two about how I refuse to buy store brands… for the most part. I’m nowhere near living large, but again where does all the money go, Inspector Echo. I’m sitting here cursing pizza, which is utter blasphemy. I worked on an off day too. Inspector, how much am I worth… an extra four hours, and what am I going to do with it? I’m more concerned about going on six hours that I wasted sleeping. Ok, so not all of them since again I’m 85% done with another novel. I even gained some enlightenment. Only now I’m not sharing because of Greed, Sloth, and let’s throw in some Pride to the mix. Yeah, like I don’t share all my other secrets for the world to see. I’m not better than anybody I know it.

Only this lazy, good for nothing boy, I treat better than the man I ought to be. I mentioned Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass. At the Day Job, beside them, I listened to some “decent” affirmations for all the good that did. I found out a “favorite” website got axed.

I’m sorry, Inspector Echo, who I am, is such a cheap date and high maintenance. Contradiction, A High Maintenance Will

I Will Have No Fear

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