Gospel 122 ~Season Of The Will~

Well, Happy Halloween or NaNoWriMo Eve since I don’t have any candy. A nightmare drove me out of bed to start writing something. Pantser that I am. Funny, I was only wearing a bath towel in my dream. “Season of The Will,” so time to turn on the heat.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Gospel 122 ~Season Of The Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I could afford to have a drug problem. Yeah, I hear you, Lady Lu; there are plenty of people with addictions. Only we’re not here to talk about this or that, are we? God knows I have my problems, which I’m paying $30 to exacerbate every month. Of course, we can’t talk about that. At least yesterday, I spent money on print rather than videos, which is something. For the record, K Webster isn’t so bad. I didn’t expect her to be, of course. It’s with what I have been reading. Lately, I suppose.

Yeah, like my emails, one’s saying I should be all down “for the cause.” I can’t tell you the last black author I read or the previous black artist I bought from. Dammit, I had another “A” for you, but as I say daily, I know. I’m struggling to be as always “Family-Friendly.” Now My Dæmon is my family, and I wish I could talk about him all day. Those artists and authors, other than K Webster, who I know is a white lady. Hell, I don’t know about the others. They don’t have any pictures. Doing what they do, better staying hidden? However, Lady Lu, my dear, being the broken record that I am, I don’t want to listen to old white men anymore. So as Morpheus whispered, I have dreamed a dream. Now it was all black people, but Nikkia Bell and “Ma” Ellington were the two I recognized.

Octavia Spencer portrays Sue Ann “Ma” Ellington in Ma; that I have never seen, by the way. Ambrosia Kelley plays Nikkia Bell in Kill Bill. The dream’s crux is playing mother and daughter; they broke into the house and drove me out. I couldn’t stay; I was terrified. So here I’m pondering, trying to figure out what the dream means. This is Halloween? Well, I usually give deeper meaning to any vision of mine. Ma wants me voting? Interesting if it had something to do with Black Lives Matter since I survived, right? Nobody helped me in my dream, and again they were all black… I’m not Republican. My gun was locked, and the magazines were gone, but bullets remained still boxed in the dream. Hell, it could even mean I should walk My Imp.

Halloween, NaNoWriMo, Voting, it’s time, the Season Of The Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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