Gospel 135 ~Will You Behave Please…~

Last week I talked about real people yelling, and now it’s a bunch of people I have created. At least “my character” was just a gravedigger until he discovered the right/wrong body. Better to read from great writers, hmm? Will You Behave Please…

Friday, November 13, 2020

Gospel 135 ~Will You Behave Please…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still intend to follow the law. Okay, that’s a lie, sort of Sophia. I’ll go all “Cult of Ralston,” like in Eric Vall’s book. Yes, I’m still reading, and I have a God awful amount of writing to do tonight. The Dæmon isn’t helping. However, I could say the same thing about my phone. You know I still haven’t gotten around to listening to all of M. Anime’s messages. There’s a reason I don’t use Dragon Naturally Speaking. Also, I’m always listening to music or videos from wherever SIGH.

The good news is; I’m starting to enjoy reading again. I’m repeating myself, but after two books leaving me “freaked,” Eric Vall has been a welcome change. Now It seems my days have been filled with new and old books being shoved in my face, more procrastination. Even the bottles on my Dæmon’s medication are welcome. Only my hands are always smelling like hot dogs. Today I had to almost throw the gate to block his path of escape. My Boy has become quite the connoisseur when it comes to his food. I should be. Sometime tonight, we’ll get to that or maybe next week? I’ve got dinner to make, and I was so looking forward to a nice grilled chicken salad with all the fixings. It beats looking at another bucket of chicken Sophia.

A grave is a human bucket, right? I don’t know if that makes any sense. Only my characters in “Sinning The Cherry On Top” aren’t either. Can I say for the record? Um, is it wrong to talk about my novel in a particular genre? I won’t dare compare myself to some of the greats. Last night I spoke about how Trump crept into my book. You should turn away if you don’t want SPOILERS. So the gentleman looking to bankrupt The Moondust is a father “avenging” his daughter. Someone blackmailing politicians at The Moondust.

Interestingly enough, all these people are way smarter than me. We have Dr. Sarah Annora Haven. There’s also the wife of the owner in Evie Gabriela Bennett. The father, Mr. Fae, but I still need to come up with more of his name for sure.

I’m not a doctor, I like intelligent women, and I’m not British. No, I’m more like my character, a former gravedigger. Will You Behave Please…

I Will Have No Fear

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