Gospel 134 ~Trump Lacks The Will~

Every time I think about the things I’ve said to a woman, I remember who’s President until January. Well, I don’t have a few million Twitter followers; I preferred to write a book first, ha. Is it better than The Art of the Deal? Trump Lacks The Will

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Gospel 134 ~Trump Lacks The Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now but don’t ever let me piss off as many women as President Trump. I never want to be as creepy as President-Elect Biden, but today is supposed to be joyful. Let’s say I have one more reason I need to turn off my phone. However, I did read Succubus Lord 4 by Eric Vall. Now, much like Jacob, I am building my harem by way of my book with NaNoWriMo. I swear, why must I be such a downer between Succubus 4 by A.J. Markam and Stroke of Midnight. I’ve been too much into Fapping as is, all the stress.

Didn’t I sort of “suggest” yesterday that I needed to come… you know, to get any writing done? Tonight I told myself that anytime I got HARD, I’d go ahead and add 100 words to my quota. Now technically, I broke that promise, but I did get another 2000 words. Which leads me to why that is. For the most part, right this second, I would say Jessica Nigri. While I was writing tonight, one of my characters. “Sarah Annora Haven,” aka Reagan Kathryn, the cosplayer, noticed something. A lot of girls have green eyes. Interestingly enough, I can say that I haven’t been staring at Cherry’s Yabbos the entire time. For sure, Tifa Lockhart’s, and don’t make me look up Brandy Woods “Debbie” from the 1973 film “The Cheerleaders.”

Of course, each of these girls ended up in my novel and “Spank Bank,” SIGH, but I’m trying. I still haven’t managed to go for one week, and you know porn keeps me awake. Unlike others, I’m sort of like Dennis Hof. How does that song go, “The Wanderer?” Strangely I could get my wish with the state of politics in the country. A guy like me always finds the hottest piece of ass in an apocalypse. Yeah, I know I was being all sorts of crude, but I want to be in bed asleep now. Yet again, I should quit my damn phone, yes. If anything, I should cut off all social media because Trump has crept into my story. It wouldn’t be the first time, but to be honest, I never looked up Stormy Daniels until him. How about the AT&T girl… inappropriate?

I’m honest though, I know I’m going to Hell, Second Circle. Trump Lacks The Will

I Will Have No Fear

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