Gospel 133 ~Sink Or Swim Will~

As the saying goes, sweat, blood, and tears, along with plenty of other stuff I rather not talk about because I’m much too weak. The only good news is, it allowed me to work on my book with no distractions. “Sink Or Swim Will,” too bad I don’t drink.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Gospel 133 ~Sink Or Swim Will~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I could probably afford the top-shelf booze. If anything, I would kill for an alcohol problem. Okay, I know that’s pretty offensive with the people I know. Still, at this juncture, as Emperor Palpatine put it, “I’m too weak.” In other news, I got back to working on my book. How do THEY say the end justifies the means? Only I wouldn’t count 2000 words as a victory, but it’s way more than what I give on an average day, to say I did.

From sweating about my book to someone else’s. K Webster to be specific. Yes, I know it’s been about a week now, but that book is still messing with me. The most I’ve done on Goodreads is report a spammer. Yet here I am, worried about reading some second book. Yes, this is Lady Sophia’s thing, but after K Webster, I got into A.J. Markam again for peace. So why did I almost cry at the ending of the fourth novel? I believe I brought up Ian and Alaria. Spoiler Alert as the music crescendos, “And she’s dead, she’s dead.” Discombobulated… I don’t know if that should be a hated word or most liked one? How about procrastination because? Besides everything else, I have been drowning in emails trying not to talk about anything. Oh yeah, just like yesterday, right?

I could blame all the dog slobber trying to get my Dæmon to take his meds. I don’t know what to tell you, Inspector Echo, but he’s got it into his head that he hates it now. I cry over books, but never him. He’s my son, I love him like pancakes, how about syrup? Interesting that it may become a rare commodity with the way things are going on in this country. It’s like a flood of crap, and that’s why I’m losing my mind to the fiction of everything else. Have we talked about COVID-19 lately? Should I head to a dentist soon? The masks won’t last forever, Inspector Echo. Now since my eyes are decent, how do I expect to ever find the Maggie to my Glenn. Yeah, I should stop that train of thought right there and say Happy Veteran’s Day? Does that sound right, Echo?

I was in Navy boot camp once, but couldn’t swim ever; Sink Or Swim Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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