Gospel 132 ~Will Love Ever Tire~

I’m a tired black man; that’s all I can say about today. Only it’s not like I’m a hero or anything. I’m the father of a furbaby. How I envy him and all his nap time today. I want to find him a mom, but tonight, I want to sleep. “Will Love Ever Tire?”

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Gospel 132 ~Will Love Ever Tire~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but does that make me a modern-day “superhero” hmm. First off, HELL NO, and second, you know I’ve always been one for the villains. When Iron Man and Captain America had their Civil War, you would think I’d back Tony Stark. Again no, I was all Steve Rogers. The thing is, they both never stopped trying for those they love. God, the songs popping into my head now… “Well, I won’t give up on us.” “Only a man in a funny red sheet. Looking for special things inside of me,” etc.

Now it could be the book I’m reading about Ian and Alaria. I’m still on the fourth one but the things he goes through with her. She became a robot. A man shouldn’t have to ask to be a man. Everything else they fight about with him trying to set things right in the world. Maybe it’s the idea that I hate secrets like Zorro and Elena with everything that happened between them. You don’t know how tricky it is to keep your mouth shut. Okay, I’ll rewind that, I mean to say, keeping myself from saying something incredibly stupid. I’ve been writing my book (yeah, right), and I have Bastian and Evie fighting. It’s all about the man Bastian is with his father and how he came to be. Indeed, what she is becoming to stay with her family.

Bruce Wayne spent his days alone even when he had Wonder Woman, all because of fear. He has plenty of enemies, sure. Only do you not think seeing his parents die together affected him. Well other than going all Batman? His views on relationships, yep. Superman didn’t get tired of Lois Lane but being himself. How about if he didn’t have the whole, truth, justice, American Way. Clark Kent didn’t have to save the world. Now yes, he had to go back to that indeed because what else was there for him? In the end? Of course, I have to cover the villains or close enough—the things Bill did to Beatrix. Edmond Dantes gave into everything to forget about Mercedes in his quest for revenge. V gave Evey choices, as in V For Vendetta.

I’m saying, I’m tired, but in love, always and forever. “Oh, baby I love you, just leave me the fuck alone.” Will Love Ever Tire.

I Will Have No Fear

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