Gospel 131 ~Greatest Rulers, Warriors, Aren’t Pure~

I’m the boss of a fur-baby, I say, as I open the door; how many times? I’m not the father of the year, hell as a guy in general, I’m alright. For him and I, and whatever woman shows up, I want everything. Greatest Rulers, Warriors, Aren’t Pure, right

Monday, November 9, 2020

Gospel 131 ~Greatest Rulers, Warriors, Aren’t Pure~

Hundred And Sixty-First Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I want more. Only who am I these days, to go talking about, let alone doing anything to go get it. I work for my Dæmon so that he can have a better life… Oh, so that’s why I left the Day Job early. How about a nap for a while?
You know that I want to be a good man Madam Justice. I’m not talking about “God, family, football,” you have The Best Man Holiday (2013) to thank for that. To be honest, Madam Justice, I am still trying to find the three elements that shape me as a man.

What I know is that everyone I see in any position of power has to hurt someone. Seems the wealthy live in a maddening state of damage control. They believe that in the end, their righteousness outweighs the evil. It’s one of many reasons they always cling to faith. In a world of things, I can’t stand, and indeed there are many. These two words, AHEM, the “Greater Good,” infuriate me. I’ll put them on the um, hated words list if I remember… like the rest of my terms. Biden and Harris are the Greater Good. I’m glad for the victory. They knocked out a Devil that would do me harm for an evil that might benefit me. I voted for my benefit even if it could do others harm “Snowflake Trumptards.” Only I won’t pretend they’re the Second Coming.

I was reading A.J. Markam’s novel today, the fourth one in a series. Anyway, so you got Ian the Warlock right and his former demon Dorp. They were arguing about him using people. He does good things ultimately to the benefit of himself. Lacking Abnegation? Yeah, Madam Justice, I can’t talk about the book I’m reading. But let’s throw in Veronica Roth’s “Divergent,” get it because of the Abnegation reference. Abnegation was the ruling faction, and you know how that turned out for them. Now, what faction would I choose? Dauntless, of course, was the bravest and the strongest. Erudite Madam Justice, the smartest, the cruelest, the ones that took Chicago hmm. Funny how my 161st rule ties in with the 13th, “Power Is All That Matters.” Madam Justice, I want to rule my life.

I could go on from The Factionless to Captain America…

Greatest Rulers, Warriors, Aren’t Pure.

“You two just don’t see it. Everywhere he goes, he uses people. And sometimes he uses them to help other people, but ultimately it’s all to help himself. He wouldn’t help you, succubus, if he didn’t find you so beautiful. He sure didn’t help me.”

“I do use other people. I try not to, and I try to help others out, but I fuck up sometimes. And I fucked up royally with you. I’m sorry. I know that’s not good enough – I know I have no right to ask you to forgive me – but I wanted you to know. If you want to leave now, you can.” ― A.J. Markam

I Will Have No Fear

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